BlizzCon 2017 - Voices of Blizzard - United Nations of Overwatch

Meet the Panel
  • Andrea Toyas - Senior Voice Casting and Voice Director
  • Darin De Paul - Reinhardt
  • Jonny Cruz - Lucio
  • Jen Cohn - Pharah
  • Aysha Selim - Ana
  • Chloe Hollings - Widowmaker
  • Sahr Ngaujah - Doomfist
  • Michael Chu - Lead Writer for Overwatch

New Cinematic
  • Took three session to record the voice, first of which was over 7 hours
  • Voice tries to capture the add real emotion to the characters
  • Reinhardt has a sad and heartbroken side, hidden behind his armor
  • This makes his joy so much more special, because he could have died during the fight in the short
  • Multiple layers and emotions add to the character,
  • It was not supposed to be Reinhardt who joined Overwatch, but his arrogance caused the death of someone close to him
  • The voice of Reinhardt is partially based on the father of Darin

  • Jonny Cruz was a camera actor, before becoming the voice of Lucio
  • Connecting to the character: altruism, mischief, playfulness
  • Lucio embodies the love, and joy of Overwatch

  • She first did voice acting for Voice of Warcraft
  • Jen always has to stand when recording
  • Pharah is a soulful character, and all her actions are motivated by a deeper passion
  • She was a character who always dreamed of becoming part of Overwatch
  • This dream was stopped in its tracks when Overwatch disbanded, but then she had a new chance during the call for heroes
  • The father of Pharah is hinted at in certain comics, and sprays in game

  • Ana brings a lot of diversity to the Overwatch team
  • Eisha in Arabic means Life
  • The letter that Ana wrote was very personal to her, because at this time her neice was in surgery
  • She is the embodiment of competence
  • Extremely self-aware, and this shows during her interactions with other characters

  • Widowmaker is all about loss, which she tries to shield
  • The character becomes a killer to feel alive
  • Even bad characters, have dynamic sides, making them the hero of their own story
  • The first ear, she wore very high heels to feel like the character
  • When recording voice, it has a major physical component
  • Intensely tragic character, and there is much more to come

  • When casting for an actor, Andrea listens for something specific that connects them to the character
  • Sahr was found through a political speech
  • This was his first time doing a voice for a video game
  • Doomfist is a character with charm, charisma, and personality
  • This character had to embody a lot of traits to make him a leader
  • There is a hidden intimidation
  • Sahr bases Doomfist on Charles Taylor, who is an infamous person in Liberia, exploiting others to further himself
  • Doomfist represents the natural and elemental power of the world

Q: What would your character do at the BlizzWorld?
A: Lucio: DJ, Reinhardt: say hello to children, Doomfist: figure out who is running it to make more money, Pharah: fly around to keep people safe.

Q: How do you make combat sounds sound real?
A: It takes physical movements to make the sound effects.

Q: How has your life changed after becoming the actors for these voices?
A: Jonny: It has been overwhelming, and the people is what make it so special. Chloe: Blizzcon is a conduit for love, which makes being an actor so much more special

Q: If you could add a voice line what would it be?
A: Widowmaker: I am the strongest woman in the world. Reinhardt: CANDY!
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  1. Mic_128's Avatar
    Q: What would your character do at the BlizzWorld?
    A: Reinhardt: say hell to children
    Wow, harsh.
  1. The Black Widow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    Wow, harsh.
    Made me laugh lol
  1. Karagar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    Wow, harsh.
    "Somebody get the tranquilizer gun, Reinhardt's drunk and cursing at passing children again..."

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