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Patch 7.3.5 - Artifact Weapon Ending
During Blizzcon, Blizzard hinted that our artifact weapons were going to get a proper send-off and not continue into the next expansion. We have been able to find hints of just how this will play out. The following dialogue contains spoilers!

Magni Bronzebeard: The sword of Sargeras is poisonin' the very lifeblood of the world. The only vessels capable o' containin' that kind o' power... are the mighty weapons you wield. Raise them up as one.... draw out the corruption from the Dark Titan's blade! Together, champions! For Azeroth!

Patch 7.3.5 - The Nighthold
The uninstanced version of the Nighthold has seen some changes on the PTR, becoming more of a small faction hub. Both Alliance and Horde can visit as of now. There are teleport stations that lead to Dalaran and Orgrimmar usable by the Horde as well as all of your favorite characters from the Suramar campaign, such as Thalyssra and Theryn. Pandaren monks have also arrived to teach the Nightborne the ways of the Monk class.

Patch 7.3.5 -Thunder Totem
While most of the Bloodtotem tribe became corrupted by the Legion, the few who did not have now sought refuge at Thunder Totem. On top of this, Pandaren monks have arrived to teach the Highmountain Tauren the ways of the Monk class.

Patch 7.3.5 - Antorus Instanced Vindicaar
Not much is changed between the raid instance version of the Vindicaar and the one you visit daily. All of the champions involved in the campaign (except Illidan) are now standing together and have new dialogue to address their thoughts now that the Legion is finally defeated. There is also a fully functional Netherlight Crucible that can be teleported to and used during the raid once you can skip to Argus and defeat him first. The skybox has also been updated to show the vastness of space and some void infected planets.

Patch 7.3.5 - New Command Boards
The command boards in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have received visual upgrades on top of a new UI. They use the same menu now that we used to choose our artifact weapons and your options change as you level up. You also get a small picture and a brief description of the zone and what the story will contain.

Patch 7.3.5 - Silithus
The area around the sword in Silithus has also been changed. Azerite nodes have appeared, Horde and Alliance areas have been added, and the ground is no longer red.

Silithus - Live

Patch 7.3.5 - New Racial Icons at Character Creation Screen
The icons on the character creation menu have all received face lifts!

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  1. Zyler's Avatar
    Dont care for the new race icons and I guess this way makes sense to them so we don't have OP weapons going into the expansion, but crappy ones. Oh well, the rest of our gear will be fine though.
  1. Evilmoo's Avatar
    I feel as the artifact weapons had an "intro" quest, they should have had an "exit" quest, different for each artifact all with meaningful ends.
    But blizzard was cba to develop another X amount of quests so they decided "go and soak that green puddle with your 75lvl artifact, or we are ded, lul".
  1. Nitrak's Avatar
    I just imagine Khadgar asking us to sacrifice:

    7 Ashbringers
    3 Felo'melorns
    8 Scythe of Sounds
    4 Doomhammers
    And a mix of 13 other weapons

    To stop the corruption. No more, no less xD
  1. Highelf's Avatar
    I thought they said the artifact weapons would have a PROPER send off? This is pretty lame. For my Hunter, Alleria says that if she needs her bow again she will come asking for it. Wouldn't she want it now?

    "yeah sorry it's busy soaking up pools of crap like a mop."

    The male gnome needs to keep his goggles.

    The human male looks like Joe Dirt.
  1. JohnnyMccrum's Avatar
    You guys that are complaining about losing your understand that it doesn't even make sense at all that there were 100000 ashbringers right? why the hell would you ever think that you'd get a nice logical conclusion to that type of story?

    Just curious.
  1. Drynix's Avatar
    Calling it right now, in the final raid of BfA we are going to fight our artifact weapons. No way the sentient weapons arn't going to go mental after we infuse them with Sargeras' sword power.
    Especially Xal'atath and that mage weapon.
  1. furydeath's Avatar
    " Silithus - Live" lol i dont raid so my Silithus will never look like that
  1. Evilmoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMccrum View Post
    You guys that are complaining about losing your understand that it doesn't even make sense at all that there were 100000 ashbringers right? why the hell would you ever think that you'd get a nice logical conclusion to that type of story?

    Just curious.
    technically there are no 10000 ashbringers because there is only one highlord wielding one ashbringer.
  1. Puntar's Avatar
    Hmm, so how exactly will be Legion played after BfA with alts still leveling here?

    No weapons, due to artifact removal, no more quests giving you Artifact power. ?????

    Will Blizz redesign all quest rewards, world quests and 75% of Legion content due to artifact removal?

    Or will our alts still get artifacts for "some hours" until we reach lvl. 110?

    What will happen to Class Halls? Nearly all quests there (and vast majority of usual quests) are giving you Artifact Power and gold which will get nerfed!
  1. Melius's Avatar
    cant wait to get my new [green shit staff of kul'tiras] becuz my ebonchill is done. yeey
  1. goukendrake's Avatar
    I don't understand the ending. So if we suck the power of Sargeras' sword into the artifacts, they get worse? I feel like they'd be more powerful than ever. Especially with classes like Warlocks who thrive on corrupted demon power.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thomasdwell View Post
    Maybe I missed it, but how are the appearances of the weapons we've unlocked being handled? Do I have to unlock them on each character or each class? Will I have to do the Mage Tower per character?
    1.) The only tint that is unlocked account-wide is the one that requires This Side Up. Everything else is per character.

    2.) You will have to do the Mage Tower challenge on each character and for each specialization.
  1. victorvndoom's Avatar
    do we get at least some traits back from the artifacts as talents ?
  1. psiko74's Avatar
    will we see a January 16 release?
  1. Dembai's Avatar
    What's fun is that you guys who are whining about this seem to have forgotten exactly what we've been using to power up our weapons. They weren't really THAT important to anything but HISTORY...until we started jamming things on them called "Treasure of the Ages" and "Glory of the Order" and so forth. Before you think negatively on the sort of generic nature of those token names...remember that most power on Azeroth comes from somewhere else. That is, You get power from "The Light" or "The Void" or "Nature" or "The Elements". But what is this wacky GENERIC power that seems to be loosely tied to either STRONG EMOTION or COMMUNITY (or both!). That power is unique, and isn't found elsewhere in the Universe. I'd argue that it's exactly what Azeroth's power IS. The ability to make people form communities due to strong emotional connections. And our weapons have been PRIMED with that power. And now the SOURCE of that power needs us to draw a poison from a wound.

    If Sargaras's intent was to poison Azeroth by tuning his weapon to seek out and kill HER POWER, WHAT BETTER TRAP THAN OUR WEAPONS? Especially since we offer them freely, while Azeroth would be trying her best to withdraw from the poison.

    We have filled our weapons up with RAW AZEROTH-POWER. And Sargaras' weapon aims to kill that power. Naturally it makes sense that if we touch our artifacts to his sword, it's going to devour our AP...because AP IS AZEROTH'S OWN MAGIC.
  1. Karamaru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aerisot View Post
    I am curious though, so what happens if we take the Dark Portal to Alternate Draenor and then fashion a ship and fly to alternate Azeroth?
    Then we would arrive on a Azeroth that has had no influence from the orcish horde invasion wich would be an intresting adventure.

    On topic: I find it really weird that as a Warlock's fel powered weapon would stop Sargs sword from killing Azeroth I cant imagine Thal'kiel sacrificing himself to save Azeroth or Xal'atath deciding that this is the perfect time to ditch the shadow priest.
    Another thing would be I dont relish the thought of wielding some pirate or troll's discarded crap after wielding the effing staff of sargeras ect.
  1. Cyero's Avatar
    I can't wait for straight back orcs!
  1. lichbane's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vorrum View Post
    Yeah just move to WOD draenor honestly.

    Serious question though: Do we get to keep the appearances we've unlocked as transmog choices for future weapons?
    No much of a "hero of Azeroth" are you. Keeping hold of your artifact for purely selfish reasons? Damning the population of the world? Why did you fight in the first place?

    Oh ... loot?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrak View Post
    I just imagine Khadgar asking us to sacrifice:

    7 Ashbringers
    3 Felo'melorns
    8 Scythe of Sounds
    4 Doomhammers
    And a mix of 13 other weapons

    To stop the corruption. No more, no less xD
    Oh ... can you whip over to Draenor and pick up 15273 Apexis Crystals?
  1. huldu's Avatar
    I hope the artifacts get sucked into a black hole and just disappears completely from the game so we can't even vendor them. Those things should NEVER have been put into the game in the first place, just like legendaries. A leveling grind on top of the one you already did to hit 110? Good job, someone at blizz was taking notes from asian f2p mmos that's for sure.
  1. Smellyflute's Avatar
    Die cliche, from my trope of justice!

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