Teron Gorefiend


  • [xsitem=32348,4]Soul Cleaver[/xsitem] Two-Hand Axe

  • [xsitem=32325,4]Rifle of the Stoic Guardian[/xsitem] Gun

  • [xsitem=32326,4]Twisted Blades of Zarak[/xsitem] Thrown

  • [xsitem=32512,4]Girdle of Lordaeron's Fallen[/xsitem] Plate

  • [xsitem=32280,4]Gauntlets of Enforcement[/xsitem] Plate

  • [xsitem=32510,4]Softstep Boots of Tracking[/xsitem] Mail

  • [xsitem=32328,4]Botanist's Gloves of Growth[/xsitem] Leather

  • [xsitem=32324,4]Insidious Bands[/xsitem] Leather

  • [xsitem=32327,4]Robe of the Shadow Council[/xsitem] Cloth

  • [xsitem=32329,4]Cowl of Benevolence[/xsitem] Cloth

  • [xsitem=32323,4]Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape[/xsitem] Cloak

  • [xsitem=32330,4]Totem of Ancestral Guidance[/xsitem] Totem


  • Not yet available (Druid)

  • Not yet available (Hunter)

  • Not yet available (Mage)

  • Not yet available (Paladin)

  • Not yet available (Priest)

  • Not yet available (Rogue)

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Teron Gorefiend is tyipcally the fourth boss encountered by raids inside of the Black Temple. This fight is considered to be very easy once mastered, yet extremely difficult while players are learning the main gimmick of this fight, ghosts. During the fight Teron will place a debuff called shadow of death which will turn a player into a ghost controllable via pet bar/main bar (if you have no bar mods your main bar becomes your pet bar for MC style events). Learning how to control and master the ghost's abilities in order to kill the 4 constructs that spawn alongside the ghost is truly the only real difficulty this fight has to offer. It is worth noting that Teron can melee a T5 tank very hard, so special caution should be used while learning this fight in regards to buffing and debuffing. In particular, COR may be a problem unless your raid rolls with a Owl for Screech (-210 AP stacks with demo). Regardless, once enough of your players have mastered the art of ghost control and you catch a lucky break with who receives the debuff, you will be well on your way to defeating this otherwise for tank and spankish encounter.

Raid Composition:

Tank: 1

Healers: 6-9

Melee: 5+ -Bring as many as you like

Ranged: 9+ -Bring as many as you like

Abilities (from wowwiki.com):

Teron Gorefiend:

Dark clouds- Spawns throughout the fight, casts Doom Blossom on the Raid. Creates a quasi-artificial enrage typically around 5-6 minutes due to raw damage output.

Doom Blossom-Shadow Bolt 1500 Base Direct Shadow Damage, > 2000 Base Direct Shadow Damage when Player is affected by Crushing Shadows

Shadow of Death- Will target a random raid member every 30 seconds with, Shadow of Death (55 Second Duration) at the end of the debuff the Affected player enters a near death state, in this state they are given control of a Ghost (60 Second Duration) *Note* See Shadowy Constructs.

Crushing Shadows- Will target 5 random people in the raid with, Crushing Shadows (+60% Shadow Damage Taken, Duration 15 Seconds)

Incinerate - (2775 – 3225 Initial Damage, DOT 2500+/Second, Duration 4 Seconds), dispellable by priests and paladins.

Shadowy Constructs:

-Melee- Deals massive melee damage. Can hit cloth for 3k+.

-Spawning- Spawns in Groups of Four, At the Body of the Player Affected by Shadow of Death, The Ghost that is player controlled is also spawned here.

-Untargetable- Can only be damaged by ghost

-Aggro- Will Spawn with High hate on players in Raid, Will only aggro on the Players Ghost once Raid wipes.

Atrophy: Deals damage and weakens the target, decreasing melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 5%. Debuff will stack up to 10 Times.

Ghost controlled by player:

Spirit Strike - 1 - Short Range 638-862 damage, -10% Damage Dealt for 5 Seconds. Is used on Teron Gorefiend if you don't do anything else.

Spirit Lance - 3 - Long Range 6175-6825 damage, Slow -30% Movement Speed for 3 Seconds, Stacks up to 3 times. Your main damage spell against the shadowy constructs.

Spirit Chains - 4 - Short Range AoE Shackle 1900-2100 Damage, Shackle Lasts 5 Seconds, cool down 15 Seconds. You should use that directly after transforming into the ghost.

Spirit Volley - 5 - Short Range AoE 9900-12100 damage, cool down 15 Seconds. Not really necessary but a help. Don't use it after a Spirit Chains!

Spirit Shield - 7 - Player Buff Shield Absorbs 11400-12600 Shadow Damage, Duration 30 Seconds, cool down 1.5 Minutes.

Raid Layout:


The raid will be primarly stacked just a few feet in front of the back wall, behind where Teron starts. The healers stack HOTs on the MT as he goes in to pull and run behind him as the tank moves Teron into position. Nobody should stand ON the back wall as Blood Lust/Heroism will not work on a player when perched against a wall. The raid should be packed up enough so that chain heals off of the main tank are able to hit anyone in the raid. When a player receives the shadow of death debuff and has a small amount of time remaining (10-15 seconds) they need to run out of the raid and to the preassigned ghost spawn points near the entrance to the room itself. If the raid calls a wipe, continue to heal the tank as people run towards the entrance where they can safely ressurect the raid.


It bears repeating that outside of the Ghost debuff, there isn't much to the fight. You will need 2 healers that are able to dispell to you on despelling the incinerate as soon as humanly possible, as 3 ticks of this spell will just about kill anyone. That aside, you will need a good number of players who understand and have mastered the ghost gimmick in order to make it through the full duration of the fight. Keep in mind that the longer this fight goes on, the more damage the raid will take and the less healing/damage the raid will have due to ghost auto deaths. Thus, balancing your healing and DPS on the first ill becomes a minor dilemma that each guild resolves on their own terms.

How2Ghost or Why You Should Sit Your Stupid Players If Possible:

Bad players make this fight so much harder than it needs to be due to this one simple part of the equation. Quite simply, if you receive Shadow Of Death, you are going to turn into a ghost and spawn constructs which you must then deal with. If you try to cheese your way out of it with DI or a hearthstone, the constructs will spawn anyway, so you may as well give it your best shit. There is only 1 known method for preventing ghosting and that is to cloak of shadows, ice block or pally bubble AS Teron is casting the debuff on a player who can do one of those abilities. Odds are, you won't catch his cast even if you try though.

The more intelligent method is to simply LEARN how to do the ghosts. The general procedure only requires that players not mouse click abilities and that they use all of 3 buttons. If you aren't using special 3rd party bars, then your main bar will be replaced by a pet bar when you turn into a ghost. If you are using 3rd party bars, you need to know where your pet bar is going to pop as you do NOT want an obstructed view. Furthermore, you need to know which keys do what. You have a choice in this matter as you can DIRECTLY KEYBIND petbar abiliities, you can make MACROS that use the ghosts abilities or you can simply press 3, 4 and 5 on the main bar (no 3rd party bars) on your keyboard to get the job done. If you care to keybind, look for secondary action buttons 3, 4 and 5 and bind them to something easy for you to use.

On the Petbar/Mainbar/Secondary Actions Bar:

3:Lance- You will be SPAMMING this

4:Shackle- You will use this EVERY time it is up and it will be the FIRST thing you use

5:AE- You will use this AFTER you have sneared all 4 constructs

Ignore the other buttons, they won't matter in all honesty. They are ONLY for when you have killed all of your constructs and have ample time to mess around, which also means that another player doesn't have constructs up for which you could help them.

Ghost Method: As soon as you have ran to your position for transforming into a ghost/dying, you MUST spam the hell out of your shackle key (4). Once all four mobs are shackled, move in front of them, towards the raid quickly and target one of the mobs closer to the raid whilest moving. Once finished moving spam SPIRIT LANCE (3) on each mob, using your mouse to cycle through them. Once all four mobs have been sneared at least once, use your AE and QUICKLY re-lance the mobs in the order in which you first targetted them. As soon as your shackle is back up, make sure you are positioned in a way that will allow you to hit all the mobs with it. This means you want to be in the center of all 4. If this is not possible, do not panic, let the one loose one go for now and lance 2-3 times ASAP. Go through your rotation again and break each shackle one by one if one Ice lance a pop. DO NOT SPAM THE SAME TARGET OVER AND OVER, you need to SPREAD out the snear debuff as it has a short duration and if you spend too much time burning one mob at a time, it WILL FADE from others, and you will have contructs in the raid as a rseult.

A near perfect ability rotation will look close like this:

Shackle- IL-IL-IL-IL-AE-IL-IL-IL-IL-Shackle-IL-IL-IL-IL-AE-IL-IL-IL-IL-Shackle

Any player who has mastered the Ghost will be able to kill their contructs in roughly 20-25 seconds giving them TONS of time to help out other ghosted players or to debuff Teron, or buff up low HP players with the shadow protection ability.

If you are struggling with incorporating the AE into your rotation, simply dont and just focuson on shackling and lancing full time.

Soul Stoning and Battle Rezzing Done Right:

Soul Stones and Battle Rezzes can play a HUGE role in defeating this encounter if done properly. By this, I mean that there needs to be oversight and accountability for HOW people rez and WHO gets rezzed. Say your crappiest DPSer gets the first Ghost debuff and has no idea on what to do, you should NOT B-Rez or SS this player. In fact, you would likely save your CD's for a more furtunate attempt. The idea is that if your best players are targetted for ghosts first, Soul Stone them. When you run out of Soul Stones, use Battle Rezzes. This way, your raid's DPS and HPS will not fall behind as time goes on. This is an anti-atrophy mechanic and can help you.

Furthermore, WHEN REZZING a player needs to be SMART about it. Wait for an incenerate to go out before accepting your rez and USE A HEALTH POT/HEALTH STONE IN ORDER TO LIVE. Failure to get your own HP up may result in your rezzing straight into your death from a shadow bolt, so play it smart and call out for 1 raid healing to get you some instant love if you have nothing readily available to save yourself.

Last point on this topic, SET A REZ/SOULSTONE ROTATION. Know who applies which stone and in which order. Know who uses their battle rez and when. You are best off having your NON-HEALING DRUID use battle rezzes first and your healer last.

Incinerate And Despelling:

Incinerate causes a lot of problems for many guilds just starting this encounter. It is important that you have 2 despellers (pally/priest) on hand who can juggle responsibilies and react quickly. The despellers SHOULD USE RAID FRAMES WITH DEBUFF ICON OVERLAYS, which you can easily set up using grid. Failure to utilize such tools will result in slow dispells and dead players. Thus, a few smart healers with Grid may save the day (as it really does later on in the game). If your dispeller gets the Ghost debuff, make sure the second despeller can handle the load. If not, you will need a third despeller in the raid who knows how to handle the job. Sometimes, you may be unlikely and get back to back despellers targetted with Ghost, in these cases you MUST have a third player ready to take on the job, or you will wipe. You can have a shadow priest, ret pally or other offspecs of priests/pallies handle it if need be. ALWAYS SOULSTONE/B-REZ YOUR DESPELLERS IF THEY ARE GHOSTED!!!

Blood Lusting/Heroism Like A Champ:

Contrary to the natural instinct of saving BL for the last 20% of a fight, you WANT to use BL/Heroism REAL early on this encounter, before the first player to be ghosted turns into one in fact. The reason is, the longer you wait to use this ability, the higher the chance you will have ghosted/dead players who will gain no benefit from it. Thus BL EARLY on this fight!!! Furthermore, it will expedite your attempts as using it early ensures it will be up sooner for your next try.

For The Pro Ghoster:

If you are that magic somebody who can kill his ghosts in 10 seconds flat and finds themselves with nothing else to do as they wait patiently for the next ghost to be primed, I suggest you look at the other abilities on that bar. Use the number 1 and 7 abilities and know what they are. Number 1 is Spirit Stike and is only usable on Teron. This ability will reduce his damage output on the tank by 10% for 5 seconds. As well, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, use number 7- Spirit Shield- on an important raid healer or despeller as this will ensure they will not receive heavy shadow damage for a long duration.

As well, since you are the pro, you should know the RIGHT method for assisting fellow ghosted players. Namely, you should track down any loose ghosts if there are any first and foremost. If there are not, and the next guy is about to pop ahead of you, help him out using this method. 1- Wait for that player to shackle 2- Use your AE to break all of his shackles 3- Use your shackled ASAP so that no mob moves 4- Target one spirit and nuke it down all the way at a time 5-Repeat from Step 1. If you are good, you can ensure that the next ghosted player after you has NO problems whatsoever and can in turn help out the next person after them, creating a positive work flow on the ghosts.

Potential Instagibs:

The last major factor that you should be aware of going into this fight is the potential of an insta gib. If you have any low HP players in your raid (sub 10k) they are candidates for nasty combination of abilities which may kill them. A low HP player with Crushing Shadows on them can take 2k from a shadow bolt and over 5K from Incinerate all in nearly 1 second's time. Thus, if a low HP player isn't topped off at all times from the non stop shadow bolt barrage, they are HIGHLY likely to get gibbed if they are targetted by two abilities at the same time. The easy answer is to put on some PvP gear and hit at least 10K buffed.

And that is all people, if you have any comments, questions of concerns, feel free to post them on the Raidguru Forums

Link to a great ghost tutorial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MmuJDUm ... re=related

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