Zandalari Silly and Flirts
Amongst the data for the Battle for Azeroth Alpha is the text forms of the new /flirt and /silly emotes for the Zandalari Trolls. We previewed the voiceovers for the Dark Iron Dwarves' /flirt and /silly yesterday, but the Zandalari Troll voiceover versions are not in the game files yet.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Zandalari Troll Male '/Silly'
How loa can you go-a?
Ha! You call DAT a ship? DIS is a ship!
Troll healers have such an easy job. All dey ever say is "Regenerate, den call me in de morning."
Psst! Can you keep a secret? I'm not a fan of dark magic. My collection of skulls and fetishes is purely decorative. Hehe!
I don't mean to brag, but we have an entire city made of gold. Dose other trolls live in huts. HUTS!
Need to name a city? Do what we do and put "Zul" in front of a random word.

Zandalari Troll Female '/Silly'
What makes de Zandalari superior? Two words: good posture.
Evolution? Pfft. If you ask me, elves are a giant step backwards.
Isle of Thunder, you say? Nope, never heard of it. Next question...
Do not feel bad. To be honest, I cannot keep all dose loa straight either.
Elves? Humans? No thanks. I cannot trust any race with dat many toes.
Orcs call dose little teeth sticking out of their mouths tusks? Dat. Is. Adorable.

Zandalari Troll Male '/Flirt'
De ladies call me... Zanda-licious, baby!
Other guys might put you on a pedestal, but I will put you atop a pyramid.
I am en-raptored by your eyes.
Are you casting a spell? Because I have a fetish for you.
I may stand upright, but I know how to get down.
Is Krag'wa nearby? Because I want to leap into your arms.

Zandalari Troll Female '/Flirt'
I am a proud woman of Zandalar. I do not date slouches.
Only an insecure troll brags about the size of his tusks.
If you liked it, then you should have put a nose ring on it.
You could say I am a double threat... hexy AND sexy!
It does not take a love potion to win me over... but it couldn't hurt your chances.
We should sail away to a deserted island and... get to know each other better.

Battle for Azeroth Broadcast Text
Here is some initial Broadcast Text datamining for the newest Battle for Azeroth build. Note that this not nearly complete, and we'll be adding more later. There's also a lot of placeholder text in the data; we've included a few of those lines because they give a quick picture of what is happening with the story.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Unknown_Male: Our enemies remain one step ahead of us. We must close that gap.
Unknown_Male: The time has come to call upon old allies in distant lands, and to see the true might of the Alliance made whole again.
Unknown_Male: Pack your bags and report to Stormwind Keep immediately. You're headed for Kul Tiras.

Unknown_Female: The Horde has just run wild through Stormwind and you want to send me home?!
Unknown_Female: We should head for Zandalar immediately and deliver those animals to justice!
Unknown_Male: Underestimating our enemy has already cost us enough lives.
Unknown_Male: There is now a more important task at hand, Jaina. Something only you can do.

Unknown_Female: My king, the Lady Jaina's ship is ready to set sail.
Unknown_Male: Thank you, admiral. This hero will be joining her.
Unknown_Male: Kul Tiras must pledge their fleet to the Alliance. Can I count on you, Jaina?
Unknown_Female: I will see it done. I will do anything to defeat the Horde.
Unknown_Male: That is what I am afraid of...

[Loading screen -> IGC sail through Boralus main canal & meet Katherine scene.]

Unknown_Female: Boralus. The capital of Kul Tiras - and a safe port of call in unsafe waters.
Unknown_Female: The outer wall hosts a marketplace that is second to none. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods.
Unknown_Female: "For most visitors, the market is all they ever see of Boralus. Beyond the Great Gate lies the city proper, and very few outsiders are allowed inside."

Unknown_Female: That's Proudmoore Keep at the end of the channel. Imposing and unbreakable.
Unknown_Female: Like my father for whom it was named.
Unknown_Female: I must admit... it feels good to be home.

[IGC - Katherine rejects Jaina and exiles her. Player is arrested.]
[Player wakes up in Boralus Prison. ~10m of gameplay as they break out with Flynn. Taelia brings them to a safehouse in the harbor.]

Unknown_Male: Sir! I don't see any sign of Notley, and the trail is impossible to follow in this storm!
Unknown_Male: Curse it! We'll have to continue without him... wait, what is that?
Unknown_Male: This looks like ice magic... Jaina must have come this way!
Unknown_Male: We must press deeper into the forest! Form up!
Unknown_Male: The beasts bar the way. Cut through them!
Unknown_Male: There appears to be a structure in the distance. That must be where Jaina was headed!

Unknown_Male: What..? My apologies. I... misspoke. So you are allied with house Proudmoore, then? I imagine you've come here for news of Jaina, then. There's no other reason you'd come this far north. Well, you may have arrived just in time.
Unknown_Male: Jaina's jailers arrived here only a few days ago to carry out her exile. If we hurry, we may be able to find her before it's too late.

Unknown_Male: What is this, a mainlander come to visit the wall? No doubt you want to get a glimpse of the cursed land of Drustvar without facing any of its real dangers? Go home, $Gboy:girl;. This is no place for travelers.

Unknown_Male: I'll admit, your courage surprises me, mainlander. Even though you are not from this place, you choose to put yourself in great peril to save one of ours. I only hope your blade is as steady as your heart. We leave on your word.
Unknown_Male: Oh, we don't get many mainlanders here at the wall. Are you looking for supplies?
Unknown_EitherGender: Marshal Reade sends orders to join his expedition to find Jaina.
Unknown_Male: Jaina!? She is the purpose of this expedition? But that's treason!

Unknown_Male: I suspected the marshal might be here for that reason, though I'd keep your voice down when mentioning that name around here...
Unknown_Male: If he has need of me, I'll follow his orders, but it would be dereliction to leave without thining out these beasts a hair.
Unknown_Male: Take up a crossbow and assist me, mainlander!
Unknown_Male: Hold your fire, it looks like we've got them on the run.
Unknown_Male: Reward, you say? Well, that changes things...
Unknown_Male: I'll just... borrow some of the things we'll need here...
Unknown_Male: That should do it! Tell Marshal Reade that Quartermaster Notley is reporting for duty!
Unknown_Male: Halt! Where exactly do you think you're going with my men, Marshal?
Unknown_Male: Captain Denholm, I have conscripted these men for a special mission. I order you to stand aside and allow us to pass!
Unknown_Male: By order of the queen, none shall pass this gate. Not even you.
Unknown_Male: We don't have time for this! Soldiers, stand with me!
Unknown_Male: Enough, I yield!
Unknown_Male: You can pass, Reade, but the queen will hear of this! You'll never set foot in Boralus again!
Unknown_Male: That is a risk I must take, Captain. Soldiers, on me.
Unknown_Female: Here we go, this be the path!
Unknown_Female: I have a feeling they're not going to open that gate for us when we return...
Unknown_Male: We will find a way, Mace, once we find Jaina. Thoughts, Yorrick?
Unknown_Male: It's likely she would've followed the road to look for shelter.
Unknown_Male: Very well, that's where we will begin.

Unknown_Male: Halt! What is this?
Unknown_Female: It looks like there are more than beasts in these woods. Do you think an exile did this?
Unknown_Male: I wish I could believe they did. No, I think there's something much darker at work here.
Unknown_Male: Come, we should keep moving.

Unknown_Male: Guess we're not going out this way. Let's try the other side.
Unknown_Male: Let's find the head jailer for this cell block and get his key!
Unknown_Male: Told him he'd regret lockin' me up. Now where's my stuff...
Unknown_Male: Mages, let us return to camp. We have much to study!

Unknown_Female: Ashvane won't be happy about your little stunt. There are probably bounty hunters looking for you as we speak.
Unknown_Female: You'll be safe in the market, though. They wouldn't dare try anything here.

Unknown_Female: Kul Tiras is made up of many houses, but the real power is split between Proudmoore and Ashvane.
Unknown_Female: House Proudmoore runs the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.
Unknown_Female: House Ashvane controls the nation's wealth. The Ashvane Company holds all of the official state contracts for trade and production.
Unknown_Female: Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.

Unknown_Female: This market is full of travelers from all over Azeroth, so it's heavily guarded.
Unknown_Female: Still, I want to introduce you to a few folks you can trust. In case anything happens.

Unknown_EitherGender: I am ready to make my decision.
Unknown_Female: I grew up hearing tales of the great kingdom of Lordaeron. And tales of its fall. I want to see it with my own eyes.
Unknown_Female: Everything here changed when Daelin Proudmoore was defeated. Jaina must have had her reasons... right?
Unknown_Female: Cyrus has looked after me since I was a child. I wish he would recognize that I'm not a child anymore.
Unknown_Female: There's an old saying here in Kul Tiras. When something goes wrong, old sailors will shrug it off and proclaim: "You cannot change the winds." I hate that saying.

Unknown_EitherGender: Katherine would see us all drown!
Unknown_EitherGender: I will throw you to the waves!
Unknown_EitherGender: Kul Tiras has no need of the Alliance!
Unknown_EitherGender: They will find your body in the harbor!

Unknown_Male: Jaina! I never lost faith that when the hour grew darkest, you would stand with us once more.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Unknown_Female: This place stinks of the forsaken. I don't know how long these walls will hold, so we should keep moving.
Unknown_Male: You are right. Sylvanas did not have much time to prepare for this attack, but we cannot underestimate her.
Unknown_Male: Everyone, fall into position. We strike on my command!
Unknown_Male: Genn, I need you to cover our flank. It is too risky to funnel everyone through the side of the keep at once; there could be traps.
Unknown_Male: Yes, Anduin. I will watch for her arrival.
Unknown_Female: Let's move.

Unknown_Male: Brothers and sisters of the Alliance, hear me now!
Unknown_Male: We are standing the precipice of glory!
Unknown_Male: Today, we will claim our victory over the Eastern Kingdoms and take back that which has been stolen from us so long ago.
Unknown_Male: We stand as one in solidarity for those who were lost at the battle for Teldrassil - for the families who have lost their homelands.
Unknown_Male: With this act of war, it is clear that we must fight for the survival of our next hundred generations.

Unknown_Male: The dead are rising! We must evacuate the wounded!
Unknown_Male: The blight is far too dangerous, my king! We must focus on the living!
Unknown_Male: The Alliance leaves no soldier behind!
Unknown_Male: Not this time...

Unknown_Male: Is that all you've got, Banshee Queen?!
Unknown_Female: Ahhhh, what have we here? Has the Lion of Stormwind finally come out to play? You have no idea what you're up against, boy king. We have only just begun!

Unknown_Male: Our siege machines are lost; we have not yet breached the wall. My king, I...
Unknown_Male: Father, help me. I need your guidance. I need... a miracle.

Unknown_Male: Alright, move out! We have more of this place to scout, and we can't get ourselves ambushed again.
Unknown_Female: I don't think that's our fault, boss, given that we were attacked by a group that wasn't supposed to be here.
Unknown_Male: We should've seen the attack coming. Who was supposed to be the lookout?
Unknown_Male: It was Tucker. The sethrak killed him first.
Unknown_Male: Tucker! Should have known. At least he paid the price for his incompetence.
Unknown_Male: Keep it down! Lady Sylvanas won't be happy if we fail our mission.
Unknown_Female: Is she ever happy, boss?
Unknown_Male: She will be if we do our jobs properly, Ingrid.

Unknown_Male: Warriors of the Horde! Today we rise--axes and blades--thirsting for the blood of our enemies.
Unknown_Male: Ready your blades! Lok-tar ogar!

Unknown_Male: It is you who is outnumbered now.
Unknown_Female: That army is enormous... Give the word and I will abscond us to safety.
Unknown_Male: We must be willing to fight! To die for what we believe in!
Unknown_Male: Time is up for you, Prince Anduin!

Unknown_Male: Well, well, well! It looks like the Horde have finally decided to show their ugly mugs!
Unknown_Male: Not half as ugly as you, Muradin Bronzebeard!
Unknown_Male: We need resources to hold them off. Spread out! We're bringing the war to them.

Unknown_Female: The horde is falling back again? What is their strategy here?
Unknown_Male: That damned blight blocks our path. Our forces can't follow her.
Unknown_Male: The Alliance gains no victory if the Warchief escapes. Capturing her is the only way to win this war.
Unknown_Female: Understood. We will not let you go alone.
Unknown_Male: Mekkatorque, can your gyrocopters get us past this blight?
Unknown_Male: I do not have many, but my machines are at your disposal.
Unknown_Male: So be it. Champions - with me. Mekkatorque, backtrack through the keep with the rest of our forces, and station them at Brill. Be ready to strike on my command.
Unknown_Male: You've got it.

Unknown_Male: Soldiers of the Horde, hear me!
Unknown_Male: The Undercity is not safe. We need your help evacuating its citizens!
Unknown_Male: As you know, SI:7 spies have been lurking in our cities. They are among us now as we speak.
Unknown_Male: We've isolated their location to the Mage District and locked down the rest of the Undercity.
Unknown_Male: You are to flush them out of hiding, eliminate them, and get our civilians to safety in Orgrimmar. Lok'tar ogar!

Unknown_Male: A hundred years ago, all o' dis land you see before ya belonged to da trolls.
Unknown_Male: Today, it belongs to da Horde!

Unknown_Female: These are Alliance lands! Swift retribution shall come to these Horde imposters that challenge us!
Unknown_Male: Pfah! You can choke on your retribution, admiral!
Unknown_Male: We need resources to hold them off. Spread out! We're bringing the war to them.

Unknown_Male: Well, well, well! It looks like the Horde have finally decided to show their ugly mugs!
Unknown_Male: Ugly or not... we be comin' for ya, Muradin.
Unknown_Male: Strike hard and strike fast, bruddas and sistahs. Dese Alliance won't know what hit 'em.

Unknown_Female: These are Alliance lands! Swift retribution shall come to these Horde imposters that challenge us!
Unknown_Male: All o' dis been troll lands long before you Allies even knew it was here, Admiral.
Unknown_Male: Strike hard and strike fast, bruddas and sistahs. Dese Alliance won't know what hit 'em.

Unknown_Female: I tried to warn you. You intrude on Alliance territory, and now you set up camp.
Unknown_Female: Alliance! Prepare to march!

Unknown_Female: Very well. If you want war, then you shall have your war. Send a mounted battalion to take them out!
Unknown_Male: Our defenses are still weak. Horde troops, return to base and defend our position!

Unknown_Male: Mortar teams! Blow their fortress to the ground. To the ground!
Unknown_Male: Dey tink a few dwarven explosives gonna stop us? Hah! Show 'em what de Horde is made of!

Unknown_Female: Very well. If you want war, then you shall have your war. Send a mounted battalion to take them out!
Unknown_Male: Dey tink a few soldiers on horseback gonna stop us? Hah! Show 'em what de Horde is made of!

Unknown_Male: Admiral Rogers! We've stormed your fortress. Where is your retribution now, paladin?
Unknown_Female: The Light is still with me. I will not fall so easily!

Unknown_Male: Knock knock, little Bronzebeard. Anybody home?
Unknown_Male: Hell yeah there is... my hammer!

Unknown_Male: Stromgarde has fallen. Surrender now, Rogers, and save your skin.
Unknown_Female: The Light is still with me. I will not fall so easily!

Unknown_Male: Hear our call, fallen. Your wicked deeds are forgiven this day.
Unknown_Male: Return to the storm and know peace. Flow through the Shrine so we might share your strength.

Unknown_Male: No time to waste! Follow Baine with your weapons drawn!
Unknown_Male: The Alliance will make it no further! CHARGE!

Unknown_Male: Wisps are dangerous only in large numbers, can we kill enough them Warchief?
Unknown_Female: Not enough to matter. But we can disperse them.
Unknown_Female: Saurfang, take some of our troops and go into Felwood. Find or make path over the mountain into Darkshore, but leave the siege weapons under my command.
Unknown_Female: We will squeeze Malfurion from both sides.
Unknown_Male: How many smugglers do you know, Blightcaller?
Unknown_Male: I beg your pardon?
Unknown_Male: I am not so naive to believe that Everlook gets all of its cargo via ship routes from Azshara. There has to be a hidden route somewhere through Felwood.
Unknown_Male: Most smugglers will not want the attention of the high overlord, but I do know of somebody who is more loyal to the horde than their profits.
Unknown_Female: Then it is decided. Saurfang, Nathanos - you are to leave at once.
Unknown_Female: $n, let's keep the remainder of Malfurion's army busy.

Unknown_Male: Armory construction complete. What are your orders?
Unknown_Male: Get those forges up and running! And don't stop feeding them until this war is won.
Unknown_Female: Bestiary ready, warbringer.
Unknown_Male: Good, good. I hope our pups are hungry. Prepare the wolfriders for battle!
Unknown_Female: Da spirit lodge is ready for ya. Whatcha needin'?
Unknown_Male: Ready the shaman for battle. It's time we turn the tide in our favor.

Unknown_Female: Workshop ready for action!
Unknown_Male: The demolishers outta that workshop gonna make quick work of those Alliance walls!
Unknown_Male: Armory construction complete. What are your orders?
Unknown_Male: Time to start outfittin' our troops with better armor!
Unknown_Female: Bestiary ready, warbringer.
Unknown_Male: Excellent. Our wolfriders gonna tear you to pieces!
Unknown_Female: Da spirit lodge is ready for ya. Whatcha needin'?
Unknown_Male: Ready de shaman for battle.
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  1. Mjolknerd's Avatar
    People should stop crying about the rep grind to unlock these Allied Races, not because it's not a very terrible idea (due to the fact that literally none of the requirements for ANY of the races are EQUAL) but because those requirements are most liklely going away after BFA launches.
  1. DesoPL's Avatar
    BfA in summer release? WHAT THE FUCK?!
  1. Jshadowhunter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lurivar View Post
    So... Danath Trollbane's still alive, and Stromgarde has been rebuilt... But it's a random Stormwind admiral leading the city ? Wut ?
    I wouldn't call Sky Admiral Rogers random.
  1. Highelf's Avatar
    So maybe it's just me but doesn't it seem like Horde is just winning everything based on these audio caps?
  1. ali725's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DesoPL View Post
    BfA in summer release? WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Ya basically last day in summer tho...maybe late august, early sept like Legion.
  1. Zyrosis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DesoPL View Post
    BfA in summer release? WHAT THE FUCK?!
    People like you need to realize that September 21st is the last day of Summer, and that's the day Blizzard already promised to release on or before, so this is far from new or exciting news.
  1. Grxgg2k's Avatar
    "I may stand upright, but I know how to get down."

  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    i find it interesting that they want it to be a summer release and not a autumn
  1. Hargema's Avatar
    For the horde.

    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    So maybe it's just me but doesn't it seem like Horde is just winning everything based on these audio caps?
    It is. But we have lost undercity, and i'm terrified that we might have lost Saurfang.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tupolew519 View Post
    just try hurting malfurioin and we swear we're gonna kill you!
    Same saying goes for our legendary warrior.

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