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Zuldazar Screenshots
Zuldazar opened in today's Battle for Azeroth Alpha build, and it appears that most of the buildings are complete. Props and NPCs aren't as complete yet.

Boralus Screenshots
Boralus is the capital city of Kul Tiras, located in Tiragarde Sound. It is currently in an unfinished state, with a sparse NPC population and many terrain issues.

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  1. mmoc4b988bc479's Avatar
    I am probably one of the few who prefer Kul Tiras, Ive watched the streams through zones a bit and while the troll architecure and the lush jungle do look fantastic I prefer the naval look of Boralis and its tie to the sea- I jus love the harbor feel to it and the setting is superb with the snoey mountains around. the tiragarde sound looks like it will be one of my favorite zones aestethically
  1. Killmaim Deathbringer's Avatar
    Why the hell are Tuskarr in Zandalar. They can't leave icy environments or else they die
  1. javierdsv's Avatar
    So Horde's hub was carefully made and now they are rushing on the Alliance hub?
  1. therealbowser's Avatar
    Looking at how many of the 'fat' Kul Tiran human models they are using, I'm now fully convinced that they are going to be the counterparts to the Draenor orcs.
  1. Aregna's Avatar
    Looks cool
  1. AngelDSTU's Avatar
    Well, fraction's capitals are different this time.But Zuldazar still looks more epic.
  1. mmoc93f9f7aac9's Avatar
    How's the performance in new locations compared to suramar?

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