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Heroes Of The Storm Patch Notes - November 12, 2019
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
  • Multiple log-in improvements aimed to help future development of the game.
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Deathwing Reveal Recap
This is just a short overview of his abilities as revealed on the stream. Be sure to watch the VOD for all the delicious information and two Deathwing showmatches as played by the developers of the hero.

Release: Playable at BlizzCon and will be available in the live game with the first major update after BlizzCon, which is scheduled for early December.

  • Bruiser. Deathwing has the health of a main tank but lacks the immediate control you want from a tank
  • All abilities have a cast time
  • Deathwing spends 100% of his time in dragon form. He's slightly bigger than Alexstrasza's dragon form.
  • Trait: The Aspect of Death
    • 100% bonus damage to heroes, as Alarak
    • Permanent Unstoppable
    • Completely unaffected by allied abilities. Cannot be healed, cannot be buffed, cannot be copied by Abathur, and so on.
    • Starts off the game with 40 Armor. He loses 10 Armor for every 25% health he loses.
  • "Mount": Dragon Flight
    • Deathwing takes off and disappears from the map.
    • Can land anywhere on the map that has vision.
    • Regenerates health and Armor while in the air. While he can heal lost health via fountains and health globes too, Armor can only be regenerated in the air.
    • All abilities go on a 3-second cooldown after landing
  • Two forms: Destroyer and World-Breaker
    • Destroyer focuses on melee, being in the thick of things
    • World-Breaker focuses on ranged abilities
  • Q: Molten Flame
    • Giant flame breath, ala Diablo's
    • Cannot turn while channeling
    • Constantly drains energy
    • This ability possibly has the highest damage-per-second of any ability in the game
  • W (Destroyer): Incinerate
    • Pulse of flames that does damage around Deathwing
  • E (Destroyer): Onslaught
    • Lunges forward a small distance, slows enemies caught. Does extra damage at the end
  • W (World-Breaker): Lava Burst
    • Spawns a lava pool in the targeted area, doing damage and slowing enemies
  • E (World-Breaker): Earthshatter
    • Slams the ground, sending out two lines of broken ground that stuns enemies on contact
  • Only one Heroic: Cataclysm
    • Available from the start of the game, with a bit of a cooldown on it
    • Flies into the air, and breathes fire in a large area ahead of him
    • At level 10 you can choose a talent that resets the cooldown of Cataclysm when you destroy a fort or keep
  • Another level 10 talent is Bellowing Roar
    • An area-of-effect Fear similar to the dragon fear abilities in early World of Warcraft
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October 21st Teaser
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

Tune in tomorrow at 10:30 am PT [1930 CEST] on the Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel to find out! http://twitch.tv/blizzheroes

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