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Account Suspensions
Following last week's development blog, Blizzard is now implementing the first part of the game improvements mentioned, starting out with improved account suspension tools. This should result in a vast increase of actions taken against accounts in violation of the terms of service.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Starting today, we’re implementing new technology that enhances our ability to validate the accuracy of reports. This will allow us to increase the rate that we issue account silences and ranked suspensions to players who are frequently and consistently reported for using offensive language. These actions are aimed at those who regularly use offensive language to harass, antagonize, and abuse one or more of their teammates. This type of behavior not only ruins the experience for those who are targeted, but also damages team morale, effectively degrading the fun for everyone in a match.

We will continue to issue weekly suspension and ban waves for non-participation and intentionally dying. You can check that forum thread regularly to keep up with our latest round of account actions. Additionally, if you’ve recently reported another player for going AFK, refusing to participate, or intentionally dying, be sure to keep an eye on the email inbox associated with your account for any updates regarding actions we’ve taken against that player as a result of your report.

We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot negative behavior in your matches and encourage you to continue doing so. Your actions have the largest positive impact on the health of the community.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
You’re trying your best and I truly respect you guys for it. I mean, you can’t ban someone for being bad, but if the deaths impact the game that much, say... 10 deaths within 15 minutes. Does that warrant the intentional feeding report?
Absolutely! If we find that the reported player is intentionally feeding in a lot of their games, we will take action on their account. (@BlizzHeroes)

Weekly Hero Rotation
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: April 17, 2018
  • Li Li
  • ETC
  • Zagara
  • Butcher
  • Kael'thas
  • Artanis
  • Varian
  • Li-Ming
  • Malthael
  • Stukov
  • D.Va (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Alarak (Slot unlocked at Player Level 10)
  • Gall (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)
  • Cho (Slot unlocked at Player Level 20)

Weekly Sales
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Heroic Deals: Apr 17 – 23, 2018
Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, April 17! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below.

Upcoming Hero Sales
  • Abathur — Sale Price: 375 gems
  • E.T.C. — Sale Price: 150 Gems
  • Illidan — Sale Price: 250 Gems

The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end:

Upcoming Featured Skins
  • Frozen Valorous Sonya
  • Blightlord Kel’thuzad*
  • Industrial Zarya
  • San’layn Dark Lady Sylvanas
  • Scarlet Sakura Auriel
  • Grunty Murky
  • Shadowblade Li Li
  • Doombringer L800 E.T.C.
  • Azmodunk
  • Planey Pajamathur Abathur

* First time featured item.

Upcoming Featured Mounts
  • Dire Wolf
  • Vespene Ghost Speeder
  • Pale Horse

Alarak Fanart
Artist Joseph Kim is a creator of fanmade concept art for several hero skin suggestions. His latest creation, a concept for a Kel'thuzad-related skin for Alarak, can be found below. Be sure to check out his portfolio for additional highly detailed concept artwork.

by Published on 2018-04-16 09:27 PM

Deckard Cain PTR Update

In-Development: Deckard, New Skins, and More!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

Grab a Tome of Town Portal, as many potions as you can carry, and prepare to explore the mysteries of the Nexus with our newest Support, Deckard Cain! Alongside his arrival in our next patch, we’re adding new bundles, skins, mounts, and more! Read on to check out everything that’s headed your way with our patch during the week of April 24.

Quick Navigation:

New Hero: Deckard

Deckard Cain, The Last Horadrim, dedicated his time in Sanctuary to the pursuit of knowledge, hunting for ancient artifacts, and helping to protect the realm from the demonic. Now, he finds himself in the Nexus, where untold new wonders are waiting to be uncovered. As a Support, Deckard harnesses his vast experience to assist and guide his allies through every perilous encounter. Level up your lore mastery by adding Deckard to your collection with next week’s patch. You can also pick up his Wastewalker skins and the Road Chariot Mount with the Deckard Heroic Bundle, which is available until May 7. Be sure to stop by Deckard's Hero Page to learn more about his abilities and playstyle.

Deckard Heroic Bundle

Hero Skins Mounts
Deckard Wastewalker Deckard Road Chariot
Diesel Wastewalker Deckard Exalted Road Chariot
Scourged Wastewalker Deckard Hoarfrost Road Chariot

Wastewalker Deckard Skins (Rare)

Additional Deckard Skins (Rare)

Deckard Portrait and Emojis

New Skins and Mounts

Road Chariot Mount (Legendary)

Nephalem Skins (Rare)

Additional Skins (Rare)

New Bundle

With the Worldstone’s destruction, a new generation of Nephalem arose. They were descended from both angels and demons, yet stronger than both. Harness the Nephalems' incredible power with a bundle of new skins for some of your favorite Heroes from the Diablo game universe. Act quickly, adventurer, because this bundle will only be available until May 7!

Nephalem Bundle

Heroes Skins
Johanna Nephalem Johanna
Kharazim Nephalem Kharazim
Li-Ming Nephalem Li-Ming
Nazeebo Nephalem Nazeebo
Sonya Nephalem Sonya
Valla Nephalem Valla

New Portraits and Sprays

We've teamed up with our friends at Carbot Animations again to bring you more of their signature HeroStorm-themed portraits and sprays! Take a look at everything coming your way below, and be sure to check out episodes of HeroStorm on the Carbot Animations YouTube channel for a few laughs.

Carbot Portraits

Carbot Sprays

We hope your games with Deckard go down in the history books as some of your favorites! Until next time, we’ll see you in the Nexus!
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Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – April 16, 2018
A new build just went up on the PTR server! If you missed Deckard's reveal last week, you can check out our hero page for full information on his abilities and talents.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until April 23. As always, if you encounter any bugs during your PTR play sessions, please stop by the PTR Bug Report forum to let us know about your experiences.

Quick Navigation:

New Hero: Deckard

An avid scholar, Deckard Cain has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge. He has been an advisor, storyteller, and friend to Sanctuary’s greatest heroes, guiding them through peril time and again. When Deckard speaks, it’s wise to stay awhile and listen.

  • Fortitude of the Faithful
    • When at least 1 other allied Hero is nearby, Deckard gains 10 Armor and his Basic Abilities recharge 50% faster.

Basic Abilities
  • Healing Potion (Q)
    • Toss a Healing Potion on the ground that heals the first allied Hero that comes in contact with it for 230.
    • Limit 5 active Potions.
  • Horadric Cube (W)
    • Throw the Horadric Cube, dealing 80 damage to all enemies in the area and Slowing them by 40% for 1.75 seconds.
  • Scroll of Sealing (E)
    • Unfurl an enchanted scroll, forming a triangle that deals 150 damage to enemies inside and Roots them for 1.5 seconds.

Heroic Abilities
  • Stay Awhile and Listen (R)
    • After 1 second, Channel for 3 seconds, putting enemy Heroes in front of Deckard to Sleep while Channeling, and for 2 seconds after.
    • Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast, and Sleep’s effects end instantly if they take damage.
  • Lorenado (R)
    • Vector Targeting.
    • Create a swirling lorenado that travels in the targeted direction, continually knocking away any enemies that come into contact with it.

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents
  • Gul’dan: Has received updated visual effects to make his Abilities easier to spot during battle.

User Inteface
Draft Mode
  • Hero portraits in Draft Lobbies will now use 2D Base Hero art rather than animated 3D Hero Skin models in order to help make Hero picks easier to differentiate from one another at a glance.
    • For example: It should now be easier to tell whether a teammate has selected Falstad or Muradin during a draft.

  • Skillshots, as well as other Abilities and Talents that search for targets, will now pass through Invulnerable targets without granting quest progress.




  • Level 7
    • Surge of Light (Active)
      • Now has a 0.25 second cooldown between uses.


  • Level 1
    • Mobile Offensive (Passive)
      • Now grants its Basic Attack damage bonus after any movement, rather than only after unmounted movement.


PTR Note: Shortly before releasing today’s patch we discovered a bug affecting Genji’s Shuriken (Q). This will likely result in difficult gameplay experiences for those attempting to test Genji’s changes in the PTR. We are working to resolve the issue before this patch is released to the live version of Heroes of the Storm next week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Health increased from 1550 to 1620.
  • Health Regen increased from 3.2304 to 3.3750.
  • Basic Attack damage increased from 42 to 44.

  • Cyber Agility (Trait) (D)
    • Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Swift Strike (E)
    • Range reduced from 14 to 12.
  • Dragonblade (R)
    • Damage increased from 220 to 240.
    • Removed functionality:
      • Killing an enemy Hero who was recently hit by Dragonblade no longer resets Swift Strike’s cooldown.

  • Level 1
    • Agile Dismount (Trait)
      • Cooldown reduction increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Level 13
    • Double Jump (Trait)
      • No longer increases Cyber Agility’s cooldown.
  • Level 20
    • The Dragon Becomes Me (R)
      • Additional Functionality:
        • Now also resets Swift Strike’s cooldown if an enemy Hero dies within 2 seconds after being hit by Dragonblade.

Developer Comment: We’re making some changes to Genji to try and make him less frustrating to play against and give opponents more options to counter him. While we think resetting Swift Strike’s cooldown after killing enemy Heroes with Dragonblade made for cool, flashy plays, it shut down too many other Heroes too often. It also caused too many games to become about how much value Genji was able to get out of Dragonblade. We like the flashiness that Dragonblade resets can provide, so we’re keeping that functionality, but we’re now adding it to his Level 20 Storm Talent version of the Heroic. We’re also increasing his Health and Basic Attack damage, reducing the range of Swift Strike, and increasing the cooldown of Cyber Agility to reduce his mobility while boosting his base stats to compensate.



  • Shadow Dagger (W)
    • Shadow Dagger now briefly reveals enemies upon spreading to them.


  • Nydus Network (R)
    • The player can now exit Nydus Worms in a direction of their choosing by right-clicking.



  • Bunker Drop (R)
    • Players can now exit Blaze's Bunker in the direction of their choosing by right-clicking.
    • The Bunker’s hitbox has been adjusted to more closely match its model. This should reduce situations in which players could unintentionally enter Blaze’s bunker when clicking nearby.


New Bundles
  • The following new bundles are available for a limited time! Be sure to check out the latest In-Development blog for more details.
    • Deckard Heroic Bundle
    • Nephalem Bundle

New Announcers
  • Deckard
  • Raven Lord
  • Grave Keeper

New Skins
  • Deckard
    • Afflicted Deckard
    • Angelic Deckard
  • Wastewalker Deckard
    • Diesel Wastewalker Deckard
    • Scourged Wastewalker Deckard
  • Cassia
    • Soaring Cassia
  • Johanna
    • Nephalem Johanna
  • Kharazim
    • Nephalem Kharazim
    • Northern Kharazim
  • Li-Ming
    • Nephalem Li-Ming
  • Malthael
    • Sinuous Grave Warden Malthael
  • Nazeebo
    • Nephalem Nazeebo
    • Ceremonial Nazeebo
    • Rain Nazeebo
    • Sunrise Nazeebo
  • Sonya
    • Nephalem Sonya
  • The Butcher
    • Petrified Butcher
  • Valla
    • Nephalem Valla

New Mounts
  • Road Chariot
    • Exalted Road Chariot
    • Hoarfrost Road Chariot

Mount Removal
  • Lucky Piggy Bank
    • The Lucky Piggy Bank Mount, which can only be purchased using gold, will be removed from the Collection when this patch is released to the live version of Heroes next week.

New Portraits and Sprays
  • We've once again teamed up with Carbot Animations to add even more HeroStorm-themed portraits and sprays in their signature art style! Catch a preview in the latest In-Development blog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of typo and tooltip errors across several aspects of the game.

  • Hanzo: Fixed an issue that could cause A.I. Hanzo to repeatedly Channel and cancel Storm Bow.

  • Blaze: Icon art has been swapped for the Adhesive Petroleum and Oil Dispersal Talents.
  • Lunar Sylvanas: Fixed an issue causing Lunar Sylvanas to play an incorrect animation on the Most Played screen.

  • Checkpoint: Hanamura (Brawl): The Brawl Info tooltip now correctly states that Health Packs restore 35% Health and Mana.
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen: The left-side team’s bottom Fort can no longer attack enemy Heroes who are just beyond the Gate.
  • Try Mode: Tychus’ Dash Talent now correctly grants its Movement Speed reward after using the Complete Quests button.
  • Try Mode: Uther’s Silver Touch Talent now correctly grants its second Mana cost reduction reward to Holy Light after using the Complete Quests button.

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents
  • Abathur: The number of Minions Absorbed stacks no longer appear inconsistent in the Buff bar after Abathur dies while a Monstrosity is active.
  • Abathur: Fixed an issue causing Spike Burst’s visual effects to appear much larger than intended when cast while targeting a Mercenary with Symbiote.
  • Alarak: Free Lightning Surge casts granted by the Lightning Barrage Talent now correctly display its cast range indicator.
  • Ana: Nano Boost’s duration bar now appears next to, rather than replaces, any existing Ability duration bars for the targeted Ally, like Sonya’s Whirlwind.
  • Brightwing: Can now correctly cast Blink Heal on Turrets and Biotic Emitters that were placed by Brightwing herself.
  • Cho: Entering a Stasis effect, like Zeratul’s Void Prison, while Surging Fist is charging no longer places Surging Fist on full cooldown.
  • Fog of War: Hitting an enemy with certain targeted, ranged Abilities, like Sylvanas’ Shadow Dagger, just before the target enters Fog of War or a Line of Sight Blocker now correctly reveal that enemy.
  • Fog of War: Fixed an issue in which attempting to cast a targeted Ability through the Fog of War on a snapshot of a unit that no longer exists could cause the Hero to path into the terrain and become stuck.
  • Greymane: Partial progress earned toward the Wizened Duelist Talent’s next attack damage bonus will no longer persist after dying.
  • Hanzo: Natural Agility now activates correctly after being hit by Phase Prism near a tower.
  • Illidan: Can now correctly cast Dive on Ragnaros in Molten Core form.
  • Kel’Thuzad: Phylactery can no longer be activated before its animation completes.
  • Li-Ming: Spell Armor granted by the Force Armor Talent is now correctly consumed when hit by Ability damage from non-Heroic sources.
  • Rexxar: The tooltip for Misha, Focus! no longer lists a cooldown.
  • Rexxar: Switching seats in a Triglav Protector no longer causes Rexxar to become unresponsive.
  • The Lost Vikings: Stealth granted by the Spy Games Talent is now correctly applied for 3 seconds after Erik moves.
  • Thrall: Killing Minions who were hit by Chain Lightning now correctly causes Echo of the Elements quest progress visual effects to appear near Thrall, rather than allies.
  • Uther: Fixed an issue in which Uther could briefly use activated Talents after death, but prior to entering Eternal Vanguard form.
  • Uther: The Silver Touch Talent’s quest rewards no longer incorrectly benefit Flash of Light.
  • Zagara: The Infest Talent now correctly boosts nearby Ranged Minion damage by 100%.
  • Zeratul: After death, Zeratul’s body will no longer teleport to the location of his last Vorpal Blade target.

  • Gul’dan: The voiceover line that plays while idling on Gul’dan’s Hero page in the Collection no longer ends early.

User Interface
  • Pings: Fixed an issue in which muting a player would not prevent icons related to that player’s pings from appearing.
  • Hotkeys: Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause Heroes to ignore Force Move commands.
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The Mid-Season Brawl Returns to DreamHack Summer
The HGC Mid-Season Brawl is returning to DreamHack Summer in Sweden! This is one of the few events of the year where all the regions get to play against one another and try to settle once and for all who is truly better than the others. This event is one that should not be missed.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

Fnatic triumphed over Team Dignitas on their home turf at last year’s Mid-Season Brawl (MSB). The final series stretched late into the night with the audience balancing on the edge of their seats. We’re excited to announce that MSB will return to Sweden at DreamHack Summer again this year, with another $250,000 reserved for only the fiercest of competitors. In the running for the cup will be the top two teams from HGC North America, the top two teams from HGC China, the top three teams from HGC Europe, the top three teams from Korea, and the winners of both the Intercontinental Clash (between Latin America and Australia/New Zealand) and Horizon Clash (between Taiwan and Southeast Asia). The additional spots were awarded to Europe and Korea for their respective wins at the Western Clash and Eastern Clash in the spring.

Location: Stockholm for group stages, Jönköping (DreamHack Summer) for playoffs

Dates: June 9-13 for group stages, June 16-18 for playoffs

Prize pool: $250,000 USD

Format: Two groups of six teams will play round-robin matches (two-game sets) within each group, earning points to qualify for a double elimination bracket

Streaming details:

Keep it tuned to playheroes.com/esports for more information regarding the Mid-Season Brawl.

Developer AMA Follow-up
Following Friday's AMA on reddit, Travis McGeathy (Lead Game Designer) stuck around to answer a few additional questions from the community.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
A lot of the answers the devs have to a lot of questions were "the people who would be working on x are already working on y and its about prioritization" Do you think the higher ups at blizz are not giving the hots team the resources it needs to make the big improvements the game needs? If things take too long to do players leave and move on to new games and by time those improvements come they are already invested in a new/different game.
A global truth of development is that you will always have more you want to do than the resources to do it all immediately. It doesn't matter if you're a solo developer working on an indie game or part of a 1,000 developer time. If you want to get anything done, you have to prioritize some items over others. Trying to do everything at once means you're not going to get any of them done.

That's part of the 'sausage making' behind development. It's not pretty, but its how anything gets done. (BlizzTravis)

Most people are armchair developers who have no idea how things work. I hope the Blizz team does not feel bad about all the negativity and hate. You guys are doing a great job with all the content. Once the matchmaking is fixed the rest will fall in line soon. I wish somebody would make a thread about the great things about Hots and puts that on the front page.
Not at all! The simple truth is that almost every post on the AMA and on here come from a place of caring. People care about the game.

But, this is part of the reason why we don't generally like to share the sausage making. (BlizzTravis)

Can you give us some insight into reasoning for QM seeding into your HL MMR? In several people's minds from the community, QM is a completely different game from HL and doesnt correctly teach people how to play the game. With QM MMR seeding into HL we now have people being placed in higher ranks for HL but do not understand the basics of the game. This leads to a poor game experience for those players who are at the correct HL ranking. If QM seeding for HL is going to continue, what are the plans for providing the correct knowledge on how to play the game so we can close that gap?
The knowledge question was answered elsewhere, but I wanted to use your question as a jumping off point to talk about the seeding into ranked as it comes up pretty frequently.

Basically, some knowledge of a player is better than no knowledge of a player when setting their initial seed into a new mode. While the intricacies of Hero League might not be there for someone coming over from Unranked Draft or Quick Match, a lot of other things, such as mechanic ability, do apply.

With that in mind, a highly skilled QM player can be expected to do comparably well in HL up to a certain point. They would not be expected to be able to hold up as well at the highest ranks, but at lower ranks, they can hold their own. That's where the seed and placement caps come in.

The change we're making is to lower the MMR seed cap from Unranked Draft and Quick Match to Gold 5. A good QM player should easily be able to hold their own at Gold 5. From there, the cap on movement during placements means that even the best players coming in for the first time are limited to Plat 5 and need to work their way up from there. (BlizzTravis)

[regarding players of different ranks being matched together]
I want to jump in here to clarify. What you're talking about isn't caused by either MMR or the feeling that some players' MMRs aren't set correctly.

When you're matched with people of different ranks, that's because the matchmaking system has to find a balance between queue time and match quality and, in that case, it failed to make a match quickly enough. When that happens, it expands the search range of viable players in order to get a match started. It doesn't happen frequently and you'll usually see this come up in particular circumstances that don't have a lot of other players to make matches with: GM tier, smaller regions during off hours, etc.

As Joe noted earlier, one of the changes we're making is shifting that balance point so the system will allow longer before it expands the search criteria so it happens even less frequently. (BlizzTravis)

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