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by Published on 2019-12-10 06:46 PM

Winter Wonderland 2019 Sigma Skin and Leaked Skins
The official Overwatch Twitter recently revealed a legendary Winter Wonderland skin for Sigma. Also, @OverwatchNaeri recently posted some screenshots revealing a 'Rat King' Reaper and 'Jotun' Doomfist skin for Winter Wonderland as well!

by Published on 2019-09-09 02:08 PM

Overwatch Coming to Switch
Late last week, Blizzard revealed that Overwatch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15th!

by Published on 2019-06-17 11:04 PM

New Overwatch Short Story: What You Left Behind

Overwatch Developer Update - June 2019
Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down to give another Overwatch developer update!

  • The community has been asking for more story, more character development.
  • Recently released a new short story for Baptiste.
  • Some characters in the story may become bigger parts of the Overwatch universe in the future.
  • Baptiste Reunion Challenge is coming. Unlock an epic skin for Baptiste by winning 9 matches in any mode.
  • Some additional rewards available to unlock. Similar to the Anna & Diva challenges in the past.
  • A big patch is on the horizon with new features.
  • Replays are coming, they will live on your career profile.
  • Replays will show your last 10 played matches.
  • Full suite of spectator tools will be available, watch your replays from any point of view.
  • Replays will help players become better by learning from their past matches.
  • When the game is patched, old replays will be cleared. If you really want to save something be sure to record it.
  • On PC you can watch Overwatch league replays shortly after the match happens.
  • Minor balance changes coming, they are on the PTR.
  • Assault mode has had one minute removed from the time you have to capture point B.
  • The goal is to speed up the pace of Assault mode games.
  • Respawns will be better. If you die as the enemy team captures point A you will be more likely to spawn at B to stop snowballing.
  • New competitive season is coming.
  • There will be a brand new competitive free-for-all deathmatch season as well.
by Published on 2019-06-17 06:32 PM

New Overwatch Short Story: What You left Behind
Blizzard has released a new short story written by Alyssa Wong titled What You Left Behind. The story features the support hero Baptiste. The full PDF is available by clicking here.

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