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Director's Take – Reflecting on the future of Overwatch 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hey all. It's been an emotional week in the world of Overwatch. A few days ago, we talked about our change in approach to PvE in Overwatch 2 and released a high-level roadmap for the year. We're really excited for everything we’ll be launching soon, but much of the discussion this week has been about how we’re cancelling PvE outright, which isn’t accurate, so I want to take some time to discuss some of that with you here.

When we announced Overwatch 2 in 2019, the idea for the game was centered around the PvP game we released last October, and on the PvE side, Story Missions and Hero Missions.

Story Missions focus on fast-paced, co-op gameplay, as well as story, cinematics, and cutscenes that expand the world of Overwatch. Story Missions tell a linear narrative about the heroes of Overwatch reuniting and battling the new Null Sector threat, pushing the story of Overwatch forward for the first time since our original game released. These missions take place on huge maps with new enemies and new cinematics. We will begin to release them in Season 6. The work done here is amazing, leaps and bounds above what we’ve built for PvE previously in our game, and I can't wait for our players to get their hands on them. We’ll be sharing more details there in the coming weeks.

Hero Missions (or Hero Mode), on the other hand, encompassed an in-development game mode that allowed players to upgrade individual heroes through talent trees, providing a deeply replayable version of PvE in Overwatch 2. It was a really exciting concept, something that not only resonated with players, but that the team was passionate about and really dedicated to. This is the mode we’re no longer moving forward with.

To give you some context for this change, I'd like to talk about the past and the origins of Team 4. The Overwatch team was founded in the wake of a cancelled game at Blizzard called Project Titan. That game had many facets, but at its heart, it was an FPS MMO. The Overwatch team, especially at its inception, considered itself an MMO development team. As we transitioned away from that original concept and started creating Overwatch, we included plans to one day return to that scope. We had a crawl, walk, run plan. Overwatch was the crawl, a dedicated version of PvE was the walk, and an MMO was the run. It was built into the DNA of the team early on, and some of us considered that final game a true realization of the original vision of Project Titan.

When we launched Overwatch in 2016, we quickly started talking about what that next iteration could be. Looking back at that moment, it's now obvious that we weren’t as focused as we should have been on a game that was a runaway hit. Instead, we stayed focused on a plan that was years old. Work began on the PvE portion of the game and we steadily continued shifting more and more of the team to work on those features.

Things rarely go as planned in game development. We struggled to find our footing with the Hero Mission experience early on. Scope grew. We were trying to do too many things at once and we lost focus. The team built some really great things, including hero talents, new enemy units and early versions of missions, but we were never able to bring together all of the elements needed to ship a polished, cohesive experience.

We had an exciting but gargantuan vision and we were continuously pulling resources away from the live game in an attempt to realize it. I can't help but look back on our original ambitions for Overwatch and feel like we used the slogan of "crawl, walk, run" to continue to march forward with a strategy that just wasn't working.

We had announced something audacious. Our players had high expectations for it, but we no longer felt like we could deliver it. We needed to make an incredibly difficult decision, one we knew would disappoint our players, the team, and everyone looking forward to Hero Missions. The Overwatch team understands this deeply - this represented years of work and emotional investment. They are wonderful, incredibly talented people and truly have a passion for our game and the work that they do.

Lastly, people have wondered why this announcement came at this time. After Overwatch 2 had launched, we started refining our plans for future seasons. As those plans grew, we tried to find ways to make all of our ambitions fit together in a plan that we believed in.

We couldn't. And we also knew that we couldn't go back to pulling people away from the live game in service of that original vision again. So, we made the difficult decision to cut Hero Missions and started planning for the future.

From there, we needed to update the vision for the game, gain confidence in our new direction and roll out the changes to the team. The decision was the start of a long process, not the final piece of it.

This has been hard for us, but as the director on this project, I have to do my best to make decisions that put the game and the community first, even when those decisions are disappointing. In this case, I had trouble pivoting away from a vision that just wasn’t working. And for that I would like to apologize to our players and to our team. I’m sorry.

We are focusing our efforts and our passion into making this game an ever-evolving experience. We are still committed to building many of the elements we talked about at BlizzCon 2019, including the Story Missions that delve into the next chapter of the Overwatch universe, new types of co-op content we haven’t yet shared, and new stories that we’re planning to tell both in and out of the game. We’re excited about this direction and we can’t wait for you to finally get to experience what we’ve been building.

Overwatch was born from the ashes of Project Titan. It was a moment of metamorphosis for the team and the project… and something beautiful came out of it. This is another moment of change. And the future of Overwatch will be born out of it.
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Exploring a New Universe in Starwatch: Galactic Rescue
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Starwatch: Galactic Rescue is live, and the fight for the universe is on! Have you been fighting with the Watchers in their rescue mission, or do you serve the Infinite Empire? Only time will tell which side prevails, but in the meantime, we’d like to share how the team built this new world within Overwatch.

Building a New World
Starwatch takes place among the planets and stars, so ensuring we could deliver an environment that felt like a space opera was important. The first step was to design the interior of a starship. With the launch of Overwatch 2, we removed Assault (2CP) maps from the core game mode lineup—meaning there are some amazing maps that aren't currently being used in game—and we saw this opportunity to bring back Horizon: Lunar Colony.

Horizon: Lunar Colony was a perfect fit because it already has a very sci-fi feel within its design language. So, we transformed this map from a lunar colony into a starship that sets the stage for an epic space opera adventure.

The new mode takes place on the Infinite Galactrius, the flagship of Galactic Emperor Sigma, leader of the Infinite Empire. When first approaching the design for the starship, senior lighting artist Peter Tran already had a vision for the map. “Initially, I wanted to keep things relatively simple but while iterating on the lighting for this event, it became such an awesome and exciting passion project for all of us. At some point, I realized that simple lighting wouldn't do it justice, and that’s when we doubled down on the darker, moodier lighting for this event.”

When it came to changing the actual look of the map, senior environment artist Tim Wasson also had a clear vision set in mind. “With such big ideas for a dramatic environment transformation, Starwatch became an exercise in ‘resurfacing’ the existing geometry with new materials. This, along with the lighting overhaul, provided us with a big win early on.”

Creating a New Experience with New Challenges
The original Horizon: Lunar Colony was a friendly and fun map built to show the potential of a scientific moon base. For the event, the team wanted to make this place more sinister and darker to help deliver a story of a rebel cause fighting against a galactic regime. First, the moon terrain was removed from the map to make it feel like you are deep in a faraway galaxy. Then, once the team placed a small spacecraft outside the window, the overall map started to feel like a massive starship.

With the exteriors of the former moon base adjusted, associate art director Peter Lee turned to the interiors. “We made a test lighting concept painting to see how far we could push the vision. That was the moment we started to feel we'd found something we wanted to pursue.” The color palette changed from sterile greys and tans to a classic sci-fi evil empire look by using blacks, whites, and reds. Finally, additions of new elements like the turrets that serve the Infinite Empire and the dangerous Gravity Implosion Barrels create unique traps in the environment that help set the stage for a galactic brawl.

Lighting Paint Test for the Infinite Galactrius

In-Game View of the Infinite Galactrius

From Overwatch to Starwatch

Changing the story from a ‘bright and hopeful future Earth’ to a much darker space opera was a huge undertaking. “Usually, we keep bright lighting in our maps, even for our night settings. However, this event became an opportunity for me to experiment with moodier lighting that would be exciting for our players,” said Peter Tran. “This event had to be special for both our veteran and new players to remember, especially because we're resurrecting one of our classic 2CP maps for a new purpose. The Horizon: Lunar Colony map has always been one of my favorites because of its unique narrative that connects so many things in the Overwatch world. It's really satisfying to me to be able to repurpose it in such an epic and fun way.”

Gameplay is our top priority, and Starwatch pushes the boundaries of what we can do with our environments. Dark reds and blacks are colors we try to avoid in-game when making competitive maps, however, this was a unique opportunity for the art team to try something new while keeping our high gameplay standards.

We hope the players have as much fun playing in this event as the environmental art team had working on it. Starwatch: Galactic Rescue is live now on Overwatch 2 through May 23.
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Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - May 9, 2023
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
A new patch is now live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum.
For a list of known issues, visit the Bug Report 2 forum.
For troubleshooting assistance, visit the Technical Support forum.

New Event - Starwatch: Galactic Rescue
  • Battle for the fate of the galaxy in this new four-point Assault mode. Side with the Watcher rebels alongside the mighty Bonebreaker to rescue 3CH-0 from the Infinite Galactrius starship. Or serve the Infinite Empire and use the starship’s security systems to defend against the intruders. Your choice will decide the fate of the galaxy, for whichever side wins more battles by the end of the event will reign supreme!
  • Complete event challenges to unlock limited-time cosmetics, like the Asteroid Wrecking Ball epic skin, as well as up to 50,000 Battlepass experience.

Battle for Olympus Returns
  • To celebrate Zeus Junker Queen’s victory from Season 2’s Battle for Olympus event, we are bringing back the game mode for a limited-time, including a new Team Deathmatch version! To further commemorate the victors of Season 2, a statue of the god herself has been erected in Ilios.

Ping System
  • “Group Up” can now be used while dead.
  • Added a new setting to Controls → Communication → Ping - Options → Enable Contextual Comms Wheel. When Enabled, this setting changes “Group Up” and “Need Healing” to use alternate comms when aiming at allies. This setting is “Off” by default.
  • Junker Queen can now ping targets through surfaces that her knife is stuck in, in the same way that Zenyatta can ping targets his Discord is attached to.

Push Game Mode Update
  • The respawn time for players is increased by 2 seconds from 10s to 12s while their team’s forward spawn location is activated.
Developer Comments: Forward spawn locations were proving to be too advantageous for the team with the lead, making it a bit too difficult for the disadvantaged team to mount a comeback.

  • MMR decay system has received multiple improvements aimed at more quickly and accurately re-calibrating players when they return from a long period of inactivity.


Competitive Deathmatch
  • The 2023 Competitive Deathmatch season begins on May 16!



Junker Queen
  • Maximum ammo increased from 6 to 8

Jagged Blade
  • Projectile size increased from 0.15 to 0.20 meters

  • Now deals 40 impact damage
  • Wound damage decreased from 100 to 60

Adrenaline Rush
  • Adrenaline passive healing multiplier increased from 1.25 to 2x damage dealt by wounds
Developer Comments: These changes increase Junker Queen’s front-line presence by increasing her self-healing and offensive sustainability. We’ve also increased Jagged Blade’s projectile size so it’s more consistent to land.

Augmented Fusion Driver
  • Damage increased from 12 to 13
Developer Comments: Orisa often gets a lot of value with her abilities but she is underperforming compared to other tanks. Increasing her weapon damage will make her a more of an immediate threat after closing the distance with the enemy team.

Jet Pack
  • Damage radius before falloff begins increased from 1 to 1.3 meters
Developer Comments: It’s difficult to deal full damage with Winston’s leap due to needing to land almost directly on the enemy hero. Increasing this range will improve its consistency.

Wrecking Ball
Adaptive Shield
  • Effect duration decreased from 9 to 7 seconds
Developer Comments: Adaptive Shields gives Wrecking Ball a lot of leeway in a fight due to its duration. This change to Adaptive Shields limits his survivability during prolonged engagements.


  • Ultimate cost reduced 25%
  • Ultimate generation decreased from 5.5x to 4x while Duplicate is active
Developer Comments: The following changes increase the flexibility of Echo’s Duplicate ultimate and shift some of its focus away from the allure of building multiple copied ultimates in a single use. This puts more of an emphasis on choosing a Duplicate target based on the hero’s overall utility for a given situation, with the benefit of increased survivability due to transforming. Echo will get her ultimate more frequently but it will be more difficult to generate the copied hero’s ultimate.

Concussion Mine
  • Maximum damage increased from 100 to 110
Developer Comments: The previous adjustment to Concussion Mine’s maximum damage lowered the effectiveness of Junkrat’s grenade and mine combos too much so we are increasing the damage amount slightly.


Biotic Grenade
  • Explosion healing decreased from 100 to 60
Developer Comments: Ana’s survivability has improved significantly ever since the addition of the support passive. We are reducing the amount of healing provided by the Biotic Grenade explosion as she doesn’t need to rely on it for self-healing as much as before.

Immortality Field
  • Cooldown decreased from 25 to 23 seconds
Developer Comments: Immortality Field provides powerful utility, but its long cooldown means that Baptiste often has to wait for the perfect opportunity to use it. We’re decreasing its cooldown slightly to promote more flexibility in usage, though it will still be uncommon to see it in more than once per engagement.

  • Kunai reloads after 65% percent of the animation has completed (formerly 75%)
  • New Hero option: “Healing Ofuda Cancels Reload”
Dev Comment: Kiriko sometimes accidentally interrupts her Kunai reload with Ofuda. Kunai now reloads slightly sooner during the animation to mitigate this. In addition, there is now a hero option, “Healing Ofuda Cancels Reload,” which can be turned off to bypass this issue entirely.

Life Grip
Reinhardt is no longer a valid target for Life Grip during Earthshatter and using Earthshatter will cancel Life Grip.
Developer Comment: Earthshatter is an ultimate where positioning is critical to effectively use, so we are adjusting it so that Reinhardt doesn’t have their ultimate be effectively canceled when Lifeweaver uses Life Grip.

In addition to the hero balance adjustments in this update, we are implementing multiple quality-of-life settings for several heroes to give you the ability to custom-tailor your experience of playing your favorite heroes.


Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hide Boosters Cancel Text - Off by default
  • Hide Boosters Timer - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
Hand Cannon UI - On by default
  • Hold To Use Power Block - Off by default
  • Hide Power Block Cancel Text - Off by default
  • Hide Rocket Punch Meter - Off by default
  • Hide Rocket Punch Cancel Text - Off by default

Terra Surge can now be activated by pressing the Ultimate button again
Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hide Fortify Timer - Off By default
  • Hold To Use Javelin Spin - Off By default
  • Hide Javelin Spin Cancel Text - Off By default

Block now respects holding the input through being stunned.
Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Toggle Block - Off by default
  • Hide Nemesis Form Cancel Text - Off by default
  • Relative Aim Sensitivity During Nemesis Form - 100% by default
  • Relative Gyro Aim Sensitivity During Nemesis Form - 100% by default (only available on gyro-supported platforms)
  • Annihilation Cancel Input - Ability 1 by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options
  • Relative Aim Sensitivity During Barrier Field - 100% by default
  • Relative Gyro Aim Sensitivity During Barrier Field - 100% by default (only available on gyro-supported platforms)
  • Hold To Use Charge - Off by default
  • Hide Charge Cancel Text - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Option
  • Hide Whole Hog Timer - Off by default

Gravitic Flux now automatically casts when the timer runs out
Added the Hero-Specific Option:
  • Toggle Secondary Fire - Off by default

Wrecking Ball
Pressing the Quick Melee button now cancels Roll
Added the Hero-Specific Option:
Toggle Quick Melee During Roll


Configuration: Artillery now automatically casts when the timer runs out
Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Relative Aim Sensitivity During Reconfigure - 100% by default
  • Relative Gyro Aim Sensitivity During Reconfigure - 100% by default (only available on gyro-supported platforms)

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hide Deadeye Timer - Off by default
  • Hide Deadeye Cancel Text - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hold To Use Focusing Beam - Off by default
  • Hide Flight Cancel Text - Off by default
  • Hide Flight Timer - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hold To Use Deflect - Off by default
  • Hide Deflect Cancel Text - Off by default

Cyro-Freeze can now be canceled by pressing the ability’s button again
Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Hold To Use Cryo-Freeze - Off by default
  • Hide Cyro-Freeze Cancel Text - Off by default
  • Hide Cryo-Freeze Timer - Off by default
  • Default Ice Wall Rotation - Horizontal by default
  • Ice Wall Confirmation Input - Primary Fire by default

Added the Hero-Specific Option
  • Toggle Hover Jets - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options
  • Hold To Use Wraith Form - Off by Default
  • Hide Wraith Form Cancel Text - Off by Default
  • Shadow Step Confirmation Input - Primary Fire by default

Added the Hero-Specific Option:
Toggle Hack - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Toggle Secondary Fire - Off by default
  • Hold To Deploy Sentry Turret - Off by default
  • Teleporter and Photon Barrier Confirmation Input - Primary Fire by default
  • Default Photon Barrier Rotation - Horizontal by default
  • Hide Photon Barrier Timer - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Option:
  • Hide Overload Timer - Off by default

Added the Hero-Specific Option:
  • Blink UI - On by default


Automatic Reload setting now reloads when both Primary and Secondary Fire are out of ammo if setting is set to Off
Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Default Amplification Matrix Rotation - Horizontal by default
  • Amplification Matrix Confirmation Input - Primary Fire by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Relative Aim Sensitivity During Barrier Shield - 100% by default
  • Relative Gyro Aim Sensitivity During Barrier Shield - 100% by default (only available on gyro-supported platforms)
  • Repair Pack UI - On by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Healing Ofuda Cancels Reload - On by default

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Relative Thorn Volley Aim Sensitivity - 100% by default
  • Relative Thorn Volley Gyro Aim Sensitivity - 100% by default (Only available on gyro-supported platforms)
  • Tree of Life Confirmation Input - Primary Fire by default

Allow Backwards Wall Ride option now On by default
Hold To Crossfade options changed from Off/On to Off/Hold For Speed/Hold For Heal.

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Caduceus Blaster Input - Primary Fire by default
  • Relative Caduceus Blaster Aim Sensitivity - 100% by default
  • Relative Caduceus Blaster Gyro Aim Sensitivity - 100% by default (Only available on gyro-supported platforms)

Added the Hero-Specific Options:
  • Harmony and Discord Orb Cancel Reload - On by default
  • Hide Transcendence Timer - Off by default


  • Resolved an issue that awarded the incorrect competitive Season 3 titles for some players
  • Fixed a bug in the Options menu that resulted in Communication Option changes to not save
  • Console - Fixed an issue that prevented you from navigating the competitive menu while in queue
  • Console - Fixed a bug on some consoles that prevented saving highlights
  • Console - Fixed a bug that prevented players on console from renaming Custom Game presets
  • Fixed a bug with Payload and Hybrid game modes displaying a debug string when the payload is pushed the end of the map
  • Resolved a bug where you were unable to view some Heroes weapons and/or equipment in the Hero Gallery
  • Fixed a bug with the camera sometimes becoming askew when the player’s movement was interrupted by negative statuses
  • Fixed an issue where some Maps were missing images on the Competitive Progress screen
  • Fixed a bug where a sound prompt was missing when you ranked down in Competitive modes


Antarctic Peninsula
  • Removed a large misplaced shadow near the capture point in the Labs area

  • Fixed a bug with the drum in the Sanctuary area allowing player objects to be thrown/placed inside of it

Circuit Royale
  • Fixed some areas that allowed players to stand in unintended locations

  • Starting Room: Replaced the indestructible vase to a regular ceramic vase that can shatter. Please break them at your own will.

  • Removed a planter near the first choke

Lijang Tower
  • Fixed in a previous update - Fixed a bug that allowed players to stand in unintended locations

Shambali Monastery
  • Fixed some areas on the map that would eat projectiles


  • Fixed a bug where Biotic Grenade was only tracking self-hits

  • Fixed a bug where Ashe’s accuracy became inconsistent during a jump and other movements

  • Fixed a bug with the Assault Configuration playing an old reload animation if used as soon as you spawn

  • Fixed a bug which caused Brigitte’s extra armor during ‘Rally’ to not apply it’s 30% damage reduction correctly

  • Fixed a bug with Powerblock not correctly reducing area of effect damage
  • Fixed a bug with the Empowered buff from Meteor Strike not counting toward the Empowered Rocket Punch stat

  • Fixed a bug with D.Va’s ‘Selfie’ highlight intro not removing the mech after the explosion when some skins were equipped

  • Fixed a bug where deflecting Kiriko or Lifeweaver’s healing projectiles did not heal your allies

  • Fixed a bug with Swift Step sometimes getting players stuck in the map

  • Fixed the issue with Lifeweaver’s Custom Game controls being broken after the controls update
  • Fixed an issue with the Petal Platform geometry not matching its projectile collision
  • Fixed a bug where your Life Grip target would bounce back if you activate the ability while you’re on an enemy Petal Platform and they are on a friendly Petal Platform
  • Fixed an issue with Life Grip failing and going on cooldown in some cases if used at the same time as your target activated an ability
  • Fixed a bug where Lifeweaver would auto-swap to Healing Blossom if Tree of Life was placed while Thorn Volley was active
  • Fixed the placement of Lifeweaver in the Hero Gallery and Hero Select

  • Fixed a bug with Ice Wall becoming unusable until cancelled after targeting an invalid location

  • Fixed a bug with Concussive Blast only tracking self-hits

  • Fixed a bug with Nemesis form failing to go on cooldown if you die during the transformation
  • Fixed a bug with Nemesis form not activating and enabling its cooldown if you were knocked down while Annihilation mode is active and then attempted to activate Nemesis Form

  • Fixed a bug with the Ambush Play of the Game not having a sniper reticle and some sounds when certain skins were equipped

  • Resolved an issue where the Disruptor could be attached to the Push bot

  • Fixed a stat tracking issue where Health Pack healing was only counting self-healing

  • Fixed a bug where Widowmaker could become stuck in the grappling animation if Grappling Hook was used on a moving platform

  • Fixed multiple issues related to Custom Projectiles
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Become a Hero of Galaxy in Starwatch – Now Live
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Infinite Empire rules the galaxy with an iron grip, and all hope would be lost if not for a small band of rebels known as the Watchers, who fight for freedom across the stars. Log on starting May 9 for Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, an epic one-of-a-kind space event.

Starwatch: Galactic Rescue is Overwatch 2’s first-ever PVP/PVE hybrid event. Two teams face off on a four-point Assault match staged on the Infinite Galactrius, a starship transformed from the Horizon Lunar Colony Assault map. The Watchers, led by Bonebreaker Doomfist, will attack against the defending Infinite Empire.

Choose your side and join the fight

When you queue, you’ll choose to ally with the Watcher’s rebellion or join the Infinite Empire’s command. If your loyalties lie elsewhere, queue as a Mercenary to get into the next mission quickly and serve whichever side you’re assigned.

The Infinite Empire suffers no fools, and they’re well-equipped to stop any intruders. This team has special artillery throughout the facility that will attack the Watchers.

But the Watchers have help too. Bonebreaker will help aid this team as you charge in to rescue 3CH-0, portrayed by Echo. Both teams will want to take advantage of the Gravity Implosion Barrels throughout the facility, as destroying the container will unleash a small, yet powerful black hole that will catch anyone in its wake, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

An Echo of Hope

Immerse yourself in the story behind the event with the all-new comic, Starwatch: An Echo of Hope. This tale sets the stage of how the Watchers barely escaped the clutches of Galactic Emperor Sigma, but their friend 3CH-0 is captured and now the Infinite Empire wants to reprogram her into a powerful weapon that threatens the galaxy. Leading up to the mission where the Watchers rescue 3CH-0 from the Infinite Empire’s starship.

Who will win?
We’ll tally up the total number of wins for both the Watchers and the Infinite Empire. The side that wins the most battles will determine the fate of galaxy in a second comic, to be released after the in-game event concludes.

Cosmic Challenges & Rewards

The adventures do not end with Starwatch: Galactic Rescue. Cosmic event challenges await that unlock all-new cosmic cosmetics, including a brand-new Asteroid Epic skin for Wrecking Ball, along with 50,000 XP to help complete your Premium Battle Bass and unlock the Mythic skin for Galactic Emperor Sigma himself. Finally, embark on new adventures as your favorite rebel from the Watchers or soldier from the Infinite Empire, with limited-time bundles available in the in-game shop!

Log onto Overwatch 2 today and help save or conquer the galaxy! Starwatch: Galactic Rescue begins May 9 and runs through May 22.

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