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World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 Preview
Amazon has put up some pages of the World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 book as a preview! The book will be released on March 27, 2018 in the US.

Battle for Azeroth Now Available for Pre-purchase at Selected Retailers
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Which side are you on? Get ready to fight for your faction’s cause by pre-purchasing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, now available at selected retail outlets across Europe.

Picking up a Standard Edition pre-purchase box before the expansion’s release this summer* will let you upgrade your account to Battle for Azeroth immediately and begin your journey to recruit four new Allied Races. Alliance players can add the shadow-touched Void elves and valiant Lightforged to their ranks, while Horde players can bring the ancient Nightborne and noble Highmountaintauren into their fold. Additional Allied Races will be available in the future.

Pre-purchasing Battle for Azeroth also immediately grants the included level 110 character boost!

The pre-purchase retail box is only available before launch and doesn’t include a physical game disc—instead, everything is linked to the digital code inside. Apply it to your account and the content will be automatically downloaded through the app, so you’ll be able to play Battle for Azeroth as soon as it’s released*.

You’ll find a list of retailers in your region offering the pre-purchase box below. Battle for Azeroth is also available for pre-purchase via, where you can find out about upgrading to the Digital Deluxe Edition.

(See the full post for a list of retailers)

*World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will launch on or before September 21, 2018. Pre-purchasing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth makes available quest lines that enable players to access the Highmountain tauren, Lightforged draenei, Nightborne, and Void elves. To unlock Allied Races quest lines, players must have a level-110 character and have met specific questing and reputation requirements on the factions each Allied Race is aligned with. Players upgrading from World of Warcraft Starter Edition must wait for trial restrictions to be removed (up to 72 hours) before using character boost.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Epic Pantheon Trinket and RNG
I mean at this point a 5 year old could think of a better loot system
I'd be eager to hear your suggestions on how it could be better. I mean, the existing one has functioned pretty well for the past 13 years for WoW specifically and for the past 20 years across an entire genre of games (other genres too, but you get my point).

Now I am getting upgrade drops and no trinket to put them on (no offspec), so I have to begrudgingly delete them.
I've gotten my mainspec and I've just been saving them for when I finally get an offspec. I luckily don't need anything else off Argus so I just do him primarily in an offspec loot now.

I think overall RNG works well in games if it isn't taken too far, perhaps people are just a little over it this expansion seeing as its been put into just about every aspect of the game to drag out played time?
I think that's a fair take on it but its a little silly when its being applied to something that really has never changed. There have always been bosses through the years that have had a powerful trinket on their drop table that everyone wants. I immediately think of Death's Verdict and how frustrating it was for me to get one but that's kinda how drops and loot tables work.

Items don't always drop and you're not always guaranteed to get them, things like trinkets are meant to be rare because they generally make a pretty big impact when you do finally get one. The concept of loot in an RPG has this at its very core.

At this point there have been 15 total resets since Antorus opened. 15 total chances to kill Argus and receive a Pantheon trinket. Its not that unheard of to still be looking for an item off of him even if you killed him each of those 15 resets. While its a personal loot drop and its slightly different, it still functions the same way and its still meant to be rare. Its something that not everyone will get, much like previous expansions when it comes to coveted items like trinkets and legendaries.

Pantheon's Blessings should drop at 2-3x the normal rate once you have a trinket at 1,000.
That could be a pretty good suggestion, however I think it might not be a good experience for someone that doesn't have one at all to see someone that gets one get rewarded even more.

Just a heads up I'm deleting the posts coming in that are off topic as clearly people aren't reading the previous posts. For those that are hopping in, this discussion is about the Epic Pantheon trinkets, this is not about Aman'Thul's or any of the other Legion Legendaries. I'd like to not lock this thread as its actually been pretty productive and there's been some good posts.

Wow.. you've deleted my post twice. I wasn't offensive. I was making a correction to the blue's post. The blue said in its post that the legendary system for the Pantheon trinket is the very same system that's been in the game for 13 years. I broke down the leggo system in each of the previous expansions highlighting how they all differed and it was nixxed. I reposted taking care to be extra polite and it was also nixxed.
This thread is not discussing the Legendary systems in other expansions nor even the legendary trinket off Argus. I've said that twice and said why I was deleting off topic replies that don't apply to the Epic Pantheon Trinkets because that's not what is being discussed. Sorry for the confusion but I would recommend reading all of the replies before jumping in a thread (especially the blue ones since you can jump through them). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Allcraft #31
This week Allcraft talked with Hotted, Asmongold, Quin69 and Rich about the Battle for Azeroth Alpha.

Curse is Hiring!
Are you interested in working on some of the most popular gaming websites in the world? Check out our many open positions and see if Curse is the right fit for you!

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  1. hullaballoonatic's Avatar
    Why is thousand needles flooded before the third war?
  1. Spazik's Avatar
    Finance guy at Blizzard:
    - Hey guys, how about we sell games a year before they actually release.
    Other guys:
    - People are not hat stupid to give us a loan and pay for something 1 year in advance.
    Finance guy:
    - We give them mount, battle pet or some other stupid [email protected]#$ and they will give us money loan happily ;-)

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