Battle for Azeroth Allied Races - Mag'har Orcs Preview
These brown skinned orcs are a collection of the broken clans from Alternate Draenor after the events of Warlords of Draenor who are united under Grom Hellscream. The Horde returns to AU Draenor to recruit them in Battle for Azeroth, making them an Allied Race for the Horde and feature the option for an unhunched posture.

Unlocking the Mag'har Orcs
To unlock the ability to make a Mag'har Orc, the following achievements must be completed on one character on your account. Once done, you can make a Mag'har Orc on any server that you have a 110 character provided you have purchased Battle for Azeroth.

The Mag'har Orcs Allied Race can be any of these classes:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

Here are the Mag'har Orc racials.
  • Ancestral Call - Invoke the spirits of your ancestors, granting you their power. Increases a random secondary stat by 102 for 12 seconds. 2 min cooldown.
  • Open Skies - Increases mounted speed by 10%.
  • Sympathetic Vigor - Increases pet health by 10%.
  • Pure Blood - Reduces the duration of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses by 10%.

The Mag'har Orc racial mount is the Mag'har Direwolf.

Native to Draenor, these wolves are preferred by the Mag'har for their ferocity, loyalty, and for something to snuggle on those cool winter nights.

Heritage Armor
If you level to 110 without a boost, you will be awarded with the heritage armor.

Jokes, Flirts, and VO
You can hear the Mag'har Orcs Allied Race Jokes and Flirts in the video below.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
You don't need a Dark Portal... you've already invaded my heart.
Any idea if Saurfang is single? He's got that silver fox thing going on...
A green orc gave me a candy heart that said "I fel for you." I told him he could keep his demon's blood and clobbered him with my mace.
Last person to hit on me learned what "hitting on" really means.
A Bleeding Hollow shaman just flirted with me. At least, I think he did. Either he was winking suggestively or he had just sacrificed an eye.
Just because I'm enjoying your company doesn't mean I don't also want to punch you.
Before we go any further, I need to know... How high is your pain threshold?

Hey... aren't you the one who left that abandoned garrison littering up Frostfire?
Azeroth has so many rules about who you can stab, who you can't stab... who you can punch, who you can't punch... You guys need to loosen up!
The Shattered Hand are legendary warriors, but don't ever ask one of them for a back rub. Trust me on this one... < pained sounds >
Enough of this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... BLAH! Just let me smash stuff!
I dyed my hair green once. Warchief Hellscream was NOT amused.
You can call me uncorrupted, but I prefer to think of myself as an organic orc.
Drahnor. Draynor? Draanur. Draenor. < Sigh >. I'm just gonna say I'm from Outland.

Is your mother a fire elemental? Because you are smokin' hot!
Care to take a walk with me in the Shadowmoonlight?
Baby, I'm gonna Blackrock your world.
You're not just good looking... you're mok'gora-gous!
My safe word is "zug-zug".
I'm a sensitive guy. Please don't break my mag'heart.
You must be a Frostwolf, because you've made tracks to my heart.

I never met Gul'dan, but I hear he was a nightmare at parties. Always trying to spike the punch bowl...
Azeroth goes through warchiefs like Draenor goes through alternate timelines.
The Laughing Skull clan booed me off the stage at the comedy club. With a name like that, you'd think they'd have a sense of humor!
Try spending a few decades trapped on a planet with fanatical draenei and see how YOU like it!
Ahhhhhh! The chiropractor in Orgrimmar has done wonders for my back.
Stay frosty, my wolves.
My favorite kind of music? Blackrock n' Roll, of course! < guitar sounds >

The Mag'har Orcs offer a variety of faces, hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors and facial hair/features. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.



Hair Color

Facial Hair/Features

Skin Colors

Mag'har Orc Totems

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  1. InfernalDark's Avatar
    Looks boring
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Syce View Post
    now these orcs and their heritage armor is one i would love to level now. and i love Wolf mounts.
    They need a like button on these forums.
  1. Ezyah's Avatar
    Given how advanced the dev on this is, can we expect to see them before the first big content patch of BFA ?
  1. frogger237's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Goretex View Post
    The only debate I'm having with myself, is do I want to level another toon for heritage armor lol. So much leveling already and I don't know if I'll have the time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It would be nice if these orcs start at 90 or 100. Since they're supposedly AU orcs lol.
    While the armor looks kinda cool, it looks alot like normal Horde armors and the Warfront Horde armor rewards so this is probably the one race you can skip out on the armor and make a similar transmog.
  1. Zillbert's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Goretex View Post
    The first skin color looks like dragonmaw tbh.
    Yeah, I'm pretty excited for my Warrior to become as beautiful as that.
  1. Asotcha's Avatar
    That dark lady with the bright orange eyes they showed looked great---the weird shoulder-crust threw me off at first until I saw the guys had it too. Excellent hair and customization! I've never leveled an orc but I may actually consider it with this bunch.
  1. Deathgoose's Avatar
    I'm fine with Mag'har joining the Horde as an Allied race, as it makes a lot of sense.

    What I'm not fine with is Grom being their leader.

    - He ended the peaceful coexistence between the AU Draenor Orcs and Draenai when he went full dictator mode as he created his Iron Horde.
    - Beyond the atrocities his Iron Horde committed to the Draenai, they also attacked other Orc Clans that didn't fall in line (i.e. Frostwolves)
    - He then led a failed invasion of Azeroth, against both the Alliance AND the Horde, which doesn't speak to his leadership.
    - Even worse, he then failed to even maintain control of his Iron Horde, losing it to Gul'dan and allowing it to become yet another Fel Horde.
    - Then, after fighting to the top of HFC and finding his sorry ass chained up, he conveniently does a full heel face turn, acting like he's on our side, despite us being the ones that destroyed his army and killed 'his' son?
    - And finally, he is standing there next to Yrel, representative of the people his Iron Horde had been happily raping and murdering, and had the gall to declare that Draenor is free?

    Yeah, fuck that guy.

    And that leads me to the biggest problem I have, which is that I find it hard to believe the surviving Mag'har Orcs of Draenor would trust their fates in the hand of someone with such a shitty track record. Especially when you consider that Durotan is the leader of the Frostwolves. His clan was never broken, nor gave in to the Fel. They are the ones that the Horde players allied with, and the Frostwolves were never our enemy.

    Make Durotan the Mag'har leader before that overhyped failure.
  1. Luceous's Avatar
    Some of the lady models seem to be sporting what seems to be a five o'clock shadow >.>
  1. mcb650's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crackleslap View Post
    Would love to know Alliances 4th allied race already. Q_Q
    It has to be the Kul Tiran humans, probably with the "fat" or "skinny" variations.
  1. Bumbac's Avatar
    101% sure they can be warriors.
  1. lummiuster's Avatar
    Am I the only one that finds it odd to see Blizzard releasing extremely cool models? I'm afraid they will get their disappointment revenge somewhere else.
  1. Flap the Shaman's Avatar
    I am not so patiently waiting to find out the racials, what do you think they’ll be?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Classes: Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Monk, and the oddball pick Priest.
  1. Flap the Shaman's Avatar
    They still need some work. First of all the upright Orc posture is way too stiff in comparison to say the Human’s. Secondly, please could you take clipping into consideration considering this is a heritage set? Lastly, I would love to have access to current Orc facial and hairstyle options.
  1. Gabriel09's Avatar
    They look amazing
  1. ashampoo1991xd's Avatar
    looking good
  1. 69yoloswag420's Avatar
    So cool! Damm
  1. AngelDSTU's Avatar
    The mounts & heritage armor are awesome.
  1. felrager's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Onikaroshi View Post
    Can we stop with the AU thing.... These are probably Mag'har from Outlands that thrall openly welcomed into the horde awhile ago, leave the AU crap out of it. Hell, they even have a connected reputation... AU doesn't.
    I wanna point out that if you'd taken the 30 seconds to read the flirts/jokes you'd realize they were from AU. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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