Battle for Azeroth New Races - Vulpera Preview
The Vulpera are a race of fox people that live in Vol'dun on Zandalar. They haven't officially been announced as an Allied Race.

The Vulpera offer a variety of faces, ears, markings, skin colors and snouts. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.





Skin Colors

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    Race preview on mmo-champion front page news? Allied race confirmed, new beta build soon confirmed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodmoth13 View Post
    So with the alliance getting fox furries (the worst kind) what will the horde get in its place?
    Other way around. Horde questing has them saving them and befriending them in game. If they were to become an player race, they'd almost certainly be Horde. The highly speculative thought has been Sethrak as a potential ally to the Alliance and foil to the Vulpera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Dark Iron dwarves? Mag'har orcs? Kul Tiras Humans? Heres a suggestion, how about some variety instead, something you clearly lack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    I dunno, zandalari ?
    I meant for Alliance. How are dwarves badass? wtf
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    I don't see how these would be able to live along the Worgen race. Horde for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    I meant for Alliance. How are dwarves badass? wtf
    You get humans with high probability of heart disease. That's pretty badass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xofa View Post
    So? so fucking what? The target audience is Korea / Chinese?
    Jesus man....

    Are people here on this site plain stupid AF or wtf is going on? Please for the love of god.. THINK before you speak.........
    Bolded for emphesis.

    The American made Elder Scrolls, D&D inspired, very Western Style RPG's target audience with Kajit is China and Korea?

    You are aware of the Elder Scrolls series, yes? That it isn't just Elder Scrolls online?
    Arena(1994), Daggerfall (1996), Morrowind(2002), Oblivion (2006) and Skyrim (2011).

    Kajit and Argonians have been in that series since Arena. I'm pretty sure Bethesda weren't gunning for the Asian market with a extremely Western RPG in 1994 when Square ruled the market. I'm not sure you could've even obtained copies of Arena and Daggerfall in Korea and China in the 90s, if you even had a PC to begin with, even Morrowind would've likely been dicey sales wise in China in 2002.

    But no, everyone's calling you out on your crap, and instead of taking it on the chin, "Everyone is stoopid!"

    Jesus dude, I don't even like the Vulpera, I think they look daft (and that's coming from someone who likes the Pandaren, sorry peeps, I'm willing to admit that's a bit hypocritical but that doesn't mean I have to like the fox people. Maybe if they were more savage) but you are just talking out of your arse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xofa View Post
    So? so fucking what? The target audience is Korea / Chinese?
    Jesus man....

    Are people here on this site plain stupid AF or wtf is going on? Please for the love of god.. THINK before you speak.........
    You're kidding, right? Give me reasons instead of opinion. So far that is all you've been spouting. And opinions aren't worth anything here.
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    It is so awesome model!
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    As someone that works very heavily with the models behind the scenes in Machinema, there are a few notes on Vulpera that make it up in the air whether they will be playable or not.

    You see, there are two types of main models you will find in the files. "Character" and "Creature". Character models are the ones that are built to work with the games gearing system, allowing customized gear options and such. Creature models don't have any link to those systems, and are instead "stand alone" in their designs, though they too can have some private customization, like the Nightborne creature models used in Legion have a lot of Nightborne only armor sets under their own unique "geosets". Character is where all the playable and some common NPCs are situated, while creature is where all the monsters, most bosses, and even lore characters are located including Anduin, Baine, Sylvanas, etc.

    Why Vulpera might be playable...

    There are a few NPC models located in the character folder, like Vrykul, Tuskarr, Skeletons, Ice Trolls, etc... However, all of these models, as they are not used by players, have some very noticeable limitations in customization. For instance, pretty much all of them don't have female variants (even Vrykul, as the Vrykul female is located under the creature area mentioned earlier, and thus less customizable.), have no extra face textures, or even have missing armor geosets (the vast majority of them don't have cape geosets). Vuplera, on the other hand, does not have these limitations. They have full facial customization, both genders, and all armor geosets, including the capes. They are well above and beyond the average NPC race when it comes to these factors.

    Why Vulpera might not be playable.

    Limited bone structure. One thing of note on the latest version of the models, is that all of them have a pretty consistent rig map. For instance, the brow has 9 main bones. Two for the forehead, three on each main brow, and one for the center of the brow. Lips use 12, 6 on the top and bottom, 3 each side starting from the middle to the outer. While some get extra bones, like the orcs have a bone located between the lips and nose to help deform them better, it's very rare to have a playable with less bones. The Vulpera though, have much more limited facial bones, like the brow only have 5, while the lips have 6. That is a very large reduction in what expressions they can use and is closer to the NPC models in the folder, like the Vrykul only has around 6 facial bones, period.

    It that a killer to them being playable? Not really, as I mentioned, it's very rare that playables have less bones, but not without merit, as the night elf female has no eye bones (making her a big oddity when it comes to the newer models), and they still have way more then the other NPCs located in the folder.

    My guess is that Vulpera will be added as playable down the line around the same time we finally get the goblin and worgen updates. The Vulpera are actually using a skeleton that I can already tell is going to be used on the newest goblin models for the most part, so it makes sense they are getting a lot of attention. However, I don't think they will be faction specific. Blizzard seems to be focusing on each faction having a racial connection for each Allied Race. (Void Elves are the only real oddity in that design), and it makes sense to me that the Vulpera may be in the end connected to the Pandaren as a sort of neutral allied race. It seems like the best fit as we already have 1:1 parity on the other allied races, now that Kul Tirans are pretty much confirmed to be the counterpoint to Mag'har Orcs.
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    There are way too many races in wow.
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    Haha, people attempting to justify Tauren, Worgen and even Pandaren with either what they're based on, or that they "had story way back when", are so pathetic.

    They're all "Furry" races, this game always had a slew of anthropomorphic animal races.

    Now we just need the snek people to become playable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    I meant for Alliance. How are dwarves badass? wtf
    I give you four reasons:

    1: They have the most badass beards
    2: Their accent is badass as fuck.
    3: They are small, but they jump high, so they can headbutt your face to oblivion.
    4: Moira is fucking bae.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwowtbang View Post
    I'm just salty my goblin got robbed of a new model for this. Its a slap in the face to goblins that have been waiting patiently for higher fidelity models.
    Goblins at least have properly functioning models. Worgen females have elbows that bend 90 degrees backwards!
    It is kinda weird that goblin & worgen are getting updated this xpac, but it's later on in the schedule.
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    If this is going to be an allied race, i would say its much to early for an aprils fools joke
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    Animals can have braided hair too. Doesn't make it a 'human hair style'.
    As already pointed out - Pandaren, Worgen, and Tauren all have hair options.

    We can argue semantics all we want. Human, Braided, Animal, I don't care. The point stands: Vulpera have no hair options. Something that no other race has. That's huge.

    In the past every race has had some sort of "Hair" customization option. That's gone. Their customization comes from other places. Which I think opens the door for a lot of possibilities. Like Ethereal, for example. (to be clear, I don't particularly want playable ethereal, but its a good example)
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    They have more customization options than existing races, which is why I think there's a strong possibility for them to be an Allied Race in the future. Why put all this work in otherwise? Stuff like ear styles and accessories is pointless for an NPC race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    I meant for Alliance. How are dwarves badass? wtf
    Allow me to quote you a little Muradin here:

    "My older brother Magni is king of the dwarves."
    "My younger brother Brann is a renowned explorer."
    "If I didn't kick so much ass, I'd feel a tad awkward."

    Let's not forget they're rough, tough, fighting, drinking, tank driving, bear wrestling, treasure hunting, mountain carving badasses.

    Also, the beards. Damn those glorious beards...
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    Just quoting myself since it's more relevant here.
    Let's dispell some myths and logical fallacies.

    1. Vulpera don't fit into the lore

    Says who? A random nobody on a forum? They'll have lore and the Horde will encounter them in BfA, same as the Nightborne.

    2. They'll attract Furries!!
    Ok, and? This game always did. Furries are just people whom enjoy anthropomorphic animals.

    3. They'll attract sexual deviants!!!!!!!!1111
    Ok... so you're seeing something sexual in the Vulpera, but am concerned they'll attract sexual attention whilst there's races like Draenei, Blood Elves, Night Elves, Nightborne, Void Elves and humans in the game? Sorry, but the "Furry" races tend to be pretty damned absent from ERP hotspots, Draenei being the exception since most people are seemingly unaware that they fulfill the Furry qualities. There are far more non-Furries doing sexual things with WoW races, where's your concern about those?

    4. They're too cute!!!!111
    Um, they're not overly cute nor sexualized, you sure you're not exposing your personal feelings here?

    5. They don't fit into the Warcraft universe!!!!
    Again, says you, a random nobody with an opinion.
    The developers and writers of the game decide such things, and they've added anthropomorphic pigs, monkeys, hyenas, rats, cows, goats, fish, pandas, bears, wolverines, walrus, Bison, Owls, Cats, snakes... So sorry, but if you're concerned with playing a game that's not "Furry fuel", then you're playing the wrong fucking game.
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    Please be an early april fool's day joke
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivux View Post
    Alliance can have them! They look too sweet and innocent for the horde. Not my fault Blizzard have given the Horde the typical supernatural bad guy look (Apart from Worgens)
    Jesus you have the void lol

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