Battle for Azeroth New Races - Vulpera Preview
The Vulpera are a race of fox people that live in Vol'dun on Zandalar. They haven't officially been announced as an Allied Race.

The Vulpera offer a variety of faces, ears, markings, skin colors and snouts. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.





Skin Colors

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  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelDSTU View Post
    Can anybody see any difference between male & female models?
    ... Of course? I'm not blind.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by therealbowser View Post
    The moment Blizzard said that they are "balancing savage races with small, cute races" they basically confirmed that this race is coming.

    Classes and racials haven't even really been given for Zandalari or Kul Tirans yet (the latter in any way whatsoever), if MMO-champion datamined information about racials for the vulpera or Blizzard announced classes for them, we wouldn't be calling this race 'not officially announced'. People have speculated that they will have a hyena mount, however, and this fits their lore.

    I know little about the vulpera, but I can still take a good guess at what their are likely to be classes: Warrior is a given, rogue is a given, hunter is all but a given. Priest, mage, and shaman are very likely. Warlock and Monk are possible. Druid is unlikely. Paladin is extremely unlikely. Death Knight is virtually impossible. Demon Hunter is impossible. Until official classes are announced, this is the best I can give you.
    Can't wait.

    Both because I want at least 3 of my characters to become Vulpera, but also because of the amount of salt that's inevitable to come from the hater herd of sheep.
  1. Celeclop's Avatar
    So like have these been confirmed as an actual allied race yet or not?
  1. THEORACLE64's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Celeclop View Post
    So like have these been confirmed as an actual allied race yet or not?
    No but kind of but not 100%
  1. therealbowser's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SensationalBanana View Post
    Can't wait.

    Both because I want at least 3 of my characters to become Vulpera, but also because of the amount of salt that's inevitable to come from the hater herd of sheep.
    I don't plan on playing vulpera myself, but who knows what will actually play out. Either way, I don't really get being spiteful for the sake of being spiteful... there are always idiots, and to be honest, I've seen a lot fewer people hating on the vulpera than I thought there would be.

    The "furry hater" crowd or whatever actually isn't that vocal, they just like to apply literally anything as "furry". In a sense, they feel more like trolls than people that are actually upset by said races. That said, vulpera are very much obviously catering to that group, and there's nothing wrong with that in any way. It's not my thing, but I don't arbitrarily hate people that feel differently about it.
  1. therealstegblob's Avatar
    I think the Vulpera suck. Just because visually they're very uninteresting (wow little fox people race, very original amiright) and because there are literally like a dozen or more already established races that I think would make for much more fulfilling and interesting playable races than what the Vulpera are. I don't care about furries or whatever, it has nothing to do with my dislike of them.

    But whatever. It's not like if it wasn't Vulpera it'd have been another race, after all. As long as Vulpera aren't impeding on another more deserving race being added as playable, then it's 'whatever' as far as I'm concerned.
  1. mmoc0b74177ba7's Avatar
    I kinda hope these and the Sethrak (snake people) would be allied race They both are so adorable and same time badass looking! Make 'em neutral race or something that both factions can use just like pandaren. I wouldnt even mind if you had to go over some trouble to get exalted or something with each race to unlock them as long as I get these races I would be so happy
  1. wushootaki's Avatar
    My problem with this is that they just fuel the #$%@!&*.

    These are cool. Until some pervert whispers you to yiff or whatever other disgusting fetish they want to live out on the game.

    The problem with things like this is they cannot be added to an on-line multiplayer game, while remaining innocent and cute as intended.
  1. Maim's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shambulanced View Post
    Blizz: We should really introduce more allied races. Player engagement is way up with them.
    Players since Vanilla: OGRES!!
    Players since BC: Hey, you know what would be cool, Ethereals that could either go Horde or Alliance, or even *truly neutral*. Naga could also work.
    Players since Wrath: Tuskarr and Traunka would be cool. Mechagnomes/stonedwarves?
    Players since Cata: How about Ramkahen?
    Players since MoP: Jinyu and Hozen are already allied--they'd be a perfect addition

    Blizz: Nah fam, we got this. *Makes smol furry race based off goblin skin that has never been mentioned before in wow lore*
    Players: ......???? Who the heck wanted this?

    >In a shadowy corner, a man in a fursuit grins. "Fools."
    this, thank you
  1. Khanna's Avatar
    ..For those saying Vulpera won't be Horde, i'd re-check your info. They've been supporters of the Horde for a while. No way they'd be Ally unless the Horde did something to piss them off, but its been just the opposite.

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