Introducing Heroes and Overwatch News on MMO-Champion

For over a decade, MMO-Champion has been known as the premiere source for World of Warcraft news, patch updates, and more. We’ve traveled with you to new zones, leveled alongside you through multiple expansions, and rejoiced with you as we defeated the Legion once and for all. Now, we’re embarking on an entirely new journey: even more Blizzard game coverage.

We’re excited to unveil our new Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch news sections, where diehard fans and new players alike can stay up-to-date on gaming content they love. Learn more about the lore surrounding the newest Overwatch character. Discover the latest patch changes in Heroes of the Storm. These new content sections are accessible via the respective game logos at the top of the site.

As always, we’ll continue to provide you with the World of Warcraft content you know and love. Thanks for sticking with us all these years and for joining us on this new adventure. Go with honor, friend.

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  1. brilovely's Avatar
    how awesome
  1. Wondercrab's Avatar
    Awesome. A lot of Overwatch news has passed me by thanks to not following a site that consolidates it like MMO-C.
  1. NomCarver's Avatar
    About damn time
  1. Kazlofski's Avatar
    About time indeed! Great
  1. Lahis's Avatar
    I was literally just thinking how long had those sites been there when I saw the buttons before this post came up.
  1. Xofa's Avatar
    Dear God.. that Heroes of the Storm section gave me immediately cancer! What a horrific theme..?!
  1. TobiasAmaranth's Avatar
    As long as it doesn't spam my WoW RSS feed with non-WoW stuff, then okay.
  1. Aeula's Avatar
    It's not really 'MMO' champion then, is it?
  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    Should have picked better games to cover, ones that aren't just Blizzard. Oh well.
  1. Krazyito's Avatar
    How does this affect your RSS feed? Will the normal feed still only include mostly WoW content? or will it also include this?
  1. Daemos daemonium's Avatar
    If that means over watch stuff won’t be on the wow front page I’m happy with it.
  1. mmocbf88f2f1d0's Avatar
    Hey, why no d3 section, for all the new content
  1. twilytgardnfaery's Avatar
    This is convenient. I don't care nearly as much about the other two as I do about WoW, but I like the fact that I've got a reliable source for news that I can easily toggle to if I want to check up on what's new. Cheers!
  1. UnknownSoldier's Avatar
    Just wish MMOC would create an official Discord webhook for news. Right now Wowhead is the only option if you want a quick and easy WoW news bot setup for Discord servers. I think Overwatch has a third-party website with a webhook, and there's none for HotS.

    I know it's possible to go through third-party sites to create a webhook with an RSS feed, but the masses generally go for quick and easy. A webhook for news also means free advertisement for MMOC over competitors.
  1. Schizoide's Avatar
    Hopefully this stuff won't be on the frontpage, as I don't play or care about those games.
  1. Daermon's Avatar
    Please consider changing page color for hots.
  1. Nerevar's Avatar
    Haven't you already been doing this?
  1. Enfilade's Avatar
    Hell yeah! Go Philly Fusion!
  1. Dystemper's Avatar
    WOW must really be doing terrible then
  1. hulkgor's Avatar
    Errr, please let it be entirely optional so i never have to see any of it.

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