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Battle for Azeroth Alpha - Bee Mounts
The Battle for Azeroth Alpha features a variety of different mounts and today we are taking a look at the bee mount and its color variants.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warrior Mastery + Armor/Block
The value of block now passively increases as you get more and more gear, most notably from shield. Block as a mechanic still scales somewhat linearly throughout the expansion, instead of double dipping with the increased survivability from having higher armor contribution on top of it.

This is the right idea. Since there have been a lot of questions about this--

Block seeming to decrease when you gain armor is mostly an artifact of how we're currently presenting it on the character sheet (which might be worth revisiting). I'll keep using Shield of the Righteous as the example since it's a large temporary armor change.

Block now uses similar scaling to armor itself, for the reasons mentioned in my other post (briefly--it's more gear-driven and makes upgrades matter, and allows content to be tuned around higher block values as you proceed further into the game). When you gain a massive amount of armor from Shield of the Righteous, you're now at a higher point on the armor DR curve. So adding a fixed amount of armor, which is essentially what block is doing, translates to a lower %.

This is no different from how gaining a buff for X armor would appear to add less mitigation (as a %) if you had Shield of the Righteous up--i.e. the way armor as worked for the whole history of WoW. Block just happens to be called out as its own % on the character sheet, so this is more visible. In all cases, gaining more armor will further reduce damage from both blocked and unblocked hits.

We of course could make abilities like Shield of the Righteous increase block value as well as armor, so the "block %" stayed similar. But I'm not sure that's what you'd actually want from a gameplay or balance perspective. That's basically saying we'd give block more value during the time when you're already protected by Shield of the Righteous. That's the opposite of the usual desire (it would increase damage variance). Letting armor DR work using its natural mechanics, causing an effect like block to have more % value when you have lower armor, seems better.

Summing up, I hope that clarifies a bit more what's going on, and so far I think the biggest outstanding question is whether there's a clearer way to present the block information on the character sheet.

The first direction we're likely exploring for Brewmaster is to make Stagger the mechanic that is driven by Agility, and ultimately make sure it has similar scaling to the armor-based mechanics on the other tanks. This would not necessitate any large player-facing changes to how Stagger works or how you use it.

Also, an upcoming alpha build will have a reduced % on all the effects that translate primary stat to armor. They're too high right now because a recent change reduced armor values across the game and didn't change those abilities to conform. It's just a math fix, when it happens. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PAX East: Beta Testing coming soon
Yep Beta is soon™! Please make sure you guys have opted in! You can do that in your account management under Beta Profile settings.

Please be mindful of things like phishing scams as Customer Support sees a spike of account compromises around Betas. Currently we're not giving out codes and only flagging accounts for Alpha/Beta access. You'll see some of the usual beta code giveaways as we get farther into Beta and those will be coming from trusted sources via giveaways. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Why kill the Web AH?
That's too bad - I was really hoping the AH was going to get an upgrade. It is dated and a very poor interface in the game right now and needs some real work. I find it hard to believe that the AH overall is used by only a small percentage of players, so the excuse to ignore it isn't there - yet they have completely ignored upgrading it for basically the entire life of WoW so far. CRAZY PANTS.

I agree that the in game Auction House definitely needs some updates and Ion touched on this awhile back in a Q&A. While we don't like suggesting addons (as we feel that the default UI should have enough functionality in a perfect world), they were suggested by Ion as a work around in the meantime. I currently don't know of any plans to update the Auction House, but as soon we hear information on any changes, you can be sure we will share it with the community. There was a lot of great feedback in here about the in game UI for it so I really appreciate the discussion about it so I can pass this on. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mythic Dungeon Invitational - April 13!
The Mythic Dungeon Invitationals begin in China this weekend!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve chosen 32 teams who have pushed themselves to the limit and proven they are ready for their next challenge in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Eight teams from China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas will compete over the span of four weekends to see who will make it to the top 8 before moving on to the Global Finals.

So, What's Next?
Each team will compete in Mythic Dungeons head-to-head against teams from their own region during four regional stage events. Two teams will advance from each region during a double-elimination, best-of-3 format for the lowest time. They will need to balance speed, skill, and strategy to claim their victory over their opponents and each character death will add 5 seconds to the score. Keystone levels and affixes will be determined by Blizzard for the first match, but the losing team will have the opportunity to get the upper hand by selecting the next map and its crucial third affix! All competition will take place on special tournament realms in which all players compete on an even playing field.

Event Schedule
The competition all begins this weekend on Twitch Friday, April 13 when the top teams in China begin their bid to make it to the Global top 8.

Here’s the full schedule of events:

Weekend 1: China Group Stage Broadcast
Friday, April 13 at 8:00 p.m. PDT
Saturday, April 14 at 8:00 p.m. PDT

Weekend 2: Asia-Pacific Group Stage
Friday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m. PDT
Saturday, April 21 at 8:00 p.m. PDT

Weekend 3: Europe Group Stage Broadcast
Saturday, April 28 at 5:00 a.m. PDT
Sunday, April 29 at 5:00 a.m. PDT

Weekend 4: Americas Group Stage Broadcast
Saturday, May 5 at 10:00 a.m. PDT
Sunday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Where to Watch the China Regional Group Stage Broadcast
You can catch all the action in English on the official Warcraft Twitch channel. Hosts Adrian "Healingstat" Archer-Lock, Daniel "AutomaticJak" Anzenberger,Caroline "Naguura" Forer, Richard Campbell, Aaron "Sours" Shaffer, and Ted "Sloot" Bacinschi will be on hand to provide commentary and expertise on all the action.

Additional Language Streams:

You won’t want to miss a thing!

Learn more about the Mythic Dungeon Invitational in our previous announcement or head over to the official World of Warcraft Esports site.

This Week in WoW History
We're taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

Temple of Kotmogu
The Mists of Pandaria beta added two new battlegrounds, one of which was featured this week in 2012. The Temple of Kotmogu is a 10-man battleground, the objective of which is collecting 1600 points before the opposing team. This can be done by picking up one of the four orbs around the center of the battleground. These orbs apply an increasing buff to the player holding them, which increases their damage done, and healing received, however it also increases their damage taken, making it easier to kill them the longer they hold onto the orb.

Soul of the Aspects Companion
The Soul of the Aspects was added to the Blizzard Store in 2012. This companion is the pet version of the Heart of the Aspects, which was a mount added during Cataclysm. Both can still be purchased on the Blizzard Store if you’re interested in adding them to your collection.

Curse of Naxxramas
During the 2014 PAX event the first expansion of Hearthstone was officially announced. The Curse of Naxxramas would bring an adventure mode with 30 new cards, unique game board, and class challenges. A total of five wings would be available, one of which would open with the release, and the rest would open weekly.

Azeroth Choppers
Blizzard Entertainment contacted Paul Jr. Designs with the task of making a chopper for both Aliiance and Horde. The trailer for this series aired in 2014, showing off Team Horde which was lead by Sam Didier, and Team Alliance lead by Chris Metzen. Their objective was simple: craft a chopper which best represents their faction. The team with the better designed chopper would see their product added to the game.

Warlord Blackhand Machinima
Suge released another Machinima, this time featuring Blackrock Foundry. The machinima showed off all of the bosses, the zone, and some exciting combat. The trailer also included the final fight of the raid, and the defeat of Blackhand.

Riddler’s Mind-Worm
In 2017, the Secret Finding Discord discovered and solved yet another puzzle added in Legion with Patch 7.2. This time the prize was the Riddler’s Mind-Worm, a recolor of the mount that could be obtained by defeating Mistress Sassz’ine in Tomb of Sargeras. The riddle included finding eight different pages scattered throughout the world, and a final chest which contained the mount.

EVE Online Celebrates 15th Anniversary May 6
EVE Online released a trailer to commemorate its 15th anniversary!

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  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Jesus I thought EVE was a lot younger.

    Time really does fly.

    As for that bee mount. As cool as it looks I probably won't use it. Bees make me uncomfortable even if they are just video game ones.

    I remember Azeroth Choppers too. Was kind of fun watching the series. Was even funnier when the salt flew around over "Horde favouritism" after the winner was announced.
  1. mmoc485edc1e5f's Avatar
    Beecause they can.
  1. Sanguinerd's Avatar
    Yea.. that bee mount looks pretty nice but having your characters hands grasping for NOTHING pretty much ruins it at the same time.

    How hard is it to make the character sit slightly different to better fit a mount.
  1. DeltrusDisc's Avatar
    Oh. My. God.

  1. Bootyraider's Avatar
    It looks like the way he's sitting that this was to be some weird motorcycle. I Think they could easily move the seat back, move the honey pot / barrel forward, run a rope through it to use as a harness and call it a day. Or for aesthetics, they could just put some handlebars in, super easy.
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    Oh man that buzzing is gonna get annoying, but I heckin love it.
  1. mmoc30b4190132's Avatar
    I have an irrational fear of bees.
  1. Triggered Fridgekin's Avatar
    Makes me want to dust of the old Orca and sell my services again.
  1. Igzorn's Avatar
    so a eve post with a bee post........very suspect......... grrrrgooons
  1. huehuehue's Avatar
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I sincerely hope only the mounted player hears the bee noises........
  1. mmocfd328e0b6e's Avatar
    EVE Online LOL Biggest money grab in history.
  1. furydeath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hyz View Post
    Yea.. that bee mount looks pretty nice but having your characters hands grasping for NOTHING pretty much ruins it at the same time.

    How hard is it to make the character sit slightly different to better fit a mount.

    Man if only there was some kind of aplha to test stuff like this.
  1. Brunehilde's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Igzorn View Post
    so a eve post with a bee post........very suspect......... grrrrgooons
    Ah ah ah, excellent !
  1. Slypknot's Avatar
    The Sound effects are terrible and the placement of the character on the bee with hands holding on to nothing ...... come on blizz put some effort in it please

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