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Blood Elf Male Face Update - Battle for Azeroth
The latest PTR build updated Blood Elf male faces to have more relaxed lips. The updated faces are on the left in the images below.

Barber Shop Skin Color Change - Battle for Azeroth
The latest build also allows you to change your skin color at the barber shop. This major undertaking will cost you 300 gold though!

Battle for Azeroth Alpha - Build 26476 Broadcast Text
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Taelia Fordragon
On behalf of the Alliance, I welcome all of you. May the Light protect us.
King Wrynn, there is someone else you should meet.
Along with your champion, she was instrumental in saving our kingdom - and my life.
It is an honor to meet you, King Wrynn. I am Taelia.
Taelia Fordragon.
Bolvar's daughter. Raised under our protection since the Third War.
Taelia... please, rise. The honor is mine.
Did you know my father?
Highlord Bolvar was a great man. A true hero of the Alliance - and to me.
I remember now - he used to write you letters. He had a nickname for you-
"My shining star."
The letters stopped coming. I... I have so many questions.
Taelia, when you are ready, come to Stormwind. I will tell you all you wish to know about your father.

Taelia, ma'am.
Taelia... Of course. Our young ward from across the sea. Has it already been so long?
You've grown into a valiant young woman, Taelia. Your father would be proud.

When Daelin asked me to leave his guard and raise this child of the Eastern Kingdoms, I struggled to understand why.
Why thrust this burden on me? Why deny me the honor of fighting by his side? I thought maybe I had done something to lose his faith.
Over the years, I have come to realize that the opposite was true. He wanted Taelia to grow up strong of arm and noble of heart - and he had faith that I could make that happen.

King Greymane, it is an honor. You are free to remain in the harbor on my authority.
Taelia! Prepare a full briefing for our guests.
Aye, sir!

Sir! The situation report is ready!
Excellent. Hero, Taelia will get you up to speed.

Be careful out there, Taelia. I don't trust those hooded sages one bit.
I'll be fine, Cyrus. I can protect myself. Besides, I have the Alliance emissary by my side!
Normally, I'd offer you a ride on Galeheart, but the tidesages only allow visitors by boat.
Most people here look to the sea for guidance the same way others look to the Light, but the tidesages have a much deeper connection with the water.
They're a little mysterious, but they're important to Kul Tiras. They help bring fish to the nets here, and rain to the fields in the valley.
They also bless every last Kul Tiran ship. That's what really sets them apart from the visiting vessels you see in port.
Anyway, time to put that ferry pass to good use!

Flynn, I have another job for you: Help our new ally track down the source of this powder.
You got it.
Taelia, prepare to make your rounds again. Tell the city guard to be on the lookout for unusual weapons being smuggled into Boralus.
Aye, sir!

Thank you all for coming. I shall keep this brief.
Division has made us vulnerable. We are beset by enemies from within.
The Horde, too, have made their intentions clear - they would see us burn.
I ask you now to put your faith in my daughter Jaina, the true Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.
And to put your trust in the Alliance, whose heroes have saved us from our own unmaking.
House Waycrest stands with you, Lord Admiral. And with the Alliance.

If the Horde want war, we're going to give them everything we've got!
Our reinforcements await your command.

The dead, dey be fallin'.
Zalazane not be comin' back from dat. Even in death, Vol'jin be watchin' over us.
Few spirits have ever shown such... power. Master Gadrin, I invite you to bring this chieftain's ashes to Atal'Dazar. If his spirit be worthy, he may have a place of honor amongst our greatest kings.

Vol'jin made a deal with Bonsamdi to defeat the powerful Zalazane.

Hey Vol'jin? Come on outta dat urn. Wait... wait wait... no! Where is de spirit?! Where be Vol'jin?
No! No! Impossible. Da boss ain't gonna like dis. I ain't lost a spirit in... oh dis be bad.

We come bearing da ashes of Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, to be honored in dis sacred place.
Dis be an honor seldom awarded to a non Zandalari. Come, walk the path with me and share this Vol'jin's deeds.
When Zandalar tried to unite da troll tribes, Vol'jin chose the safety of his people to the dark powers of da prophet.
At de time, Zul's vision of a grand troll empire seemed very tempting to my father. But I must commend ya chieftain for seeing de bigger picture.
When it was clear our Warchief, Garrosh, was unwilling to lead with honor, Vol'jin led the rebellion to depose da warmonger.
It is a hard thing to do what your leaders are unwilling to.
The right to enter is yours. Let it be known dat I find Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, worthy of dese sacred tombs. Though to enter Atal'Dazar you may need to fight. I recommend de champion be de one to carry dese ashes to dere final resting place.

War Campaign, Island Expeditions, and Warfronts
I need you and Garona Halforcen to assemble a covert unit of Horde champions.
It seems goblins have their uses after all. They continue to discover new deposits of Azerite spread throughout the vast seas.
We must seize the advantage and explore these islands before the Alliance can take them for themselves.
Stromgarde is ripe for the plucking. Should we secure the keep, it will set the stage for a campaign against the Alliance from the heart of the Eastern Kingdoms.
Take the Arathi Highlands, and the enemy will be at our mercy.
Your conversion of Brother Zelling already yields promising results. He has revealed the location of the shipwreck we seek.
I advise you to use the cover of night to perform your search for the remains.
Nathanos, I want you there personally to see that our mission succeeds. You will also be provided with a rather... unique... escort.
You will then send these champions on critical missions throughout Kul Tiras and Zandalar.
You have been reliable thus far -- I trust you will not fail me.

Nathanos Blightcaller and Garona
Your strikes on Alliance targets have been most impressive, Garona. I admit, I wondered if your loyalties might be...
Because I was once befriended by the young king's grandfather? I murdered him, if you recall.
I am familiar with the tale. I also know that killing Llane Wrynn was not your choice.
No. And you are doubtless aware that I have worked with the Alliance when it served my purposes. But I owe them nothing. The Horde is my home.
Good. The Alliance deserves no sympathy. No quarter. Make them suffer, and the Dark Lady will reward you.
I caused the downfall of one king. Perhaps it is time I ended the reign of another.
The zeal with which you attack the Alliance seems born of more than deference to your queen, Blightcaller.
I once fought for their cause. The Alliance's insufferable arrogance has increased tenfold since they turned their backs on us.
Turned their backs?
When the Lich King's hold over us was broken, Sylvanas sought allies. Instead of embracing their fallen kin of Lordaeron, the humans spurned us. Hunted us. So I vowed to hunt them.
Vengeance fuels you. I can appreciate that.
Vengeance. Contempt. Call it what you will.
When the last of his subjects has been slain and raised Forsaken, the boy-king will kneel before the Dark Lady. And at long last, there will be but one queen to rule them all.

Burning of Teldrassil
< Shandris's keen eyes scan the horizon. She nods at you in acknowledgement. >
What is your strategy, Shandris?
My strategy?
Find Sunwatcher, then fill him with arrows.

Darkness... Sylvanas... is this what you saw... what you wished to save us from?
Shandris, it's been... two, three thousand years? To think we'd meet again like this.
I am destined to live for eternity, I will not die here!
You should have died a long time ago, Areiel. We're here to see that happens.
It's a shame you're fighting alongside this filthy human, Shandris! Such short, insignificant lives.
Even in your final moments, you fail to see the true potential of humans.

Shan'do! I came as quickly as I could! I saw the Warchief headed towards Zoram'gar outpost.
She has come for us, Delaryn. The Warchief has come to capture the World Tree.
Our troops, Shan'do -- Tyrande sent them to defend our outpost in Silithus days ago.
Then there is still time! Delaryn, go forth and muster as many troops as possible from our nearby outposts.
$n, travel to Darnassus. Gather as many able-bodied soldiers as you can, but do not leave the city unguarded.
I will intercept our fleet and bring them back to Darnassus.
Now, make haste! This wall will slow them down, but it will not hold forever.
You may pass through the wall unharmed, $n. The wisps will not harm you.
I'm on it!

General Feathermoon, the Horde have invaded Darkshore!
We must take action! Sentinels, forward face!
Fourth Fleet, you are to reinforce the southern border of Darkshore! Bring the Glaive Throwers!
Fifth Fleet, create a ley line at the Wildbend River! Rouse our allies at the Grove of the Ancients!
Hippogryph Archers, come with me -- we will regroup in Lor'danel and remain vigilant as a mobile response unit!
That leaves you, hero. Report back to Captain Summermoon and reinforce that border!
I have something that can help.

The Horde has set fire to the buildings! Put them out before the whole valley goes up in flames!
Good work! The fires recede, and we still have our homes. Thank you.
The Horde has returned in force to try and finish the job. Stop them by any means necessary!
They are driven back for now, and the town still stands. We owe you our lives.
We have managed to seize another one of the Horde's siege weapons. Time to turn the tables on their forces!
Hah, you sure sent them packing! It will take some time for their forces to mobilize again. Good work.

Blood Prince Dreven and Gallywix
We will deal with Blood Prince Dreven soon, General. But this is a rare opportunity to cripple the Horde's military. Everything else must wait.
We can kill that gluttonous goblin any day! If Dreven escapes, we may never find him again.
Gallywix funds the Horde's war campaign and understands Azerite better than the rest of them.
You saw what Dreven was capable of, Wyrmbane. What if there are more like him?
Forgive my interruption, but I believe you're both right.
We cannot let either of these opportunities escape us... And we don't need to.
Allow your new allies, the void elves, to lead the charge in eliminating Gallywix.
We will hunt him down and bring you his head, while Shandris maintains our focus on tracking that Blood Prince.
A wise strategy. I approve.
Thank you, Alleria. Your aid is most welcome.

The Tortollan
Let's go over the plan to kill Captain Areiel.
Captain Areiel's death will cripple the Horde's operations within Nazmir and weaken Sylvanas's dark rangers.
We need information and allies within Nazmir to achieve this. Lucky for us, we have an opportunity. Keeshan?
Thank you, ma'am. Several tortollan have been captured by blood trolls nearby. We know the tortollan have helped the Horde within Nazmir.
We save the tortollan, we get information about the Horde's movements, which should lead us to Captain Areiel.
We move out now. $n will take point. The rest of us will provide support and scout ahead. Keeshan, that includes you.

Brother Zelling
No, but can you answer my question? When you become Forsaken, are you purged of any sicknesses?
It's not exactly a science, becoming Forsaken. You might stay the same, become a completely different person... or maybe you might actually just die.
Did Captain Stone go mad when she turned? I'm well aware of what happened to her.
We all go a little mad when we become Forsaken. Some more than others.

Alright, Zelling. Do you understand, truly understand, what's about to happen?
Yes! Eternal life, granted to me at last, I am ready for it!

Zelling! Damn you, we need you alive!
Miss Voss, please... bring me back... I must help my family... I'll do anything... anything...
You'll be shunned if you become one of us. You look in a mirror and all you'll see is a monster.
I would... damn my soul... for all eternity... if it meant my family's happiness... please! You must...
You... must...
Lilian. We can find other tidesages. You know his family won't accept him.
We'll see, maybe it can be different, just this one time.
Lilian Voss. Why have you called upon me?
Bring this man back. He has been chosen to become Forsaken.
As you command, by the power granted to you from Lady Sylvanas.
I... I live! Haha! I must go see Julia and the children, they will be delighted!
... I guess we'll have to see what happens now.

For the last time, STAY BACK! You are NOT my husband!
Why won't you UNDERSTAND?! It's me, your husband... children it's your daddy!
Stay away!
Momma I'm scared of the zombie!
Daddy is right here, just listen to my voice! Why aren't you understanding this?!
Keep it away!
Momma help us!
Leave us be!
Get it away!
Make the monster go away!
I... I...
I don't know who you are, but my husband NEVER tried to hurt me or his children. We are leaving... do not follow us!
No... Julia... Matthew... Hannah... what have I done? What.. am I?
I tried to warn you, Zelling. The process changes you. People won't accept you anymore.
And what am I left with? Become a mindless servant to Sylvanas?
You serve no one. Join the Forsaken and carve your own path. You'll be amongst those who accept you for what you've become.
I will join the you... and help you find Captain Valentine. As long as you promise that my family remains unharmed.
You have my word. Come. $n, return to Nathanos and inform him that we have what we need.

Athair, Heart of the Forest
One day while Lord Arom was hunting for food in the forest he came upon a massive white stag.
The stag had been attacked by the Drust and had killed many but was injured.
Lord Arom's people needed food and the massive deer would feed many, but he decided not to strike.
"Anyone who can fight off so many Drust is someone I wish to have in my forests," he thought. So Lord Arom healed the stag's injuries.
The stag bounded into the woods and Arom made camp.
In the night, the Drust attacked!
Lord Arom stood against ten warriors! He fought valiantly and with cunning but he was out numbered and surrounded!
Determined to take down as many warriors as he could, he held his ground.
A mighty bellow came from the forest!
The white stag returned and trampled some of the Drust!
Together Arom and the White Stag fought the warriors and defeated them.
"Thank you, my friend," Arom said to the stag.
"You are welcome. I was repaying the kindness you showed me."
"By the light! You can speak!" Arom exclaimed!
"I am Athair, the Heart of this forest. As long as I exist, I shall protect you and yours should they come to me," the stag said.
The he turned and vanished into the woods. Since then, the valiant and true have found shelter with the White Stag of the forest.

No one strikes like Gaston!
Whirls with spikes like Gaston!
No one's magic decoys look lifelike like Gaston's!
I cannot die, I'm... Gas..ton...
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