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Battle for Azeroth - Burning of Teldrassil Intro
The first part of the Burning of Teldrassil story was made available in the latest Alpha build.

Battle for Azeroth - Zandalar and Kul Tiras Maps
Battle for Azeroth adds high resolution zone maps for Zandalar and Kul Tiras zones! Garloshan put together a composite of these maps on the forum.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Armor as DPS specs
What's up with the armor scaling for dps specs? My shaman who should normally have 30-40% phys reduction from armor, apparently has only 10% in BfA right now.
That looks like a tooltip bug in the "against current enemy" line--it appears to be showing your mitigation against a 120 in all the cases you're seeing here. You should indeed expect to see a number slightly higher than than the number in the first line, when targeting a -1 level enemy. The 25% you're seeing in the first line is in the right ballpark for a mail-wearer against a par enemy (subject to the exact items you have on, etc.).

As far as taking a lot of damage while questing, that could be either:
1) It's not just a tooltip bug and perhaps you are actually taking damage as though the attacker was 120. We'll have to look into that.
2) We're all used to questing in endgame gear on live, so it's a big shift to go back to questing in quest gear, where the enemies are a better match for you. Fighting 3 standard outdoor mobs at once is the sort of thing that should have a chance of killing you. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Brewmaster - Stagger
I agree with this - it should be clear what the default stagger percentage is. This should be added to the Character Pane.
No promises yet, but the character sheet is a possible solution we might try here. Because Stagger now uses a more complex calculation akin to armor, it's difficult to present it in a tooltip. For the moment, the salient points are:

1) You want Agility to drive the value of Stagger, similarly to how all tanks now want Strength/Agility to make sure their armor/AM keeps up with content they're tanking.

2) In current alpha, with par gear against the content you're fighting, Stagger amounts are similar to what they'd been before the change (40% baseline, 70% when you have Ironskin Brew up, etc.). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Soothing Mist
1) Just to say it, sorry about the confusion where we said we were going fix a bug with mobile Soothing Mist and then wound up removing it this build. We made the latter decision a few days later. Briefly--with Soothing Mist changing so much between Legion and BFA, the impact of mobile Soothing would have gone from "a small filler heal can be cast while moving" to "all 5 of your core heals can now be cast while moving." The latter is something we avoid on healers.

2) Any details on ReM overwriting itself would be good. It should not be trying to jump unless there is an injured target that doesn't already have your Renewing Mist on them. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Before the Storm Novel Description Updated
Krainz noticed that Christie Golden's upcoming novel Before the Storm has an updated description. You can see the previous description here.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Azeroth is dying.

The Horde and the Alliance defeated the demonic Burning Legion, but a dire catastrophe is unfolding deep below the surface of the world. There is a mortal wound in the heart of Azeroth, struck by the sword of the fallen titan Sargeras in a final act of cruelty.

For Anduin Wrynn, king of Stormwind, and Sylvanas Windrunner, warchief of the Horde and queen of the Forsaken, there is little time to rebuild what remains and even less to mourn what was lost. Azeroth’s devastating wound has revealed a mysterious material known as Azerite. In the right hands, this strange golden substance is capable of incredible feats of creation; in the wrong ones, it could bring forth unthinkable destruction.

As Alliance and Horde forces race to uncover the secrets of Azerite and heal the wounded world, Anduin enacts a desperate plan aimed at forging a lasting peace between the factions. Azerite jeopardizes the balance of power, and so Anduin must gain the trust of Sylvanas. But, as ever, the Dark Lady has her own machinations.

For peace to be possible, generations of bloodshed and hatred must be brought to and end. But there are truths that neither side is willing to accept and ambitions they are loath to relinquish. As Alliance and Horde alike grasp for the Azerite’s power, their simmering conflict threatens to reignite all-out war—a war that would spell doom for Azeroth.

This Week in WoW History
We're taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

Guild Finder
Patch 4.1 introduced the Guild Finder feature, giving players and guilds an easier path to finding each other. Previously, recruitment to guilds mostly happened on forums or third party websites. The intention of this feature was to replace these methods, however, due to its limited capabilities and lack of filtering, most players still seem to stick to the old ways and prefer using third party websites to find a home for their character.

Silvershard Mines
The second battleground added to the Mists of Pandaria test servers was Silvershard Mines. This new battleground was also a Resource Race, however it features moving points which can be flipped by the faction who has the most players in the vicinity. Another cool feature of the battleground is being able to switch the tracks on which the carts roll to make their path longer or shorter.

Warlords of Draenor Major Changes
A few game systems were changed with the introduction of Warlords of Draenor. One of these changes was the overhaul of the Movement Speed system. Previously, movement speed items stacked together in a multiplicative fashion, which was changed to an additive one, meaning that the movement speed players got from abilities, or passively, scaled linearly. The second major change to game systems was the Periodic Effects (DoT) changes. In previous expansions most classes had to play around something called “snapshotting”, which meant that Periodic Effects took into consideration player stats only when they were cast. This was changed to a dynamic update system, which makes Periodic Effect damage update during their duration based on the players stats.

Tanaan Jungle & Patch 6.2 PTR Preview
Patch 6.2 was the last major content patch of Warlords of Draenor. This patch brought some balance changes, and the addition of Tanaan Jungle, a max level zone for players. The zone had a new world boss, multiple elites, the new raid, and a new daily quest hub. The garrisons also saw a few changes with the addition of the Shipyard, which gave players another mission table to complete Naval Missions, which required Oil. The shipyard was also part of the Legendary Questline during the expansion, and the completion of which also gave players a new monument to place in the Garrison.

World Quests
One of the major features of Legion was tested in 2016. World Quests promised a source of repeatable content with relevant rewards until the end of the expansion. After taking a closer look at them, some additional details were found. World Quests became available at level 110, and they each had a limited duration before rotating out. Each day a new emissary quest would be available, with the ability to save up three of them. These quests rewarded gear, relics, gold, Order Hall Resources, Crafting Reagents, and reputation. They also came in different types, such as Regular, Rare, Rare Elite, Epic, Elite, and Epic Elite, among other varieties for PVE and PvP players.

Auction House
Patch 7.2.5 changed the decor to the Auction House in preparation for the Auction House Dance party. This new event cleared out the Auction house for the day, and replaced the decor with disco lights, and speakers. Above all, a floor which when stepped on makes players dance, giving everyone some time to blow off steam after a long session of auctioning.

A Found Memento
A short quest chain became available on the Broken Shore, after finding a Battered trinket we take a look into the experiences of Anduin during the defense of the Broken Shore. This quest is Alliance specific, and is still available to complete. During this short chain we got a glimpse into Anduins character, and of things to come.

Trial of Style
Patch 7.2.5 brought a new event where players could prove that they had the better transmog skills in a six person face-off. This competition is available to queue for at any Transmog vendor, after which players are placed on a catwalk and given unique themes to make new transmogs. The top three players receive prizes which can be used to buy a Fashionable Undershirt, or a few different Esnembles of gear.

Verne Troyer World of Warcraft Commercial
Verne Troyer did a World of Warcraft commercial in 2007.

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  1. Nefastus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RamGuy View Post
    I have to say, as one who always comes back to the game with every expansion (without any exceptions thus far) I'm really hesitant by this one. There is just nothing appealing with this expansion for me so far. It all looks so generic and everything about the story feels so forced, lame and somewhat pointless.

    Looking that this Teldrassil video doesn't look all that promising. They seem to have re-used the original Teldrassil graphics so it looks really poor and the entire scenario looks and feels so lacklustre. I know its Alpha so hopefully it will improve a bunch but compared to the past expansions everything just seem to lack polish and when you combine that with what feels like uninspired content I just can't get hyped.
    Story seems reasonable to test out the burning event and lordaeron one and thats all. I quit when catadisaster was released, played a month of pandamon and haven't played since then.
  1. Rakali's Avatar
    Just to say it, sorry about the confusion where we said we were going fix a bug with mobile Soothing Mist and then wound up removing it this build.
    Ouch. Well I guess that solves the problem of whether or not I'll be playing a monk this expansion.
  1. fbajonero93's Avatar
    I'm pretty sad knowing home it's ruined War always has a price...
  1. mmoc1bddda447b's Avatar
    I love Verne Troyer and his yt channel

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