Battle for Azeroth Beta
Battle for Azeroth Beta is here!

  • All Alpha characters have been wiped.
  • The Alpha forums have been removed from the US forum index.
  • Character copy is being turned on in the coming weeks.
  • No more character wipes are planned for Beta.
  • "A lot" more people will get access soon.
  • A list of addon changes has been posted.

Live Developer Q&A Thursday 4/26
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Battle for Azeroth Beta has begun! Join us live on Thursday, April 26, at 11:00 a.m. PDT, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Beta questions.

You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #WarcraftQA.

As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Tuesday!
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  1. Theed's Avatar
    Beta inc tm
  1. BrutalGarden's Avatar
    Beta soon then?
  1. Hyrja's Avatar
    Beta bois!! ITS HAPPENING!!
  1. Glurak's Avatar
    So that can mean two things.

    1. Beta Start.
    2. Character Transfer incoming?
  1. Railander's Avatar
    Beta hype !
  1. kraystase's Avatar
    SOON TM xD
  1. mmoc980fc5c225's Avatar
    Damn, so classes will mostly go live as is. Unless thr beta build brings something
  1. mmocb78b025c1c's Avatar
    Berta inc?
  1. Edlarel's Avatar
    Ugh, this is so inconvenient for me and I'm leaving Alpha because of it. Who's with me!?
  1. In your honor's Avatar
    Servers been down for a few hours now, def something big being uploaded
  1. kraystase's Avatar
    maybe copy character too
  1. mmoc485edc1e5f's Avatar
    Yay, this means BFA is feature complete and all that is left is polish! Wait, that's terrible!
  1. Agramonia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by In your honor View Post
    Servers been down for a few hours now, def something big being uploaded
    Servers are up.
  1. Glurak's Avatar
    Its Beta
  1. Aggrophobic's Avatar
    This is not good news. The alpha was in a horrible state and nowhere near ready for beta.
  1. Roflomnom's Avatar
    Beta baby

    And character copies soon as well

  1. In your honor's Avatar
    Just logged back in, Beta confirmed
  1. Glurak's Avatar
    False. There just missing Strings for everything. And the game got an Update today
  1. DGPO's Avatar
    Same as Legion -- hope you liked Alpha, cuz that's what's going live!
  1. LolFrank's Avatar
    Xorothian Casters stopped channeling today. That's 100% due to Beta.

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