Lunara Rework Spotlight
Looks like Lunara will be getting a rework at the same time as Diablo!

Heroes Learning Videos
Three of the Heroes of the Dorm casters took some time out of their schedule to provide a couple of helpful videos on topics that many may struggle with in the game.

Blue Posts
Following yesterday's reveal that Diablo is getting a rework with the next big update, Live Designer Alex Neyman took to reddit to answer questions.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
No lightning breath change?
Lightning Breath now has a ramping slow effect on it as well. (u/BlizzNeyman)

but what about Lunara
Soon. (u/BlizzNeyman)

Does anyone know if they're keeping [[From the Shadows]] with this update? I felt like it was problematic on current Diablo, and with the new movespeed it kinda gives him some insane mobility.
From the Shadows is gone, but part of that range was put into the base Shadow Charge. We felt the ability felt bad to use without the Talent, but the increasing the range any more started to feel unfair to play against. (u/BlizzNeyman)
Isn't that exactly what you did with Chromie? Almost every time you have done a talent that increases an ability's range, that talent dominates. There are many exceptions, but a lot of these exceptions are for abilities that were never meant to have long ranges anyway.
Yeah, we try to be cognizant of when adjusting someone's range goes beyond adding gameplay, but drastically reducing counterplay or making an ability feel completely different. Sometimes it's okay (like Jaina), sometimes it's better to come up with something else (like Chromie). (u/BlizzNeyman)

"each can damage a single target like a shotgun, piercing through them" This is not like shotguns I've used.
The shotgun comment was mostly meant to highlight the fact that multiple flame waves can damage the same Hero, so if you hit someone up close with all 5 flame waves, the ability will do 5x damage and healing (also true on the return). (u/BlizzNeyman)

Quick questoin they didnt show his AOE stun ulti at all which makes me assume its the exact same but any proof for it being untouched? Firebreath thing looked untouched to but just want to double check.
Lightning Breath has a slow and increased range, Apocalypse was unchanged (though the 20 is slightly different). (u/BlizzNeyman)

Why would you rework Diablo when he was already seeing top tier level play? I would have thought a hero like Raynor, who is literally so bad he can only lane, would have priority..?
We're also working on Raynor, these things just take time. (u/BlizzNeyman)

HGC 2018 - Top 5 Plays - Phase 1 Crucible
With the HGC Crucible having come to an end, Blizzard put together a short compilation of last weekend's best plays:

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  1. DesoPL's Avatar
    So on reworks list, remains only lost vikings which they were mentioned on blizzcon and J.... Ok nvm...
  1. jackofwind's Avatar
    Top play #5 was like...nothing. Really not impressive at all.

    In fact none of those were anything that you don't see on a fairly regular basis.
  1. mmocf89c8b0f36's Avatar
    Top play of HGC was definitely Ace's Muradin running circles. He could just go afk and nobody would notice.
  1. Fetus Rex's Avatar
    I'm really disappointed with what is going on in hots right now. Slower releases and small reworks supposedly requiring spotlight. I don't buy it. And what is the worst is the fact that it delays characters I want to see by years.

    Diablo, Lunara, both offer very little.

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