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Fan Art - World of Warcraft Extinction
Ivan Kuzkin is back with another fan art video, this time looking at the Wound in Silithus.

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets – Second Batch On Sale This Saturday
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Missed the first round of BlizzCon ticket sales? Fear not; you’ll have another chance to pick some up and join us November 2–3 at the Anaheim Convention Center when the second batch goes on sale Saturday, May 12 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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For those who want to join the fun online, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will give you a chance to experience the show from just about anywhere. Stay tuned for more information in the months ahead.
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  1. Telomir's Avatar
    Damn, I cried at the end - job well done.
  1. grexly75's Avatar
    Video was awesome, very well done..
  1. mmoc4e48563df5's Avatar
    very impressive
  1. vlackrs's Avatar
    Gratz @IvanKuzkin, awesome work.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    And idiots proclaim that there's "no content creators for WoW anymore"...

    Ivan Kuzkin is not only very much a content creator, but he's also one of the best that we've ever had!
  1. Toxicbrain's Avatar
    I am 100% Horde. But that ending got me Nicely done
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Excellent animation and emotionally gripping. Well done, Ivan Kuzkin!
  1. athrun7189's Avatar
    Work and story in this video was very nice.
    But, everytime I see a video of WoW I realize how old and ulgy this game is
  1. Kleptik's Avatar
    This video has made me realize that people will never stop playing this game.
  1. mmocad3e65e5d1's Avatar
    Ivan Kuzkin is such a talented animator.
    Honestly, Wow Machinima nas never been this good. This is on par with Blizzard cinematics, maybe even better.
  1. mmoc98623435d5's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Castration View Post
    video shows how the animator has zero skills and should go back to being 8.

    You could do better, but if you suck at video making and trolling there is nothing you can do :/

    Watching the video I was expecting to see the usual 5-man only monks party afk farming the cultist
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    Very cool video, easily demonstrates how futile and inconsequential all our faction struggles really are.
  1. Sierra85's Avatar
    loved the video. maybe blizzard should hire him to their cinematic team?
  1. mingarrubia's Avatar
    That's an impressive video. Very cool and nicely done.
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    This video is as good as Blizzard cinematics . Great work man .
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by athrun7189 View Post
    Work and story in this video was very nice.
    But, everytime I see a video of WoW I realize how old and ulgy this game is
    It's got a timeless art style with models and environments becoming more and more detailed with every expansion.

    If you think it's ugly then fair enough, I think realistic games are ugly, but OLD looking? Fuck no. It ages so well thanks to its art style. Just wait for the inevitable HD remake of all the 1-60 zones.
  1. Felrush's Avatar
    Intro was a bit boring, seeing people run on mounts like they're on a seesaw bugged me aswel. (as it does ingame)

    Still a cool video though.
  1. subsidalos's Avatar
    The game has turned into complete garbage and doesn't deserve your hard work Ivan. Great video though
  1. zerkesh's Avatar
    The only way the video could have been even more amazing is if there were a small batch of people skirmishing, amongst them a paladin of each faction.

    Maybe a few priests and/or paladins tried putting up shields to save atleast a few, but one paladin of each faction could have bubbled and be forced to watch the devastation at the end, giving eachother pained looks as their friends are dead and the zone is burning.

    Still, fantastic work!
  1. Bodraw's Avatar
    Fantastic work The video is honestly one of the best WoW cinematics I've ever seen. Up there with Wrathgate for me. So much emotion

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