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Fan Art - World of Warcraft Extinction
Ivan Kuzkin is back with another fan art video, this time looking at the Wound in Silithus.

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets – Second Batch On Sale This Saturday
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Missed the first round of BlizzCon ticket sales? Fear not; you’ll have another chance to pick some up and join us November 2–3 at the Anaheim Convention Center when the second batch goes on sale Saturday, May 12 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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For those who want to join the fun online, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will give you a chance to experience the show from just about anywhere. Stay tuned for more information in the months ahead.
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  1. mmoc024535e5c7's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hyz View Post
    Intro was a bit boring, seeing people run on mounts like they're on a seesaw bugged me aswel. (as it does ingame)

    Still a cool video though.
    I think you are wrong. The intro is abslolutely great . His camera pans are excellent. I believe what the creator wanted to show with this intro, is that life in silithus goes on as usual while you can hear the clock ticking on the impending doom that is near. The burning man in the end opening his arms and accepting his fate is just 1 of the saddest or even the saddest think i have ever seen in a machinima video.
    My only complaint is the length. I really, really wanted to see more.
    Another think that surprised me is Silithus itself. Seriously i don't remember that zone, looking so good. Maybe it was just the video or the filters.....i don't know
  1. Tupolew519's Avatar
    this is beautiful.
  1. lyphe's Avatar
    Wow, absolutely fantastic video.
    One of those moments where you end up watching something way beyond what you had been expecting. Huge kudos.
  1. Celista's Avatar
    1:42-1:46 of that video is great. @breadisfunny
  1. Laz's Avatar
    I am just wondering why the video on MMO-C had no sound while going to Youtube via the video's link the video then did have sound…very odd

  1. schmonz's Avatar
    Video with WoW-Effect. Great.
  1. breadisfunny's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    1:42-1:46 of that video is great. @breadisfunny
    probably was sleeping with a draenei anyways.
  1. Zulazibah's Avatar
    Blizzard needs to hire This man and 1 more animator, and given access to in house animation technologies. Given one more hand on this the animations such as the Nelf riding in the beginning and some of the other parts would have made this 110% above what even blizzard does for cut scenes.

    I am not being negative, I love this video and I think as it is , SHOULD be put into the game as a mini quest line with this video at the end of the chain, like seriously officially.

    Having quest lines like legion with 2-5 minutes of compelling video content thrills me to play through. I really hope that silithus is a big deal quest zone now, because I played through it, i was a random quester and PVPer in silithus. I've never had as much emotion for the zone (I did for AQ and seeing the armored character at the end at the gates was definently emotional) as I do now after this video. I have LOVED legions videos, but they have missed opportunities such as this video shows, and to have someone on the team that can identify and excute this kind of story line is amazing. another creator i would like to mention is: Hurricane `` The type of way that this makes me feel, the visualization of the transport pad up to naxxramas... the drag of the corrupted ashbringer brings this video to life and makes me want to raid this again.

    The other plug i must share is `` the lost codex, this in depth video of how each boss works, and the story behind them, and the presentation makes you feel something for the no-name bosses previously thought as just filler. with back story mixed in with the mechanics of the fight is a real treat that should be at the release of every raid, Maybe not in the same style of "intel received" as this specific video, or in the lost codex format specifically, but something that gave insight into what you'd be up against.
  1. Blann's Avatar
    Damn even the second batch sold out really fast, guess ill have to wait
  1. aleckzz's Avatar
    Fan art just gets better and better.
  1. mmoc6de39e5736's Avatar
    That's an awesome video O-o I even felt with the ucky silithids.
  1. Grissu's Avatar
    Best part was the guy accepting his death.. i love IKedit videos :3
  1. mmoc1c7d942621's Avatar
    Awesome video,love it
  1. mmoc1aac69d647's Avatar
    what a great movie, nice one!
  1. mmoce9a47a3159's Avatar
    One fan made video left more than an impression than the entire Silithus event ingame.

    They might as well ask the creator for permission to show this thing in the game, because it adds more flavour than anything Blizzard did with it.
  1. Monekop's Avatar
    Extinction gave me goose bumps...
  1. mmoc37657ba54e's Avatar
    Amazing work
  1. JohnHorrigan's Avatar
    Really nice
  1. Betlax's Avatar
    Beautiful video! Thank you for this work
  1. Zelliaind's Avatar
    This is great! Love fan made videos! Wish I had more skill to do animations like this. The music reminds me of "Mountains" from the Interstellar soundtrack.

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