Kul Tiran Preview - Battle for Azeroth Allied Races
Kul Tiras was founded 3,000 years ago when a group of Gilneans left the empire to explore the Great Sea. They came upon a mountainous region rich in resources and decided to settle in. Over the course of the next 2,500 years they built one of the most powerful navies on Azeroth. These humans are much more burly than the mainlanders because of their time spent on the sea hunting monsters. The Alliance will be bringing them into their ranks as an Allied Race.

Unlocking the Kul Tiran Humans
To unlock the ability to make a Kul Tiran Human, the following achievements must be completed on one character on your account. Once done, you can make a Kul Tiran Human on any server that you have a 110 character provided you have purchased Battle for Azeroth.

The Kul Tiran Humans Allied Race can be any of these classes:

  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

  • Child of the Sea - Hold your breath for 50% longer and swim 10% faster.
  • Brush It Off - Increases Versatility by 1%. When you take damage, heal for 2% of that amount over 4 sec.
  • Jack of All Trades - Increases all Tradeskills by 5.
  • Haymaker - Wind up, then unleash your might upon your foe, dealing 66 Physical damage, stunning for 3 sec sec, and knocking them back substantially.
  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Reduces Frost and Nature damage taken by 1%.

The Kul Tiran Human racial mount is the Kul Tiran Charger.

Heritage Armor
Leveling a Kul Tiran Human to level cap gives you the Heritage of the Kul Tirans cosmetic racial armor.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
1CosmeticHeadKul Tiran Bicorne
1CosmeticShouldersKul Tiran Tasseled Pauldron
1CosmeticChestKul Tiran Longcoat
1CosmeticWaistKul Tiran Cinch
1CosmeticLegsKul Tiran Britches
1CosmeticFeetKul Tiran Boots
1CosmeticWristsKul Tiran Bracers
1CosmeticHandsKul Tiran Gloves

Flirts, Jokes, and Voice Overs
You can listen to the Kul Tiran voice overs below!

The Kul Tiran Humans offer a variety of faces, hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors and facial hair (for males). You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.



Hair Colors

Skin Colors

Facial Hair

Female Earrings

Female Necklaces

Druid Forms
These are the known Kul Tiran Druid forms.

Travel Forms

Guardian Form

Feral Form

Aquatic Form

Flight Form

Moonkin Form

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    Still no full-beard option.

    i cant make my Bud Spencer monk and go around slapping people ='(
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    Why are they all fatties?
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    Yessss, I can't wait to play as a fat human!

    Said no one ever.
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    more like fat af
    and you must be ignorant af then?
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    And AGAIN Alliance gets shafted on racials compared to Horde. I wonder if ONE DAY Blizz will do the opposite...
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    Where does that long black coat and hat come from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebeast View Post
    and you must be ignorant af then?
    What does being Ignorant got to do with fact about fat new humans ??
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    Vrykul would have been a thousand times cooler than these fatties.

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