Week 1 - We Weren't Prepared!

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for Battle for Azeroth! This week you will need to post a screenshot of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion. Feel free to include the story behind it as well!

  • This giveaway is for 250 US/EU Battle for Azeroth Beta keys!
  • This giveaway runs from May 14 to May 20
  • To enter post a screenshot in the comments of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion.
  • Imgur is a good option if you need somewhere to host your screenshot.
  • Winners will be selected by May 23
  • You will need to check back to see if you have won and claim your key. There is no email notification.
  • Only one entry and win per person. Attempting to enter multiple times will disqualify you.
  • Winners will have 72 hours to view their key. After that another winner will be selected.

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  1. doofenshmirt's Avatar
    In MoP there was a fairly frequent lag bug that caused mounts not to display properly when flying. Instead, it look that you were swimming though the air. And two person mounts made you looking like Superman carrying Lois Lane.
  1. Erasix's Avatar
    closest wipe before killing gul'dan HC imgur.com/a/yGHUGRm (can't post links)
  1. MisterPepsi's Avatar
    Mimiron's head dropped for me in my second run since wotlk

  1. Takera's Avatar

    by far my most rage inducing and favourite death at the same time.

    Paladin tank challenge was really really hard.

    I remember it took me around 120 attempts as a 913 Prot paladin.

    The fight is just rough and not designed for prot paladins at all (makes me think why Blizzard thought it was a good idea).

    You get knock backed? You're done.

    Got no leap, jump, charge or anything like other tanks.

    Want to kill the eyes? don't have a spammable ability like moonfire.

    And to top it all off for some reason the paladin tank challenge literally had double the HP of the other tank challenges which were the same if I remember correctly. I wonder if they ever fixed that.

    So to summarize.

    You get knock-backed once you're done.

    Insane DPS check for no reason? Something like 1 million which was super HIGH for its time.

    Eyes that were hard to deal with.

    And you'd be out of mitigation rather quickly since 3 SOTR.
  1. Ornith's Avatar

    getting off hand warglaive 2nd time after 12 attempts and still no main hand.
  1. JV Chequer's Avatar

    He literally had blood in his eyes and I just gave up of living right in front of the death himself.
    I'm not dead but Soon(tm)
  1. mmoce9423031ed's Avatar
    I was playing arenas and i left arena after the battle and i appeared half alive and half dead on my favourite spot to afk in dalaran
  1. mmoc497208de15's Avatar
    So there was this AH party in Stormwind, my friend sent me a screenshot (1st screen) That they are having fun without me, so since I'm SMOrc I couldn't help it I just needed to kill 'em all.

    I went into the AH and Pawned them all. No more party without me SMOrc . That's all that left from them till this day.
  1. Eleyne's Avatar

    Well the image came as a surprise - I was thinking of posting the "elevator of death" in ABT but didn't have a screenshot, so I headed to the dungeon to take one. Upon teleporting to the Vindicaar, the floor spawned a bit too slowly and my character effortlessly fell through the metal shell of the spaceship to her death on the ground of Argus! My jaw dropped so hard during the turn of events that I forgot to press the goblin glider or anything, only to realize after that this was precisely the screenshot of dramatic death that I seek. Ha!
  1. Warden907's Avatar

    Took a while, but worth it!
  1. Kawenga's Avatar
    not able to post links yet so put it in your search manualy


    nuff said...
  1. Arafal's Avatar

    finally getting my timereaver after a fuckton of tw grinding.
  1. mmocf52908da74's Avatar

    Legion with the best DK set ever!
  1. Grevmak's Avatar

    Doing Argus for the first time and seeing this without getting spoiled was awesome. My guild was in awe. Killed him quickly in Normal after!
  1. Alnilam81's Avatar
    So glad I don't need to mess around with this kind of nonsense this time like I had to with the Legion beta. MMO-Champion is fair enough, but watching streamers was cancer.
  1. Comfort's Avatar

    The many deaths after desolate host, truly a great intended design.
  1. leftovers's Avatar

    I knew that having a second pet would be strong for BM, but nothing could prepare me for this monstrous Hati!
  1. Grissu's Avatar
    This is happening when you want to do Halls of Valor and your body wants to progress Antorus .

  1. Shinrael's Avatar

    77. Lucid Nightmare

    All your hopes abandon here,
    Wise would be to trust your fear,
    Don’t even try if feeling doubt,
    Because there is no going out.

    In the labyrinth of Endless Halls,
    Let go of logic and its laws,
    Right goes wrong, straight into a trap,
    All that’s left to do is draw a map.
  1. superbo3's Avatar
    i would love to enter but it wont let me post any links "You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times."

    dont think you thought this contest thru for lurkers like me

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