Week 1 - We Weren't Prepared!

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for Battle for Azeroth! This week you will need to post a screenshot of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion. Feel free to include the story behind it as well!

  • This giveaway is for 250 US/EU Battle for Azeroth Beta keys!
  • This giveaway runs from May 14 to May 20
  • To enter post a screenshot in the comments of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion.
  • Imgur is a good option if you need somewhere to host your screenshot.
  • Winners will be selected by May 23
  • You will need to check back to see if you have won and claim your key. There is no email notification.
  • Only one entry and win per person. Attempting to enter multiple times will disqualify you.
  • Winners will have 72 hours to view their key. After that another winner will be selected.

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  1. Nozuka's Avatar
    i wish i could give away my beta access... i didn't ask for it and it is just wasted on me, since i don't want to have my experience spoiled when BFA launches.

    i played the classic (open?) beta all those years ago, not sure if that's the reason i keep getting invites with every expansion...
  1. Sanguinezor's Avatar
    My greatest death:

    I had to upload a video, because explaining it just does not do it justice.
    The moment I got hit by Flame Rend, the priest cast Levitate on me and pushed me over the edge and I got stuck on terrain.

    My greatest accomplishment:
    Has not been fulfilled yet. Need another month.
    Looking really forward to it.

    EDIT: Didn't notice the 'In Legion' part.
    Still going to leave this story below.

    I have many fond memories and screenshots, but this is my most prized.

    We were raiding in Wotlk as a casual guild.
    Just relaxing and having fun as a group of friends.

    Our mage got a Skype message during Tomb phase and panic blinked into the raid without knowing that he was the tomb and froze everyone.
    The whole vent lit up with laughter. We joked about it every time we fought Sindragosa again.

    The mage changed his name to 'Gnomesorc' at a later stage and we jokingly referred to him as 'Tombsorc'.

    Such great memories in Wotlk. I am sure every guild at the time had moments like this with Sindragosa and LK's Defile.

  1. Jackfrosty's Avatar

    After many attempts on the Mage Tower as a Vengeance DH - I finally killed him. Right as I was disconnected due to server maintenance (Look at the chat log)! I was eagerly waiting until the servers came back up to confirm if the kill actually counted!! Luckily it did!
  1. dirtyjokes's Avatar

    this guy trying to move with the chat window open made this run memorable forever.
  1. Romanz's Avatar
    this isn't a death pic persay..but the 60-90 grind made me want to die to get my void elf to 110.
  1. mmocd19975b83d's Avatar

    It happened to me more than I'd like to admit; Dying with an alt after jumping off the zeppelin tower in Orgrimmar on a flying mount, without flying skill..
  1. Rothion's Avatar

    Definitely phase 4 of the Argus fight, those effects were amazing
  1. isidazeyd's Avatar
    Thinking I could do Heroic Kil'Jaeden with pugs was the most naive thing I ever thought about
  1. Ginji's Avatar
  1. fixated's Avatar
    Does dying of excitement count? (don't have a ss of any deaths for some reason)

  1. DesmondCreighton's Avatar

    I took this screenshot and my wife went into labor
  1. mmoc8c38b74aaf's Avatar

    tried to solo a boss and i died on my low geared hunter
    Reason i want beta? I want the beta to test it out, play it with my gf, she has it too and im the outsider who didnt get it, i want to play the new dungeons and try out the new allied races!
  1. mmoc16368b28a3's Avatar

    Classic Argus Wipe
  1. incendo's Avatar
    Should have whiped, but got the first kill by a slight shot!
  1. Kuja's Avatar

    I found Anduin's twin brother.
  1. mmoc72d34c8382's Avatar
    After fishing for 7 Days straight, I got all my Underlight Angler Traits but didn't recive any achivement, I guess no one at Blizzard thought anyone would be crazy enough to spend that much time for something like that. Still, it felt like quite an accomplishment.

    (I would post a screenshot but since I don't post often enough I'm not allowed to :/)
  1. mmocf8f73f96df's Avatar
    OneShot by DiscoPriest on BG 5 milion crit
  1. aethiops's Avatar
    Our first try on Eonar the Lige-Binder Heroic, I jinxed the raid by turning all into Pandas. We all thought it would be as easy as normal - needless to say, the raid leader wasn't happy
  1. mmocd55ad21668's Avatar
    The start of the expansion and herbing as friends, us guildies would form a mount train farm fjarnskagyl late into the night, chasing bots shouting beepboop and general bant all round.

    It was silly but it was fun We would talk **** and hope for good spawns coming up to the EN release.

  1. Essenji's Avatar
    I had a look through my screenshots, got a couple of cool raid boss kill shots and some important lore moments saved, but this one really stood out to me. It is me, together with my friends (a mixture of IRL friends and guild mates) just hanging out in Dalaran as corgis for multiple hours, just talking and having fun. This is probably the moment that will most fondly remind me of this time in the game.

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