Week 1 - We Weren't Prepared!

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for Battle for Azeroth! This week you will need to post a screenshot of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion. Feel free to include the story behind it as well!

  • This giveaway is for 250 US/EU Battle for Azeroth Beta keys!
  • This giveaway runs from May 14 to May 20
  • To enter post a screenshot in the comments of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion.
  • Imgur is a good option if you need somewhere to host your screenshot.
  • Winners will be selected by May 23
  • You will need to check back to see if you have won and claim your key. There is no email notification.
  • Only one entry and win per person. Attempting to enter multiple times will disqualify you.
  • Winners will have 72 hours to view their key. After that another winner will be selected.

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  1. Shkilyah's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/nuAp1BPg.jpg stomped by those big feet
  1. ADv1SE's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/lnYVUnLg.jpg cant post links yet i just kill myself because i dont have beta. maybe i can be lucky one time so one can hope
  1. halp123's Avatar

    Finally get cutting edge woop
  1. Honik's Avatar
    This is probably my biggest accomplishment in WoW which I just did. I started doing it like 6 months ago when I broke up with a girl and decided I'll cover my wounds through gaming. I was reading every damned quest, some were really tearful, touching and moving. Some were also pretty annoying (I'm talking to you escort quests) but overall Blizzard put a lot of effort into making some of the story lines and they have my respect for that.

  1. Sinraye's Avatar

    I remember this one like it happened yesterday. It was a warm wednesday evening, warmer than usual in Sweden, and I had just logged into my newest hunter. Her name was Shanris, one of the tougher Night Elves out there who took no shit from anybody. Alas, unfortunately for Shanris, there were greater and darker forces on the move that couldn't be resisted. The great void lords of mmo-champion had announced a sinister contest. A soul of an Azerothian citizen for a chance at a key. Shanris never made it past level 1, but she showed the world that it would take four level 2 boars to take her down. She will now live on forever as a wisp, a true guardian of Teldrassil.
  1. kotokunu's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/gWO2M0Eg.jpg ?1 It was called "A face of failure" in our guild
  1. Pashaleso's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/wAPWnA0g.jpg This is happening when you want to do Halls of Valor and your body wants to progress Antorus .(I can't link any images, so if it will be fixed i will change this link)
  1. chillheart1789's Avatar
    that weapon appearence took me ages to freaking get... so many imps and so many deaths were there just to get this appearence
  1. SLASHPROL's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/HeCqI5jg.jpg I was playing arenas and i left arena after the battle and i appeared half alive and half dead on my favourite spot to afk in dalaran
  1. xGerasa's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/fEd4V34g.jpg I knew that having a second pet would be strong for BM, but nothing could prepare me for this monstrous Hati!
  1. beatlek's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/h7GcDzbg.jpg This is happening when you want to do Halls of Valor and your body wants to progress Antorus .
  1. NetHeanced's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/niJwFbQg.jpg Killing Mythic Gul'dan, after extending an hour we managed to kill it on the last pull and everyone was so relieved and hyped.
  1. Djamahe's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/5XLOobag.jpg Back then when i finally got my Thunderfury as an Artifact skin after the long grind in Neltharions Lair and Vault of the Wardens. That was an accomplishment :P
  1. Wanchestera's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/C3H1veOg.jpg greatest accomplishment has had to be getting the heritage armor only 2 days after it had been released, first on the server AFAIK.
  1. fluxcapacitor's Avatar
  1. Aikmane's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/TCKaZyCg.jpg Rot ability almost gave me cancer back then.
  1. mTnSTEKO's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/zYToN95g.jpg Definitely my two biggest accomplishments in legion! And still #NO BETA CLUB
  1. Xambero's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/tlttvMMg.jpg Just got a mail... a legendary in it... wait what Does it even count as accomplishment?If not: Managed to crit with every single skill. Dunno how. No battle cry.
  1. Kasai511's Avatar
    Any way around not being able to post links???
  1. 1serfero's Avatar
    i.imgur.com/x0vsSJLg.jpg Both my most memorable death and accomplishment of Legion:

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