Razorgrin Mount Now Available
An additional Summer mount was added to the Heroes store: The Razorgrin! This toothy predator will be available to purchase for 10,000 gold until June 25th.

Weekly Hero Rotation
Note: This is Deckard's first free rotation, so make sure to check him out during this week.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: May 29, 2018
  • Li Li
  • ETC
  • Zagara
  • Butcher
  • Kael'thas
  • Artanis
  • Xul
  • Auriel
  • Hanzo
  • Arthas
  • Kel'thuzad (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Alarak (Slot unlocked at Player Level 10)
  • Rexxar (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)
  • Deckard (Slot unlocked at Player Level 20)

Weekly Sales
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Upcoming Hero Sales
  • Sgt. Hammer — Sale Price: 312 gems
  • Muradin — Sale Price: 250 Gems

The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end:

Upcoming Featured Skins
  • Camo War World Sgt. Hammer
  • Dark Iron Magni Muradin
  • Hazard Goliath D.Va
  • Twilight Archangel Diablo
  • Shadow Shogun Artanis
  • Tarnished Arthas
  • Throwback Tracer

Upcoming Featured Mounts
  • Armored War Steed
  • Steel Cyber Wolf
  • Azure Nimbus Cloud

Gold Mounts
The following Gold Mount changes will take place once this week’s round of Heroic Deals begins:
  • Great Razorgrin — Will become purchasable for 10,000 gold until June 25.
  • Diablo’s Doubloon — Will no longer be purchasable in the Collection.

HeroStorm Episode 41 - Nexomania
Carbot Animations has released a new HeroStorm episode in honor of Nexomania.

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