Three Sisters - Battle for Azeroth Comics: Issue #3
The full Three Sisters comic has been released! This comic takes place before Battle for Azeroth and showcases Sylvanas, Alleria, and Vereesa Windrunner as the sisters struggle to find common ground while trying to retake Windrunner Spire from the undead in the Ghostlands.
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After returning home to Azeroth, Alleria Windrunner calls upon her estranged siblings—Sylvanas, the warchief of the Horde, and Vereesa, ranger-general of the Silver Covenant—to join her in a quest to retake their ancestral home, Windrunner Spire, from the undead who have overrun the place. On their journey, the three sisters will navigate both the dangers of the present and the ghosts of the past to discover if time and tragedy have divided them irrevocably—or if, despite everything, they are still a family.

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  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Every tiny step closer towards Battle and Sylvanas just continues to seem like someone who should be locked away somewhere...

    Really do hope we won't go through another Siege, or a variation thereof... But don't see Sylvanas coming out well by the end.
  1. KrakHed's Avatar
    I'll just give my thoughts on the Void's ramblings here, and how it reflects on their plans. That common Lovecraftian quote, "Even Death may die".

    The whispers are always shouting that Sylvanas serves the true enemy, that she seeks to end all possibilities, and they need to kill her before she kills them. The true enemy that the Void is referring to is clear. Death. The Void is trying to fuck with Death, likely intending to kill Death so to speak.
  1. Aeula's Avatar
    Meh. Pretty boring overall.

    Pity Sylvanas didn’t have the guts to signal her Dark Rangers to slaughter them. She could have saved us a lot of trouble.
  1. mmoce7735236c6's Avatar
    I really dislike the art of this comic... Backgrounds are just soulless drawnings of Ingame elements that don't even blend well with the characters ... Plus characters themselves look horrible, they're way too expressive and don't feel like elves.

    It just looks bad.
  1. Fetus Rex's Avatar
    Fuuuck, their faces.
  1. Fibh's Avatar
    My God... This might be some of the worst art I have ever seen. Someone was paid for this garbage?
  1. Ozzyorcborne's Avatar
    This would have made for a nice cross faction questline in the game itself. Like a pre expansion event similar to taking back echo isles.
  1. DoomReaver's Avatar
    I'm here just to observe the hate.
  1. Pickynerd's Avatar
    Holy shit this art is bad.
  1. Esper's Avatar
    More proof that Sylvanas is evil, though she apparently had a slight change of heart upon her sister's apology.
  1. cwowtbang's Avatar
    Can this be in order? these pages are mixed up in full screen. :-/
  1. huehuehue's Avatar

    mfw I can't get over the derpy faces
  1. kraid's Avatar
    God, you people are art connoisseurs.
  1. Theoris's Avatar
    Not gonna lie, the happy imagery combined with the murderous whispers made me chuckle.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Well, I'd say the one really interesting thing in there is some insight into the relationship between Void and Death. The Void is fucking terrified of Sylvanas and sees her as a servant of "the true enemy." That suggests that Sylvanas may after all have a greater and more important role to play in the war against the Void.

    As to the art, the inking and coloring at least is nice. The backgrounds look to be screenshots that have been drawn over in photoshop (even using the default leaf brushes). The character art itself is okay, but the faces sometimes look weird and the expressions seem incongruent with their personalities and dialogue.
  1. Mercruxio's Avatar
    I love the lore comics...but the art on Vereesa and her boys is rouuuggghhhhh lol
    Didn't know Sam and Frodo would be making a WoW cameo
  1. Kieldon's Avatar
    That "morally grey" stuff is getting more and more laughable.

    Also I didn't know there are so many art critics on mmo-c.
  1. suzaku0's Avatar
    Worst of these three comics. Story-wise, and... oh come on, it's ugly AF. Art-wise Jaina one was extraordinary with that sick Garrosh <3, Magni one was cute in some way, but this one is hideous. Besides the cover the rest looks like a 11 y.o. dwawing
  1. Laerrus's Avatar
    Pretty easy, her lie was that she is proud to be Warchief.
  1. Daws's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    That suggests that Sylvanas may after all have a greater and more important role to play in the war against the Void.
    In a world where blizzards story writers where actually intelligent probably, unfortunately the bit to take away here is Sylvanas is so evil she plans to kill her sisters raise them as undead and make them her servants. Or basically WoW Garrosh 2.0 continues as planned, at this point I'm guessing the obvious path to take is Sylvanas kills Turaylon, Alleria goes full void and kills her then becomes the next big bad for a future expansion.

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