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Hey all,

Since the first round of changes to Retribution early on in alpha, we've been letting the spec settle into a steady-state, but have been very much keeping it in mind. Like many have suggested, the spec is almost all the way there, but is missing a little bit baseline.

Blade of Wrath
Blade of Wrath's mechanic is becoming baseline, named Art of War: Your auto attacks have a chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice. Any many correctly pointed out, this is a sort of unpredictability that the spec needed in its baseline rotation.

Blade of Wrath, the talent, will now increase the frequency of Art of War resets and cause its proc to also increase the damage of the next Blade of Justice by 25%. Numbers are pending tuning, but the gameplay is there.

Divine Purpose
Divine Purpose's proc chance has been reduced to 15% (down from 20%), but it now also increases the damage and healing of that free Holy Power spender by 20%.

The entire value of this talent was in the free Holy Power proc, which is a huge swing on button presses and pacing, but which neither of its talent match-ups provide. This change reduces that difference slightly and gives Divine Purpose a little more nuance to its gameplay – now you may consider saving or waiting for that proc to use on a different Holy Power spender from usual.

Thanks for the patience and continued feedback.
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  1. DrMcNinja's Avatar
    This was probably one of the big popular proposed changes, the others being baseline HoW and baseline DP.

    So all in all I think this is a change most of the Ret paladins will like. There's still some wiggling room for the final numerical values on this, but we'll have to see how all of that plays once the next build is up.
  1. matheney2k's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Schmittay View Post
    DK says hi o/
    Somebody has to be 2nd to last as well.

    Also hi.
  1. Dawon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eberon View Post
    Please be careful with that straw-man; those are highly inflammable.

    But seriously: No one asks for DH like movement. All we want is to not be the lame waddlers among the classes.
    Fair enough if you are willing to trade away bubble, loh, hand of freedom or something.. stop trying to cram everything good into one spec.. u DO need a weakness... and you have none really as you even got your lil pony!
  1. Vejeta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Schmittay View Post
    DK says hi o/
    We have the so mobility as a strong meme in our guild, ever since killrogg and our current dks nastiness we shall call it...
  1. Nfinitii's Avatar
    No word on derp steed? Not really a fan of dp change. But I guess I'll have to test it first. Does art of war have the same rppm as current blade of wrath?
  1. muankan's Avatar
    The 6 sec stun need to be extended, so everyone, even with low-gear can kill someone within the stun. Another suggestion would be, we would like a jump similar to the Tank DH thought the hole BG maps within 15 sec. In addtion i would like survive like the warriors, when they reach 1life, I continue fist them but they stay alive for at least 15sec. would be nice to have too. ( after those 15sec auto bubble comes out and fill-full automatic your live to 100%. If you run out of ideas, I need something like a vanish and a permanent dot which do dmg a lot. So i can go afk and still top dd. ThaNK YOU
  1. chakley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TyrannicalPuppy View Post
    ...who wants more unpredictability? Why?

    Are you going to fix the proc chance so that it doesn't proc on your very first auto attack, or proc literally 1 second before coming off cooldown?

    Predictability is fun. Unpredictability is not. Please keep that as a talent so I can stay FAR away from it.
    They feel like bonuses to me, especially now that they are going to hit harder. Thats more fun than stale rotations that can be math'd out to a precise formula.

    Procs are part of ret's identity, all the way back to reck bombs.
  1. TyrannicalPuppy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rezark View Post
    That is a very subjective opinion you've got there.
    Funny you point that out, because that's kind of my point.

    You like that proc? Talent into it. I didn't like it. I didn't talent into it. Now I'll have no choice, if I even decide that I'm going to play Ret this time around.
  1. Dannyboon's Avatar
    So, I know another big thing in the main feedback for Ret was pertaining to mobility. Is this not going to be addressed at all again?
  1. mongoose221's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Pineapple View Post
    Divine Purpose's proc chance has been reduced to 15% (down from 20%), but it now also increases the damage and healing of that free Holy Power spender by 20%.

    let me get this straight... you reduce a spell's power by 33.3% (repeating of course) ... and then buff it by 20%.... classic blizzard nerf!

    idk, maybe it plays fine on beta, maybe this was intended... maybe someone is bad at math.

    20% dropped to 15% is a 25% proc chance reduction (or reduction in strength as you said), not 33.3% repeating.

    Somebody is bad at math.
    It's not blizzard.

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