Week 2 - We've Seen It All!

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for Battle for Azeroth! This week you will need to finish up exploring Broken Isles if you haven't already.

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  1. badmdog's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boozeyo View Post
    Won't let me enter, says I haven't done the achievement, completed it in 2016 lol...
    Same problem here,.. I got 2 inactive accounts on my Bnet.. maybe thats the problem? I got no clue
  1. Christhammer's Avatar
    Same here. Did it 2 years ago, still says i havent done it

    EDIT: Nvm, just took a minute.
  1. GGA1759's Avatar
    Internal Server Error
    Failed to complete the authorization process, please try again later

  1. mmoc03b6040c40's Avatar
    For those who get the error message, just refresh page after 1min~.
    Good luck everyone
  1. mmocd657a1c211's Avatar
    Beta Hype!
  1. Vonazak's Avatar
    Yesterday its said that i cannot enter the contest because it was bugged (i have the achievement on 6 chars). Today i sucessfully signed up for the beta key.

    Good luck everyone
  1. Vonazak's Avatar

    I destroyed the f5 key on my office
  1. Moradis1893's Avatar
    When are they going out? its supposed to be today and it would be nice to know if we won or at least have an update on whats taking so long?
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Keys have been released!
  1. Vonazak's Avatar
    Sorry, you didn't win this time. Better luck next time!
    Damnit i will never play the beta

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