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Blood Trolls - Not an Allied Race
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Just to clear the confusion, there was a small segment in yesterday's E3 interview with IGN in which we weren't entirely clear - but we want to clarify that Blood Trolls are not currently planned as an Allied Race.

It can be easy to mix up words in interviews when you're covering a range of story points such as that of the Blood Trolls and their interactions with the Zandalari - but we just wanted to be sure we could get a note out on this before we get more Allied Race rumors flying around.

Thanks for the discussion here!
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  1. Frostyfire14's Avatar
    At least something would have been flying at the start of the expansion.

    *drinks tea*
  1. oldgeezer's Avatar
    Coming in 8.3 - Allied Allied Races.
  1. interfusor's Avatar
    Trolls for the Troll god!
    Tusks for the Tusk throne!

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