Timeless Isle Vanity Items
In Patch 5.4, there are a whole slew of new Vanity items being introduced. Here are the majority of known Vanity item drops (vendor items not included) along with a few pictures:

Name Source Short Description
Blazing Sigil of OrdosOrdon Fire-Watcher and Watcher OsuObliterate critters with AoE fire.
Bubbling Pi'jiu BrewSpectral WindwalkerSummon a Windwalker Monk guardian.
Condensed JademistJademist DancerGives you stealth for 10 seconds.
Cursed TalismanSpelurkBanish yourself for 20 seconds
Faintly-Glowing HerbAshleaf Sprite and LeafmenderRestore health to your character.
Misty Pi'jiu BrewSpectral MistweaverSummon a Mistweaver Monk guardian.
Scuttler's ShellAncient Spineclaw and Monstrous SpineclawDecrease your aggro radius.
Sticky Silkworm GooSpotted Swarmer and Gu'chi the SwarmbringerRoot your target for 20 seconds.
Strange Glowing MushroomDamp Shambler and Rock MossRestore health and power to your character.
Thick Pi'jiu BrewSpectral BrewmasterSummon a Brewmaster Monk guardian.
Windfeather PlumeBrilliant Windfeather and Emerald GanderIncrease your mount speed.
Warped Warning SignOrdon OathguardPlace a sign for other players to see.
Warning SignJakur of OrdonPlace a sign for other players to see.
Ash-Covered HornHigh Priest of OrdosRide a very fast mount... but you can't stop!
Ashen StoneWatcher OsuSummons an ash storm for the nearby area.
Blackflame DaggersChampion of the Black FlameTransform into a Ordon Yaungol.
Blizzard StoneBlazebound ChanterSummons a blizzard for the nearby area.
Cauterizing CoreMolten GuardianBattle-res in item-form! Limited uses.
Cursed Swabby HelmetSunken TreasureTransform into a Hozen and breathe underwater.
Eternal KilnEternal Kilnmaster and Flintlord GairanPlaces a kiln on the ground.
Falling FlameCinderfallBlast off into the sky at 1400% speed!
Golden MossRock MossTrinket that increases gold drops.
Odd Polished StoneGolganarrTurn vanquished foes into statues.
Rain StoneZesquaSummons rain for the nearby area.
Rime of the Time-Lost MarinerDread Ship VazuviusBecome a Ghostly Skeletal Pirate!
Sunset StoneUrdur the CauterizerChange the time to Sunset for the nearby area.
Captain Zvezdan's Lost LegRattleskewTrinket that can summon a pirate crew.
Ordon Death ChimeFlintlord GairanTrinket that can stun your foes.

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