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While the bee mounts are in the game files, it is unknown where they are acquired as of now.

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  1. thilicen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by therealbowser View Post
    I'm not that salty about Alliance getting 3 horses and Horde getting a wide variety of interesting mounts, but I have two major issues here:

    1) Proudmoore Reputation originally rewards a white reskin of the MoP Armored Grand Gryphon mount that looked amazing. Why was it replaced? Given that horde's Zandalari Empire get a pterrodax (flying mount, unique to Horde on top of that) I don't get this.

    2) Horde get a bonus mount in the form of a series of daily quests for another pterrodax by raising it from daily quests. WTF? Where's the Alliance version of this?

    I strongly feel like this should be remedied, and the simplest way to do so is to give the Alliance their own set of mount-raising dailies... for the reskinned armored grand gryphon mount I was talking about. This seems fair.
    Don't all alliance reps reward gryphons AND horses?
  1. therealbowser's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyram View Post
    This. So much this. The Alliance has always found a way to get the Horde mount models (at least a recolor of them) - hell, even with Legion they've gotten Sylvanas' mount (the Forsaken mount) from Karazhan.
    They get to farm raptors, kodos, hawkstriders, wolves (even the Korkron wolf was available for like 14 months). The Horde's only way to get a horse up until the honor unicorns (which are unicorns, not horses but still could kinda count) was to farm that PSX shitty Argent horse.
    ... yet people still complain about mounts being "Horde-biased". Don't worry, you'll be able to get them in a nice recolor now or in a patch or two, while we just look at your Alliance-only models that will never be shared with the other faction.
    I'm not really calling Horde bias here about the horse mounts but WTF? Are you seriously whining that it's unfair that Alliance get some bland horse model colors that you don't get access to, while still getting access to the horse model from drops, and by far getting more interesting and diverse reputation mounts that -- by the way, Alliance DO NOT get access to?


    I'd say that I am amazed, but given what I've seen lately with the insanity of the Sylvanas fan club, I'd be lying.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    Don't all alliance reps reward gryphons AND horses?
    Nope. Not as far as I saw. If they did, I'd be cool with it all.
  1. Caaethil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by leothar View Post
    Horde lost all the flying pterrordax recolors - there were 3 more colors (as Alliance had 3 different gorgeous gryphons). Now we only have the blue one. I play both factions and I'm really sad they removed all the extra options just because of recolor complaints. I was really looking forward to the gryphons.

    Some of us actually liked the mounts, Blizzard.
    Even if they're recolours and people don't like them, having mounts people don't like is still better than not having mounts at all. Seems a bit silly. Nobody prefers this.
  1. Management's Avatar
    More horses... Yay....
  1. Chappyzilla's Avatar
    Kinda iffy on that pterrodax, everything I've read has said it can't fly. Wtf is the point of it then
  1. Skarekrouvs's Avatar
    There should only be 1 mount available, a lot of people have too little skill and/or time to procure them so the whole system needs to go. It would lead to a lot less of malus feelings.
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    I really like this expasion mounts they are really cool

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