Kings' Rest Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Guide - Boss Strategies and Loot List


How to Keep a MummyFree Miimii the Mummy in Kings' Rest on Mythic difficulty.
It Belongs in a Mausoleum!Find four ancient trinkets in Kings' Rest on Mythic difficulty.
Kings' RestDefeat Dazar in Kings' Rest.

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Kings' Rest
Few places in Zandalar are more sacred than Kings' Rest. Every king, conqueror, or tyrant who has held control of the Zandalari empire is housed within this great city of the dead to protect and honor not only their bodies, but also their spirits.

Entry has historically been restricted solely to the Zandalari priesthood and royalty, but as Zul's dark magic winds its way through the tomb you must venture inside and put an end to the darkness that has found purchase there.

The Golden Serpent
Kings' Rest has come under attack before. After a foolish troll tried to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer to this island many millennia ago, the priests of Zandalar created a mighty construct to defend this tomb. The Golden Serpent has stood against intruders ever since, judging who is worthy to enter these sacred halls.

  • Overview - The Golden Serpent spits gold at party members, who then leave it behind in the form of Molten Gold. The Golden Serpent will later animate these pools of gold with Lucre's Call. Kill the animated molten gold before it reaches him to avoid having it empower him with Luster.
    • Tank -
      • When The Golden Serpent uses Lucre's Call, move it away from pools of gold to give players a chance to kill Animated Gold before they reach the boss.
      • Tail Thrash deals heavy Physical damage.
    • Healer -
      • Players afflicted with Spit Gold will take heavy damage.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Move away from the Golden Serpent and your group members when afflicted by Spit Gold to better place Molten Gold.
      • Use stuns, roots, and knockback effects to help your group prevent Animated Gold from reaching The Golden Serpent.
  • Spit Gold - Spits molten gold at a player, inflicting 24 Fire damage every 3 sec. for 9 sec, and creating a pool of Molten Gold at the player's location afterwards.
    • Molten Gold - Inflicts 27 Fire damage every 2 sec. to players who touch the molten gold.
  • Lucre's Call - Turns all pools of Molten Gold in the area into Animated Gold.
    • Animated Gold - Attempts to move towards The Golden Serpent. If any reach it, The Golden Serpent absorbs them and gains a stack of Luster. When any Animated Gold are killed, they return to pools of Molten Gold.
      • Luster - Shields the Golden Serpent for 0% of its health in damage, and increases its damage done by 50% until removed.
  • Serpentine Gust - Unleashes a gust of wind, inflicting 45 damage to players within 15 yards and knocking them back.
  • Tail Thrash - A heavy hitting melee strike that inflicts 65 Physical damage.
  • Mythic Difficulty Only - Kings' Rest is only available in Mythic Difficulty.

Mchimba the Embalmer
There was once a caste of Zandalari whose purpose was to preserve and defend the remains of past rulers. But when a terrible plague of corrupted blood tore through the empire, it was too risky for mortals to handle the dead. Golems were summoned for the grim work of preservation and burial; they have been used ever since.

  • Overview - Mchimba the Embalmer is a construct enchanted to entomb the ancient kings of Zandalar, and uses his powers to entomb players and prepare them for their eternal rest.
  • Burn Corruption - Burns the ground, inflicting 49 Fire damage to players within 10 yards and creating a patch of Burning Ground.
    • Burning Ground - Inflicts 37 Fire damage every 2 sec. to any players inside a patch of Burning Ground.
  • Drain Fluids - Prepares the target for mummification by draining their fluids, inflicting 16 Nature damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec. If the effect lasts the full duration, it applies Dessication to the target.
    • Dessication - Reduces damage done by 50% and movement speed by 50%. Lasts until the target is healed above 90% health.
  • Entomb - Entombs the target within one of the crypts inside the chamber. After casting Entomb, Mchimba will move between the crypts, opening them one at a time, beginning with the crypts that do not contain the entombed player.
    Releasing the Entombed player will interrupt the ritual, preventing Mchimba from releasing additional Half-Finished Mummies.
    • Open Coffin - Opens one of the crypts, releasing the occupant. Each open coffin reduces the time required to open subsequent coffins.
    • Struggle - While trapped, players can struggle against the doors of the crypt, alerting other players to their presence.
    • Half-Finished Mummy - When a coffin that does not contain a player is opened, a Half-Finished Mummy will emerge and attack the party.
      • Wretched Discharge - Afflicts all players with a disease, causing 16 Nature damage every 2 sec. for 12 sec.
  • Mythic Difficulty Only - Kings' Rest is only available in Mythic Difficulty.

The Council of Tribes
There was once a time when no single emperor could rule Zandalar. After a period of civil war, the heads of three families formed an uneasy coalition and tried to rule the empire together. Though they did not often agree, there was peace in Zandalar. Briefly.

  • Overview - The battle will begin with one of the three councilors - the order that the councilors join the battle changes from week to week.

    When a councilor is defeated, they will return to their urn and the next will join the encounter. However, the defeated councilor will periodically rejoin the battle to use a single ability, and then return to their urn.

    When all three councilors are defeated, the encounter ends.
    • Tank -
      • Aka'ali the Conqueror's Debilitating Backhand will inflict heavy damage and apply Shattered Defenses for a short time - try to keep away from her while affected by it.
      • Kula the Butcher's Whirling Axes start close to her - moving out of melee range can make them easier to dodge.
      • Move in front of players targeted by Barrel Through to reduce the damage they take.
    • Healer -
      • Aka'ali the Conqueror's Debilitating Backhand will inflict heavy damage to your tank.
      • Kula the Butcher's Severing Axe inflicts heavy damage over time.
      • If Zanazal the Wise's Thundering Totem is able to finish its cast of Thundering Crash, it will interrupt spell casting - stop casting if its cast completes to avoid lockout.
    • Damage Dealers -
  • Kula the Butcher -
    • Whirling Axes - Unleashes a whirling attack that inflicts 35 Physical damage to players within 10 yards, knocking them back.
      Also, she throws two whirling axes which inflict 20 Physical damage every 2 sec. for 6 sec to players who come into contact with them, and knock the player back.
    • Severing Axe - Inflicts 16 Physical damage every 2 sec. for 20 sec.
  • Aka'ali the Conqueror -
    • Barrel Through - Aka'ali charges a targeted player, hitting any players in between her and the targeted player for 27 Physical damage, and hitting the targeted player with Barreling Impact.
      • Barrel Through - Inflicts 163 Physical damage to the target and knocks them back. The damage is reduced for every player hit by Barrel Through.
    • Debilitating Backhand - Wallops her current target with a Debilitating Backhand, inflicting 100 Physical damage, knocking them back, and applying Shattered Defenses to them.
  • Zanazal the Wise -
    • Lightning Bolt - Inflicts 24 Nature damage.
    • Poison Nova - Creates a burst of poisonous gas, inflicting 16 Nature damage to all players every 2 sec. for 20 sec.
    • Call of the Elements - Zanazal the Wise calls forth his four elemental totems.
      • Explosive Totem -
        • Explode - Explodes, inflicting 73 Fire damage to all players.
      • Torrent Totem -
        • Torrent - Gouts of water spew forth from the totem, inflicting 16 Frost damage to players within 3 yards and knocking them back.
      • Earthwall Totem -
        • Earthwall - Protects the currently active councilor with a wall of earth, absorbing up to 49 damage for 2 min.
      • Thundering Totem -
  • Mythic Difficulty Only - Kings' Rest is only available in Mythic Difficulty.

Dazar, The First King
Dazar. The founder and first King of Zandalar, who led an exodus of his people out of the muck and mire and built a city of gold. The first tamer of raptors. The warrior undefeated. The father of a kingdom.

His eternal repose cut short by Zul's dark magic, it lies to you to once again put him to rest.

  • Overview - Dominated by Zul's dark magic, Dazar returns from the dead with his overwhelming martial prowess intact.

    At 80% health, he calls for his hunting raptor Raban to join the fray.

    At 60% health, he mounts for T'zala, his loyal steed, who protects him with Eternal Guardian.

    Finally, at 40%, he activates the spear launchers in his room, which continue to fire at players until Dazar is defeated.
    • Tank -
      • The last two hits of Blade Combo deal very heavy damage. Save defensive abilities for them.
      • When Reban joins the battle, move to intercept him before he attacks other members of the group.
    • Healer -
      • Blade Combo will deal heavy damage to your tank.
      • Quaking Leap deals group damage that decreases the further you are away from the targeted player. If you are targeted, move away from the group, and move away from other players who are targeted!
    • Damage Dealers -
      • If you are targeted with Quaking Leap, move away from the group - or, if another player is targeted, move away from them!
  • Gale Slash - Dazar gathers the power of wind in his blade and slashes, creating a tornado that moves to a player's location and then swirls around the area, inflicting 6 Nature damage every 2 sec. for 60 sec to any players hit, and knocking them back.
  • Quaking Leap - Dazar leaps at the targeted player, inflicting up to 41 Physical damage to all players. This damage is reduced the further players are from the targeted location.
  • Blade Combo - A series of deadly melee strikes that deal increasing damage to their target.
  • Impaling Spear - Launches a spear from a trap, impaling any players hit, inflicting 33 Physical damage every 1 sec. and stunning them for 2 sec.
  • Reban - When Dazar reaches 80% health, he will call for Reban to join the battle.
    • Hunting Leap - Jumps towards a targeted player and unleashes a series of gutripping attacks, inflicting 27 Physical to players in a cone with each attack.
  • T'zala - When Dazar reaches 60% health, he will mount T'zala.
    • Deathly Roar - Inflicts 12 Shadow damage to all players and makes them run in fear for 2 sec.
    • Eternal Guardian - All damage done to Dazar is redirected to T'zala.
  • Mythic Difficulty Only - Kings' Rest is only available in Mythic Difficulty.

Kings' Rest Loot List
Kings' Rest drops item level 340 (Mythic) loot. Loot can have higher item levels if it becomes Titanforged or Warforged.

LevelTypeSlotNameDropped ByModel Viewer
160MountMummified Raptor SkullKing Dazar
340FingerFingerRitual Binder's RingMchimba the Embalmer
340TrinketTrinketMchimba's Ritual BandagesMchimba the Embalmer
340TrinketTrinketLustrous Golden PlumageThe Golden Serpent
340Off HandOff HandVessel of Last RitesMchimba the Embalmer
340BackBackCloak of the Restless TribesKula the Butcher
340ClothHeadHeaddress of the First EmpireKing Dazar
340ClothShouldersMantle of Ceremonial AscensionKing Dazar
340ClothLegsDown-Lined BreechesThe Golden Serpent
340ClothFeetSandals of Wise VoodooKula the Butcher
340LeatherChestVest of Reverent AdorationKing Dazar
340LeatherWaistPrimal Dinomancer's BeltKing Dazar
340LeatherLegsBreeches of the Sacred HallThe Golden Serpent
340LeatherFeetGoldfeather BootsThe Golden Serpent
340LeatherWristsKula's Butchering WristwrapsKula the Butcher
340LeatherHandsDesiccator's Blessed GlovesMchimba the Embalmer
340MailShouldersSpaulders of Prime EmperorKing Dazar
340MailChestLoa-Blessed ChestguardKing Dazar
340MailWaistBelt of the Consecrated TombThe Golden Serpent
340MailFeetBoots of the Headlong ConquerorKula the Butcher
340MailHandsSepulchral Construct's GlovesMchimba the Embalmer
340PlateHeadHelm of the Raptor KingKing Dazar
340PlateShouldersPauldrons of the Great UnifierKing Dazar
340PlateWaistGirdle of Pestilent PurificationKula the Butcher
340PlateFeetAuric Puddle StompersThe Golden Serpent
340PlateWristsEmbalmer's Steadying BracersMchimba the Embalmer
340PlateHandsGauntlets of the Avian SentinelThe Golden Serpent
340One-handed MaceOne HandHeadcracker of SupplicationKing Dazar
340PolearmTwo HandRoyal Purifier's SpadeMchimba the Embalmer
340One-handed SwordOne HandCrackling Jade KilijKula the Butcher
340Two-handed SwordTwo HandGeti'ikku, Cut of DeathKing Dazar
340DaggerOne HandJeweled Dagger of SubjugationKula the Butcher
340DaggerOne HandGilded Serpent's ToothThe Golden Serpent
340CrossbowRangedCrossbow of Forgotten MajestyKula the Butcher

Rare Mount Drop
The Mummified Raptor Skull (Tomb Stalker) mount is a rare reward from the Challenger's Cache / a drop from King Dazar in Mythic Kings' Rest.

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