Order of Embers Rewards - Battle for Azeroth Faction Guide
An ancient Kul Tiran order resurrected to battle the threat of witchcraft, the Order of Embers fights with knowledge guiding their blades.

Emissary Vendor
Quartermaster Alcorn can be found in Arom's Stand in Drustvar.

Order of Embers Tabard
Upon reaching exalted with the Order of Embers, you can purchase Order of Embers Tabard for 10 gold at Quartermaster Alcorn.

Vendor Rewards
Notable items include the Reins of the Smoky Charger. Shamans can also buy the Tome of Hex: Wicker Mongrel at Revered.

LevelTypeSlotNameReq. StandingModel Viewer
1OtherContract: Order of EmbersFriendly
120OtherGhostly Pet BiscuitHonored
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Orthogonal OpticsHonored
120Inscription TechniqueRecipe: Contract: Order of EmbersHonored
320BackBackWitch Hunter's CapeHonored
100Companion PetsPristine Falcon FeatherRevered
120BookTome of Hex: Wicker MongrelRevered
120Leatherworking PatternRecipe: Recurve Bow of the StrandsRevered
120Tailoring PatternPattern: Deep Sea BagRevered
120Tailoring PatternPattern: Embroidered Deep Sea CloakRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: Frost-Laced AmmunitionRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Orthogonal OpticsRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: Catchroot Seed SpreaderRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Battle Potion of AgilityRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Potion of Rising DeathRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Flask of the UndertowRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Coastal Rejuvenation PotionRevered
120Enchanting FormulaFormula: Enchant Ring - Pact of VersatilityRevered
120Enchanting FormulaFormula: Enchant Weapon - Gale-Force StrikingRevered
120Enchanting FormulaFormula: Enchant Weapon - Versatile NavigationRevered
120Jewelcrafting DesignDesign: Royal Quartz LoopRevered
335ClothLegsLeggings of Devout OppositionRevered
335LeatherFeetFootpads of the Deft ExorcistRevered
335MailHandsGrips of the OathswornRevered
335PlateHandsGauntlets of Renewed ResolutionRevered
120MountReins of the Smoky ChargerExalted
120TabardTabardOrder of Embers TabardExalted
350ClothHandsEternal Flamekeeper's HandwrapsExalted
350LeatherLegsWoven Thornspeaker's LeggingsExalted
350MailWaistCoven Buster's WaistguardExalted
350PlateFeetHexxed-Land TreadsExalted

Earning Reputation
The main source of reputation for the Order of Embers is questing in Drustvar. We have a list of quests that reward Order of Embers reputation.

World Quests
Certain world quests, mostly in Drustvar, will grant you reputation with the Order of Embers upon completion. To unlock world quests you must reach Level 120 and complete the quest Uniting Kul Tiras. This means that you must also have completed the War Campaign quests up this point, which involves doing all three Zandalari zones' Alliance quests.

Contract: Order of Embers
Upon reaching Friendly, scribes can create Contract: Order of Embers for purchase on the auction house which allows you to receive reputation for the Order of Embers upon completing world quests in any of the Battle for Azeroth zones.

Order of Embers Emissary
Much like in Legion, emissaries will offer players rewards for completing 4 world quests for their faction. The Order of Embers faction has an emissary and when the emissary is up, you can complete 4 Order of Embers world quests within 3 days to receive 1,500 reputation and an emissary cache.

Mission Table Reputation Tokens
Much like in Legion, your mission table can periodically have missions that reward reputation with certain factions, including Order of Embers.

Reputation Boosts
At certain points in the game, various events can take place that help increase reputation gains.

World Quests Bonus Event
Much like in Legion, during World Quests Bonus Event week you will receive 50% more reputation from completing world quests in Kul Tiras.

Darkmoon Faire
While the Darkmoon Faire is active each month you can purchase a Darkmoon Top Hat for 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. You can also ride the carousel at the Faire for the WHEE! buff which grants the same benefit. Both of these buffs are lost upon death and do not stack.

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