The Honorbound Rewards - Battle for Azeroth Faction Guide
A special delegation of the Horde army, focused on disrupting Alliance operations in Kul Tiras.

Emissary Vendor
Ransa Greyfeather can be found near the Horde War Campaign ship on the docks of Dazar'alor.

The Honorbound Tabard
Upon reaching exalted with the Honorbound, you can purchase Tabard of the Honorbound for 10 gold at Ransa Greyfeather.

Unlocking the Mag'har Orc Allied Race
One of the requirements to unlock the Mag'har Orc Allied race is to get exalted with the Honorbound.

Additional Kul Tiras Flight Path Camps
As you progress through your War campaign you will set up foothold bases in each zone of Kul Tiras. Initially, these are your only base of operations and flight paths in the continent, but gaining reputation with the Honorbound will allow you to purchase Scouting Reports in order to unlock more flight path camps throughout the continent. Upon purchasing one of these reports you must complete a mission at the mission table to receive the quest to head to the location on the map and unlock the flight path.

Vendor Rewards
Notable items include the Lil' War Machine.

LevelTypeSlotNameReq. StandingModel Viewer
1OtherScouting Report: Wolf's DenHonored
1OtherScouting Report: Swiftwind PostHonored
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Synthetic SpecsHonored
320BackBackDrape of the Horde's FuryHonored
1Companion PetsLil' War MachineRevered
1OtherScouting Report: Stonefist WatchRevered
1OtherScouting Report: Windfall CavernRevered
1OtherScouting Report: Hillcrest PastureRevered
1OtherScouting Report: Stonetusk WatchRevered
1OtherScouting Report: Mudfisher CoveRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Synthetic SpecsRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: Monelite Scope of AlacrityRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: Precision Attitude AdjusterRevered
120Engineering SchematicSchematic: Finely-Tuned Stormsteel DestroyerRevered
120Blacksmithing PlansRecipe: Stormsteel ShieldRevered
120Blacksmithing PlansRecipe: Stormsteel DaggerRevered
120Blacksmithing PlansRecipe: Stormsteel SpearRevered
120Blacksmithing PlansRecipe: Stormsteel SaberRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Battle Potion of StrengthRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Steelskin PotionRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Flask of the CurrentsRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Endless Tincture of Fractional PowerRevered
120Alchemy RecipeRecipe: Surging Alchemist StoneRevered
120Enchanting FormulaFormula: Enchant Ring - Pact of Critical StrikeRevered
120Enchanting FormulaRecipe: Enchanter's Sorcerous ScepterRevered
120Jewelcrafting DesignDesign: Amberblaze LoopRevered
335ClothWristsWristwraps of the Dutiful ApothecaryRevered
335LeatherWaistSilent Stalker BeltRevered
335MailLegsGoblin Sapper's LegguardsRevered
335PlateFeetSabatons of the Renewed WarpathRevered
120TabardTabardTabard of the HonorboundExalted
350ClothFeetWitch Doctor's SlippersExalted
350LeatherHandsTranquil Health WeaversExalted
350MailWristsBindings of the Elemental AlliesExalted
350PlateLegsLustful Warbringer's LegplatesExalted

Earning Reputation
The main source of reputation for the Honorbound is the war campaign and Kul Tiras world quests. We have a list of quests that reward Honorbound reputation.

World Quests
Certain world quests, all in the continent of Kul Tiras, will grant you reputation with the Honorbound upon completion. To unlock world quests you must reach Level 120 and complete the quest Uniting Zandalar. This means that you must also have completed the War Campaign quests up this point, which involves doing all three Kul Tiran zones' Horde quests.

War Campaign
Each step of the Horde War Campaign quest series rewards reputation with the Honorbound.

Warfront Contributions
You may contribute resources such as profession materials whenever your faction does not control Arathi Basin. Each turn in rewards reputation with the Honorbound.

Island Expedition Weekly Quest
Completing your Island Expedition Weekly quest, Azerite for the Horde, rewards you with Honorbound reputation.

Honorbound Emissary
Much like in Legion, emissaries will offer players rewards for completing 4 world quests for their faction. The Honorbound faction has an emissary and when the emissary is up, you can complete 4 world quests on Kul Tiras within 3 days to receive 1,500 reputation and an emissary cache.

Mission Table Reputation Tokens
Much like in Legion, your mission table can periodically have missions that reward reputation with certain factions, including the Honorbound.

Reputation Boosts
At certain points in the game, various events can take place that help increase reputation gains.

World Quests Bonus Event
Much like in Legion, during World Quests Bonus Event week you will receive 50% more reputation from completing world quests in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

Darkmoon Faire
While the Darkmoon Faire is active each month you can purchase a Darkmoon Top Hat for 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. You can also ride the carousel at the Faire for the WHEE! buff which grants the same benefit. Both of these buffs are lost upon death and do not stack.

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