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What to do at Level 120
Raids, Warfronts, a new PvP season, and world bosses are still a couple weeks out, but there is plenty to do to get ready while you wait!

Gearing Up
  • You can purchase an item level 320 cloak from any reputation vendor that you have earned honored status with in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Normal mode dungeons at level 120 reward item level 310 gear.
  • You need an item level of 305 to queue for heroic dungeons. You can bypass this by creating a 5 man group and zoning in manually. Heroic dungeons reward item level 325 gear.
  • Mythic 0 dungeons are available. Make sure you complete all 10 dungeons weekly. They reward item level 340+ gear.

World Quests
  • To unlock world quests you must reach Level 120 and complete the quest Uniting Kul Tiras (A) or Uniting Zandalar (H). This means that you must also have completed the War Campaign quests up this point, which involves doing all three war campaign foothold quests in the zones on the opposite continent.
    • If you have not reached Friendly with the required factions, continue questing for the reputation.
    • Your emissaries can reward Azerite Armor and other useful gear up to item level 340.
    • Increasing your item level also increases your world quest rewards item level. The general rule of thumb is every 10 item levels you have increases the rewards to your item level + 10 to a max of 340 at item level 330.

  • Champions of Azeroth is the most important reputation. Every rank up in reputation rewards your Heart of Azeroth with 15 item levels. Upon reaching Exalted you can also purchase a piece of item level 355 Azerite Armor. See our Champions of Azeroth Reputation Guide for more information.
    • Purchase (or make if you are a Scribe) a Contract: Champions of Azeroth as soon as possible. This rewards 10 reputation for the Champions of Azeroth when completing any world quest in Battle for Azeroth zones.
  • Prioritize 7th Legion/Honorbound reputation as well by completing world quests on the enemy continent. This reputation is needed for a variety of different unlocks.
    • You need 7,500 reputation into Honored to unlock one of the final 2 Mythic only dungeons Siege of Boralus or Kings' Rest, depending on your faction. The other dungeon is unlocked by completing the zones and and unlock chain.
    • You need to reach Revered in order to finish the War Campaign.
    • You need to reach Exalted to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves or Mag'har Orc Allied races. (depending on faction)
  • All other reputations are also important. They each have a piece of item level 335 gear at Revered and a piece of item level 355 gear at Exalted.

Azerite Power Farming
  • Don't forget to farm Azerite Power for your Heart of Azeroth. Every rank up increases the item level of the neck piece by 2 and can unlock new Azerite powers in your Azerite Armor slots.
    • Make sure to max out your weekly Island Expeditions bar by collecting 40,000 Azerite during Island Expeditions over the week. This rewards 2,500 Azerite power and 1500 7th Legion/Honorbound reputation.
    • Heroic dungeons are another source of Azerite power farming.

Pathfinder - Part 1
  • Players are able to start earning the requirements for the first part of the flying achievement in Battle for Azeroth. Earning the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One achievement will increase your mount speed in all Battle for Azeroth zones. Here is a list of the requirements. Note that you do not need to complete both the Horde and Alliance questing zones to complete the achievement, but one or the other along with the War Campaign.
    • Battle for Azeroth Explorer - For this achievement you must fully uncover the map for all Battle for Azeroth zones on both continents.
    • Kul Tourist or Zandalar Forever! - For this achievement you must complete the main story quest chains in either all Kul Tiras zones or Zandalar zones.
    • Ready for War or Ready for War - This achievement requires completing either the Alliance or the Horde War Campaign quest chain.
    • Wide World of Quests - Complete 100 different world quests in Battle for Azeroth zones.
    • Azerothian Diplomat - Earn revered status with all Alliance/Neutral or Horde/Neutral reputations in Battle for Azeroth.

September 4th Unlocks
This is a short synopsis of what you can do until September 4th. On this date, several more options unlock.

  • Uldir Normal and Heroic mode unlock. Complete these for item level 355 and 370 gear.
  • Warfronts become available. They can reward item level 340 loot and your weekly quest grants you a piece of item level 370 gear.
  • World bosses should also unlock at this point and be on a rotation. Basic world bosses reward item level 355 gear and your faction specific one in Arathi Highlands can reward item level 370 gear.
  • Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 1 starts. Be sure to cap your conquest for the week in order to earn gear as well.
  • Battle for Azeroth Mythic Plus Season 1 starts. Complete a +10 during the week for a chance at item level 370 loot. This will also give you up to three pieces of gear in your weekly chest at reset, normal pieces being 380 item level and Azerite Armor pieces being 385 item level.

Battle for Azeroth Soundtrack on Spotify
The Battle for Azeroth Soundtrack is now on Spotify, with more digital outlets coming soon.

WoWcraft - Battle for Azeroth
A new WoWcraft has been released!

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  1. VXBlade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    Previous expansions had something new to offer:

    Legion: class hall stuff for each class, new class
    WoD: garrison stuff
    MoP: new race and class
    Expansions before MoP: nothing was account wide and game was slower paced, so simply playing alt was enough to keep people occupied. Also raids were available since start.

    So there was something to do.

    BfA has nothing unique, its a rehash of Legion, but with some stuff taken out and nothing new to replace it. Laziest expansion to date.
    That isn't entirely true, but what they added isn't very compelling in its current form. Warfronts and the foundation of procedural adventures and dungeons in the Island Adventures. Both could potentially be game changers if integrated right, but they currently are very bare and grindy. World quests are kinda lame in the current form. They are just the same quests you do on your adventure through the story.
    They should make unique ones for them and add to them as time goes on. I enjoy WQ in games like FF14 and GW2, but WoW's seem grindy and even worse if you play alts... then you REALLY get sick of those quests fast.
  1. superten's Avatar
    I enjoyed the mythic Dungeons, I think they are all really well made, emphasis on mechanics now more than just damage.

    Now you have to actually interrupt, CC, move around... instead of just grabbing groups of mobs and AOEing them down, maybe its because we are all low ilvl but hopefully it will be even better with M+.

    The WQs are ok, same as legion but this time without the addon to join in groups faster and the addition of more HP to the mobs it has become really boring and grindy, I'd like the option of the addon back, I mean right now what I do is wait for someone to attack a mob and tag it lol, or keep it off but reduce mobs HP, I suppose it will just get better as we get more gear...

    As for the Island Expeditions, I agree they feel boring, you basically run around killing mobs as fast as possible... I mean there is no strategy... just go and find the big guys and kill them fast and move on... with the Azerite being the only reward I don't see myself doing them after getting the weekly bonus, I mean I completed the weekly bonus on my druid and I'm dreading to do them on Shaman, I got fed up after one time... lol

    So far I think the highlights are the quests/story (leveling) and dungeons! Love Waycrest Manor atmosphere!
  1. Gadzooks's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Awsyme View Post
    The rep grind would be fine if rep was universal across our alts. As it is it's kind of frustrating and means I'm just focused on a single character (maybe later a horde alt). I suspect they'll bite the bullet at some point and make King and Siege universal unlocks at the very least.

    As for the rest... REALLY not sold on the island expeditions which feel like a chore rather than gameplay. The world quests feel okay atm as they're helping for the rep/gear grind. Once that's over I suspect they're going to be largely ignored by people - the rewards aren't particularly appealing and the mob health is too high which makes completing them feel pretty grindy (and I say that as someone with 330 gear who does them with his wife).

    On a plus side. the mythic level instances are great (as ever) and have really enjoyed diving into those.
    I know I'm a bit cynical, but that's probably intended, the devs want mythic populated, so they drive people towards it with better rewards and playablity. You can usually tell what the devs are pushing people towards, because they know, and have known since vanilla, that players will only go where the purples are. They've decided that mythic grinding is the preferred way to provide long term content, much like the Diablo 3 devs offloaded new content onto paragon levels.

    If you enjoy mythic farming, you're good to go.

    The comments I've been reading lean towards the WQ being weak, because the reward vs effort is broken - most likely they're tuned for levels and gear later on in the expansion - making it harder now is a built in time gate until that new stuff unlocks - and forces you into mythic, since that's where the rewards are.

    Islands seems to be them looking at the code, and saying "you know, we have all this scenario framework sitting here, we only use it for beginning quests in the expansion, what else can we do with it? Oh, yeah, member the stuff we did with it in MoP?" That they don't have epics as rewards says that they're not putting that much emphasis on them. They're there, if you want to force grind AP, so the raiding guilds won't cry about how long it's taking to max out their characters, or something.

    It all sounds very neat and tidy, like a game would be designed, if the creative director was a trained lawyer. Everything in their correct pile, neatly stapled, bound, color coded and indexed. Organized to a T, but...fun? The act of leveling and end game outside of mythic and raiding sounds exactly like slogging through a dense, complicated, technical trial. Step A, then Step B, then Step C, and everything precisely organized on a flow chart. Yet, halfway through, the jury is sleeping in the jury box. They wake up for the end (mythic and raiding) when the summary gets exciting.

    How much better would the game be if they got someone adventurous, like, oh, I don't know...Chris Metzen, as creative director?
  1. Dayon's Avatar
    Just commenting that I'm glad MMO Champ sticks to informative posts instead of 'partnering' with personality-driven creative types like WoWHead has been doing with Nobbel and T&E. They have a 'what to do at 120' video by T&E on their front page. It's 25 minutes of fluff, and this list is a much quicker read.

    Thanks Chaud.
  1. Thelxi's Avatar
    "To a max of 340 at 330" this is actually very useful info I didn't know about and couldn't find anywhere else on google or trade chat. Well done.
  1. Stormenson's Avatar
    The Battle for Azeroth Soundtrack is now on Spotify, with more digital outlets coming soon.

    Awesome music.

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