Baa'l Secret Hunt Underway
The Secret Finding Discord is working their way through another secret!

General Information
  • The Warcraft Secrets guide has a handy script to keep track of your progress: /run local N,t={"SCROLL","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","FIN"},{52819,52809,52810,52818,52817,52816,52815,52814,52813,52812,53632,53633,53634,52827}for s,k in pairs(N)do d=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[s])print(k,"=",d and "Y" or "N")end
  • A few locations are easier with a Goblin Glider, and one requires some sort of slow fall.

The Scroll
  • Head to Heart of Darkness in Nazmir. Start at the bridge at 46,54 that is in the Blood Troll area to get to the middle structure.
  • Once at the top of the Heart of Darkness, you need to carefully jump down the outside edge to click on the note at 51, 59.
  • If you are having trouble getting to the note, a Goblin Glider may be helpful.

Pebble One
  • Head to The Broken Shore, at 37.45, 71.63 and click on the light grey pebble on the table near Dark'thul.
  • You may need to talk to Dark'thul to turn him away from the table if he isn't sleeping nearby.

Pebble Two
  • Head to Boralus at 49, 40, walk through the net on the side of the dock and down into the cave. The pebble is in the center of the floor towards the back.

Pebble Three
  • Head to Atal'dazar, Zuldazar
  • From the flight path, take the road up towards the dungeon portal. Take a right to the road that goes up the mountain right before the portal.
  • Follow this road north until you see a large flat stone surface and the waterfall. Go through the small arch on the right towards the waterfall.
  • Continue along the path behind the waterfall, then across the rocks on the waterfall, down to a corner of the temple structure and grass. Repeatedly jump up that way, go forward and then up the side of the mountain.
  • Use a glider or some slow fall to head down into the valley and the cave at the bottom.
  • The pebble is located at the to the left of the large stone column right after entering, behind the tree branch.

Pebble Four
  • Head to Drustvar, up the path towards Arom's Strand, then jump down to the second tier of the waterfall, head into the cave, and click the right eye of the effigy in the back. The cave mouth is at 35, 55.

Pebble Five
  • Head to 63, 21 in Vol'dun (Tortaka Refuge) and drop down into the hidden cave. Be sure to avoid the NPC in the cave, as he will one shot you. The pebble is behind some rocks near the wall far away from the NPC, near the entrance.

Pebble Six
  • Head to 66.93, 14.84 in Stormsong Valley and enter the cave hidden in the bushes. The pebble is inside the cave at 68, 13.

Pebble Seven

Pebble Eight
  • Head back to 37,80 in Boralus to enter the maze. Go straight back and around the corner to the basement. Kill the five NPCs downstairs and get the pebble by the boxes and keg.

Pebble Nine
  • Go to 18, 7 in Drustvar to take the path to a cave. The pebble is on the top of the large rock outside.

Pebble Ten
  • Head to 75, 70 in Tirigarde Sound with some invisibility potions. Enter the cave, use the potion, and get the pebble. The screenshot below is facing into the cave, so walk in and look behind some rocks halfway back to the left.

Pebble Eleven
  • Head to 80, 19 in Tirigarde Sound and look for the waterfall. You'll need to head up and then jump down on to some rocks to access the cave behind the waterfall.

Pebble Twelve
  • Head to 10, 82 in Tirigarde Sound, enter the hidden cave, head to the rocks on the right, and move your camera around until you can see the pebble.

Pebble Thirteen
  • Head to 63, 21 in Vol'dun (Tortaka Refuge) with water walking potions or a Water Strider then set a waypoint for Zandalar 45.78 -3.34.
  • Once there, head to Zandalar 55.72 -10.21 and into the underwater cave. There will be blips of fatigue along the way.
  • The pebble is close to the cave entrance near some rocks on the right when facing the entrance from the inside.

Baa’l and Uuna
  • Head to 62, 22 in Frostfire Ridge and defeat Baa'l after weakening him.
  • You either need to have Uuna or someone with an upgraded Uuna needs to have the summon active nearby to weaken Baa'l.
  • Baa'l can get into a bugged state where Unna won't be able to weaken him. Gastropod Shell will reset him and fix this.
  • This rewards Baa'ls Darksign
  • After being summoned Baa'l provides another hint.

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  1. Ealyssa's Avatar
    Always amazed by how the discord discover those hidden things.
  1. Daedius's Avatar
    Demonic Goat here I come!

    And I shall name it; Toriel.
  1. meheez's Avatar
    All that for a fucking goat ? pls .
  1. Jodmos's Avatar
    Uuna was not working for lots of people.

    Another group formed and we were the only 4 people on another realm an my upgraded Uuna was enough to weaken Baa'l for everyone.

    Just seems inconsistent as to weakening or not.
  1. Padwarle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by meheez View Post
    All that for a fucking goat pet? pls
    It's not the end, when you summon him, he says something that has all the capital letters lead to Seek Knowledge, and that's where we are now.
  1. Jodmos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Padwarle View Post
    It's not the end, when you summon him, he says something that has all the capital letters lead to Seek Knowledge, and that's where we are now.
    Certainly looks like there is more to this.
  1. KainneAbsolute's Avatar
    Diablo 2 remaster confirmed, Mephisto and Baal appeared this week!
  1. Sanguinerd's Avatar
    Impressive find.
  1. Lawlhero's Avatar
    To think ,this entire time we were hunting for the Hivemind mount. quite a turn of events. lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hunting for hivemind, end up with a demon goat... I'm pleased.
  1. schwarzkopf's Avatar
    Damn - my Uuna is broken, so looks like I can't get this new one done
  1. Jodmos's Avatar
    Secrets Discord has confirmed cases of the gastropod Shell toy resetting Baa'l to make uuna work again.
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    So Mephisto for HOTS and now a Goat that basically takes the mess out of Baal from D2?

    Yeah they announcing a remaster for it at Blizzcon. No doubt about it now.

    And I want that goat.... I need it.
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    If you've never checked out the secret finding discord, I'd highly recommend it. It's way more entertaining than one would think, and it's crazy when a clue is found!

    Anyone know if you can cage the goat and trade it?
  1. RobertMugabe's Avatar
    Well fuck... Need to get Uuna first I guess
  1. Rekuja's Avatar
    All of that... and you need Uuna?

  1. Baluki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by meheez View Post
    All that for a fucking goat ? pls .
    Is that not good enough for you? Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT.
  1. Listrata's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by meheez View Post
    All that for a fucking goat ? pls .
    After getting baa'l it says another clue. We are currently working on this next clue that is assumed to lead to a mount eventually (hivemind).
  1. Rogalicus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Padwarle View Post
    something that has all the capital letters
  1. infernity's Avatar
    Good job to all on the secret discord
  1. mistmitpandas's Avatar
    This is totally not meant rude, but can someone please explain to me how this "hunt" works? It doesnt make any sense to me. Even if one million people would "scan the entire world, pixel by pixel, the chances are going to 0,0%. I cant believe in this can work, without some insider who works at Blizzard gives "clues". Or there is a way to hack the game files and scan inside for information or coordinates or hack out routines you have to use and click in what order ect.

    1. scanning world pixel by pixel for things you can click on, Even if you find them, you cant know the order to click, Making it 12 items to click in the right oder thats nearly impossible to find out by trial and error

    2. how would someone know a random toy from 3 addons ago triggers something? Doesnt make any sense. You cant trial and error 300 toys on some random NPC, and then know what to do afterwards

    3.Where does this Baa’l NPC come from, is it new or was it always in Frostfire Ridge?

    ... what the heck is an upgraded Uuna? ...

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