Uldir Armor Sets - Battle for Azeroth Raid

Battle for Azeroth has done away with class based tier armor sets, so Uldir will have armor sets per armor type.

Cloth Uldir Armor Sets

Cloth Heroic Uldir Armor Set Cloth Mythic Uldir Armor Set Cloth Normal Uldir Armor Set Cloth Raid Finder Uldir Armor Set

Leather Uldir Armor Sets

Leather Heroic Uldir Armor Set Leather Mythic Uldir Armor Set Leather Normal Uldir Armor Set Leather Raid Finder Uldir Armor Set

Mail Uldir Armor Sets

Mail Heroic Uldir Armor Set Mail Mythic Uldir Armor Set Mail Normal Uldir Armor Set Mail Raid Finder Uldir Armor Set

Plate Uldir Armor Sets

Plate Heroic Uldir Armor Set Plate Mythic Uldir Armor Set Plate Normal Uldir Armor Set Plate Raid Finder Uldir Armor Set

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  1. mmoc4d2020beea's Avatar
    Only four different sets and even they look mostly crappy and rushed? Very disappointing.
  1. Stardrift's Avatar
    Mythic cloth is the only decent set. Everything else can pass for greens. Hell, even the greens this xpac look much better.
  1. Burnanator's Avatar
    Eh i like the plate set. sometimes simple is better.
  1. mmocd263d4cc9c's Avatar
    I like them!

    The first raid is not supposed to have the best looking sets..
    I agree they look a little bland, but I have a thing for full-face helmets!
  1. mmoc2ffe44730f's Avatar
    They are certainly not my favourite sets but i like them. Its something different and i dig the idea of sets matching the raid style. These sets have the Uldir feel all over them.
  1. Isoz's Avatar
    ugly as hell :/
  1. Mr chub's Avatar
    I want tier sets back.
  1. Blackbrd's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Burnanator View Post
    Eh i like the plate set. sometimes simple is better.
    Same, the plate looks kinda cool, but I hate the exposed neck.
  1. XDurionX's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Burnanator View Post
    Eh i like the plate set. sometimes simple is better.
    I'm on the same boat as well. I can't stand all these artsy plastic armors.
  1. AmilAsphoron's Avatar
    I like the Heroic cloth set only because it looks vaguely like a steel robot/android
  1. lol's Avatar
    Very uninspired.
  1. Coolthulhu's Avatar
    They had a lot less work because of the brilliant idea of getting rid of tiers and they came up with... this? Nice direction WoW is headed towards.
  1. Mivoc's Avatar
    Once again all the sets looks like crap except the Mythic versions. They take the Mythic armor and cut off all the cool bits and toss it to the other three difficulties.
  1. Gen4Glock21's Avatar
    I imagine one of the reasons most people raided was for the new cool looking gear, guessing that is a thing of the past. 4 sets so every druid, demon hunter, rogue, monk will all look the same, like chit. disappointing!
  1. dinmaster's Avatar
    im sorry, no. bring back the class sets! i love mixing and matching sets!
  1. Korru's Avatar
    remember guys they gave up doing class sets for this
  1. denisgsv's Avatar
    just so you know blizz ... These Suck . and all your reasoning on removing class sets too ...
  1. Darkeon's Avatar
    They don't look that amazingly. Definitely a let down.
  1. mmoc2a51bf75d5's Avatar
    They need to bring back whoever designed fking Tier 10.

    These sets are all unbelievably crap
  1. Voidwielder's Avatar
    I like the Silver Cloth set, it'll go nicely with the G'Huun HC staff for my Priest.

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