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Taloc is a boss in the Uldir raid in World of Warcraft. Our strategy guide will help you to defeat the Taloc encounter and the loot listing below contains all of the loot he drops on each difficulty.


Taloc is the introductory boss to Uldir, and his encounter is designed to provide you entry to the rest of the raid. This a three phase fight, with the first phase taking place at the top of the elevator, then ending the fight at the bottom, presenting a path to the rest of the instance.

Fight Basics

  • Positioning of the boss and the raid will vary depending on which phase the boss is in. Below each of the phases and their corresponding strategies are outlined.

Phase 1 (100 - 60%):
  • When the boss casts Cudgel of Gore, the raid needs to move away from the affected tank, because it deals damage that decreases with distance.
  • Plasma Discharge should be neatly stacked near each other to make them easier to clear.

  • During this phase, the boss takes 99% reduced damage.
  • The raid should always position between the Uldir Defensive Beams, which are visible through the edges of the elevator.
  • The raid should stay stacked on the edge of the elevator, and move as needed when Blood Storms appear.
  • Players fixated by the Volatile Droplets should stand on the edge of the elevator, and ensure that the Droplet will either die before reaching anyone, or be intercepted by the second tank.

Phase 2 (60 - 0%):
  • This phase works the exact same as Phase 1, with the addition of Volatile Droplets spawning from time to time. These need to be intercepted by the second tank, or by players with defensive cooldowns.

Strategies by Role

All Roles

  • Players affected by Plasma Discharge should move to a designated side of the room to drop the four puddles the debuff causes. This is especially important in Phase 1, where space is limited.
  • Do not stand between the boss and his Cudgel when he casts Retrieve Cudgel. Any players hit will take damage and be knocked back.
  • Players targeted by Sanguine Static should move to the side of the raid to minimize the number of players hit by it.
  • Avoid being hit by the Uldir Defensive Beam during the Intermission.


  • Coalesced Bloods should be killed quickly to prevent the raid from being overwhelmed.


  • Players hit by Sanguine Static will take a large burst of damage and should be spot healed.
  • Cudgel of Gore will deal raidwide damage, which can be best covered by healing cooldowns.


  • When the boss reaches 100 energy, he will cast Cudgel of Gore at the current tank, who needs to run it near patches of Blood Storm to clear them.
  • During the Intermission, a tank should grab aggro on the Coalesced Bloods, and slowly move them when they drop Blood Storm patches.
  • During the Intermission, the second tank should position himself between the middle of the room and the raid to intercept any Volatile Droplets that spawn.

Detailed Taloc Strategy Guide

Created by Crzypck, officer and Raid Leader of Mist on Area 52. This guide is geared towards Heroic and Mythic, with no details about Normal difficulty. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Crzypck can be reached here on MMO-C, or on Discord at Crzypck#6309. If you find this guide helpful, feel free to throw him a follow on Twitch.

Also, special thanks to Limit, the World #2 and NA #1 guild, and specifically Tagzz for consulting on the Mythic strategies!

Phase 1
Phase 1 takes place in a circular Room and managing space is the main mechanic.

  • Plasma Discharge
    • Basic gunk drop mechanic, bring to outer edge of room, drops 3 puddles. get out of puddles
  • Cudgel Of Gore
    • Charges at the current tank after a cast, then slams ground, dealing 98k damage to anyone hit. Tank needs to aim this into the puddles of gunk, the slam clears the gunk within 15 yards.
    • Everyone else needs to back away 30 yards, as he does AoE damage to the raid, decreasing based on distance up to 30 yards, plus knockback. DONT GET KNOCKED BACK INTO PUDDLES!
  • Retrieve Cudgel
    • Charges towards wherever he left his cudgel, don't get hit.
  • Sanguine Static
    • Basic knockback mechanic. Selects a target, then after a few seconds knocks back everyone between the boss and that person. The knockback can put you into the gunk, killing you.
    • CAN target people with plasma discharge, knocking them into gunk. This may require healer single target CDs to save the people.
    • It hits in a small frontal cone, and sends out 5 thin waves of blood.
    • Melee need to be aware when this occurs, so they don't get hit.
    • Melee should stand at max range, to help them in avoiding being hit.
    • Ranged need to react as fast as melee. This mechanic travels rather quickly, so you need to react fast to not get hit.

Phase 1 Strategy
  • The raid should be loosely spread out through the right-hand side of the room.
  • Tank boss at the far north point.
  • Bring Plasma Discharges to a pre-marked spot on left side of the room, say rear-left facing boss.
  • Aim Cudgel of Gore towards the gunk.
  • Whoever is targeted by Sanguine Static moves to the other side than where the gunk is, say to the right side facing the boss.
  • At 60%, this phase ends.

Phase 2 - Elevator

  • Volatile Droplet
    • Little ooze adds will fixate random raid players and explode on contact with a 5 yard knockback. The off tank can run over these and soak the explosion, which is highly recommended.
    • Keep the raid closely stacked on a raid marker or a marked player, with the off tank closer to the middle of the room to soak the adds.
  • Coalesced Blood
    • MUST be tanked.
    • Leaves a Blood Storm on the ground, basically just more gunk. Will need to be slowly kited around the outside of the elevator.
      • During intermission, there's Laser Beams beneath the floor.
      • You need to look below the platform as the group moves, and not get hit by the lasers as the platform passes through them.
      • Think like, security system lasers beams in movies.

Phase 2 Strategy
  • The raid starts on an edge of the elevator with one ranged player marked as a stack point. Everyone stacks on that player except for tanks.
  • One tank handles Coalesced Blood, slightly behind where the raid group is, moving closer to them as needed due to Blood Storm on the ground.
  • The off tank stands closer to the middle of the room than the raid stack. The group will slowly work our way around the outside edge of the elevator until we hit the bottom.
  • Upon reaching bottom, the boss does a medium knockback to kick the raid off elevator, and clears the entire room of gunk patches.
  • Kill off all of the remaining adds ASAP
  • Laser Beam will most likely require one person choosing safe zones. I recommend your Raid Leader be the marked player for everyone else to follow. The RL's only job during phase 2 is to track the laser beams, and guide everyone to safe spots so you don't lose people.

Phase 3 - Rinse and Repeat of Phase 1
All mechanics from P1 return, handled the same way.

Volatile Droplet
  • These adds continue spawning throughout all of Phase 3
  • The off tank soaks these before they hit someone.
  • The room is so large you never have to clear the gunk, but still can. Use the Cudgel of Gore charge as it was used in phase
  • Phase 3 is a significant step down in difficulty from Phase 1 and Phase 2 on Heroic mode

Phase 3 Strategy
  • This phase is a repeat of Phase 1, with the addition of adds to soak.
  • The easiest way to handle Phase 3 seems to be to essentially ignore the idea of clearing blood pools with the Cudgel, and continue moving around the room.
  • The Plasma Discharge puddles should be dropped to the LEFT, as close to the wall as possible, ~20 yards behind where the boss is. When you run out of room where you start the phase, readjust positioning by rotating to the right.
  • The rest of the raid should be loosely spread behind the boss, but on the left-side of the room, focused on avoiding Sanguine Static.
    • The targeted person for Sanguine Static should move to the RIGHT side, to face the ability away from the rest of the raid
  • The tank targeted by Cudgel of Gore should still attempt to aim it somewhat towards the gunk, but mainly just away from the raid
  • If you look at the picture below, start exactly as Phase 1. Every time plasma discharges are dropped, shift the boss clockwise. Continue aiming Sanguine Shock away from everything. The Off tank soaks the Volatile Droplets wherever they can, before they reach the raid.

Mythic Abilities and Strategy Guide
  • Hardened Arteries
    • Debuffs a target, making them progressively slower over 6 sec, then exploding for 82k damage to everyone within 8 yards
      • One shot mechanic to anyone standing near, so get out of it
    • Looks to be 10 at a time
  • Enlarged Heart
    • Targets a random TANK, and then causes an explosion on that person for 827k damage, split between everyone near. Forced stacking.
      • One at a time, cast on tanks
      • You'll have 5-6 seconds to react before it explodes, all players that don't have Hardened Arteries must collapse on melee with the debuffed tank
  • Both of these mechanics occur at the same time, every 60 sec.
  • You will NEED to pre-spread for Hardened Arteries. It functions similar to Gruul's shatter, in that it gradually slows you until you are immobile. It's not possible to spread out effectively and consistently AFTER the cast goes out.
  • Everyone NOT affected by Hardened Arteries needs to stack into melee on the Tank with Enlarged Heart. Once the abilities both explode at the same time, reposition how you were.
  • Lastly, on Mythic there are significantly more Lasers in Phase 2. It appears as if you pass through Lasers around twice as often, and there's always 2 Lasers at a time.

Mythic Kill Video
Thanks to Limit for the Mythic kill video!

Taloc Encounter Journal

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
The titan keepers enacted countless systems to detect and contain any breach from the facility. Their most powerful construct, Taloc, kept watch for any signs of corruption in the region and ruthlessly excised any that he found. But as thousands of years passed, its internal defenses began to decay, making it vulnerable to corruption.

  • Overview - Taloc's blood-fueled magic will flood the room with Blood Storms. His powerful Cudgel of Gore will absorb nearby Blood Storms. At 35% health, Taloc's fuel spills into the arena causing him to Power Down and spawn Coalesced Blood and Volatile Droplets. Volatile Droplets will continue to spawn once Taloc reabsorbs his fuel, canceling Powered Down and engaging the raid once more.
  • Stage One: The Corrupted Construct -
    • Plasma Discharge - Taloc's blood magic causes his enemies' plasma to burst forth from within, inflicting 30 Shadow damage and creating a Blood Storm every 2 sec for 4 sec.
      • Blood Storm - A thundering storm of blood magic gathers, inflicting 12 Shadow damage every 1 sec to players within.
    • Cudgel of Gore - Taloc charges at his target and slams his mighty cudgel into the ground, inflicting 80 Shadow damage and knocking back targets within 30 yards. Damage decreases the further targets are from the point of impact.
      Additionally, the cudgel absorbs instances of Blood Storm within 0 yards.
      • Retrieve Cudgel - Taloc charges to retrieve his Cudgel of Gore, inflicting 40 Physical damage and knocking back enemies in his path.
    • Sanguine Static - Taloc unleashes bolts of charged blood magic that surge away from him, inflicting 40 Shadow damage and knocking back all players caught in their path.
    • Hardened Arteries - Taloc's blood magic hardens and clogs his enemy's arteries, slowing movement over 6 sec before exploding and inflicting 50 Shadow damage to players within 8 yards of each target.
    • Enlarged Heart - Taloc overwhelms the very heart of an enemy, splitting 500 Shadow damage among all players within 8 yards of the target.
  • Stage Two: Ruin's Descent -
    • Powered Down - Taloc powers down, spilling his blood fuel into the arena. While powered down he is deactivated and immobilized, and all damage taken is reduced by 99%.
    • Uldir Defensive Beam - Focused beams of energy project from the arena, inflicting 70 Arcane damage every 0.2 sec to players within.
    • Coalesced Blood -
      • Slough Off - The Coalesced Blood continuously leaves Blood Storms in its wake.
        • Blood Storm - A thundering storm of blood magic gathers, inflicting 12 Shadow damage every 1 sec to players within.
    • Volatile Droplet -
      • Combustible Fuel - Volatile Droplets detonate when they reach their target, inflicting 50 Fire damage and knocking back all enemies within 5 yards.

Taloc Achievements

Elevator MusicDefeat Taloc in Uldir after activating all Orbs of Harmony on Normal Difficulty or higher.
Mythic: TalocDefeat Taloc in Uldir on Mythic difficulty.

Taloc Loot List

Taloc drops item level 340 (LFR), 355 (Normal), 370 (Heroic), 385 (Mythic) loot. Loot can have higher item levels if it becomes Titanforged or Warforged.

Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
Type Slot Name
340TrinketTrinketConstruct Overcharger
340TrinketTrinketVigilant's Bloodshaper
340ClothFeetVolatile Walkers
340LeatherWaistBloodstorm Buckle
340LeatherHandsGloves of Descending Madness
340MailLegsLegguards of Coalescing Plasma
340MailWristsRubywrought Sparkguards
340PlateLegsGreaves of Unending Vigil
340PlateWristsCrimson Colossus Armguards
340Two-handed MaceTwo HandKhor, Hammer of the Corrupted
340WandRangedTitanspark Animator
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
Type Slot Name
355TrinketTrinketConstruct Overcharger
355TrinketTrinketVigilant's Bloodshaper
355ClothFeetVolatile Walkers
355LeatherWaistBloodstorm Buckle
355LeatherHandsGloves of Descending Madness
355MailLegsLegguards of Coalescing Plasma
355MailWristsRubywrought Sparkguards
355PlateLegsGreaves of Unending Vigil
355PlateWristsCrimson Colossus Armguards
355Two-handed MaceTwo HandKhor, Hammer of the Corrupted
355WandRangedTitanspark Animator
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
Type Slot Name
370TrinketTrinketConstruct Overcharger
370TrinketTrinketVigilant's Bloodshaper
370ClothFeetVolatile Walkers
370LeatherWaistBloodstorm Buckle
370LeatherHandsGloves of Descending Madness
370MailLegsLegguards of Coalescing Plasma
370MailWristsRubywrought Sparkguards
370PlateLegsGreaves of Unending Vigil
370PlateWristsCrimson Colossus Armguards
370Two-handed MaceTwo HandKhor, Hammer of the Corrupted
370WandRangedTitanspark Animator
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
Type Slot Name
385TrinketTrinketConstruct Overcharger
385TrinketTrinketVigilant's Bloodshaper
385ClothFeetVolatile Walkers
385LeatherWaistBloodstorm Buckle
385LeatherHandsGloves of Descending Madness
385MailLegsLegguards of Coalescing Plasma
385MailWristsRubywrought Sparkguards
385PlateLegsGreaves of Unending Vigil
385PlateWristsCrimson Colossus Armguards
385Two-handed MaceTwo HandKhor, Hammer of the Corrupted
385WandRangedTitanspark Animator

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