BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket Now Available
The Virtual Ticket is $49.99 USD / EUR39.99, up $10 from last year.
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What You Get with the Virtual Ticket
Get ready for in-depth "Road to Blizzcon" videos, real-time panel coverage, unprecepedented show interactivity, and much more!

As a Virtual Ticket holder, you and others from the Blizzard community will work together to build the panel YOU want to see at BlizzCon! Voting available for a limited time.

Catch Every Moment Up Close and Personal
The Virtual Ticket grants you live streaming access to every panel, every stage, and every amazing moment at BlizzCon 2018.

Original BlizzCon Video Series
Unlock full access to a variety of BlizzCon Virtual Ticket video series that take you behind the scenes at Blizzard, up close with our community, and beyond the walls of the convention center. New episodes debut regularly from now until BlizzCon.

BlizzCon 2017 Archive Access
This year’s Virtual Ticket includes access to last year’s BlizzCon video archive. Relive your favorite moments, go backstage, and get primed and ready for what’s in store at this year’s event.

Epic In-Game Loot
Every BlizzCon, we give out awesome in-game loot to commemorate the occasion, including digital pets, portraits, and more. Purchase a Virtual Ticket, and you'll get a treasure trove of in-game goodies for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone.

Virtual Ticket also unlocks a $10 discount on this year’s Goody Bag, featuring a collection of commemorative gear to mark the occasion.*

*While supplies last. Limit 1 per Virtual Ticket.

The BlizzCon 2018 Goody Bag Is Available Now!
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BlizzCon® season is upon us, and whether you’re attending the show in person or tuning in to the news and excitement online, we want you to have access to the full experience. Starting today, you can pre-purchase a BlizzCon Goody Bag through the Blizzard Gear Store and have it shipped directly to your home in time to celebrate the show. Claim yours while supplies last!

A limited number of Goody Bags are now available to pre-purchase in the Blizzard Gear Store for $55 USD (plus tax, shipping, and applicable fees). You don’t need a Virtual Ticket to order, but as a bonus, Virtual Ticket holders can pre-purchase the Goody Bag at an automatically discounted price of $45. Just log in to the Blizzard Gear Store on the Blizzard account you used to purchase your Virtual Ticket. Supplies are limited, so be sure to grab one while you have a chance!

Goody Bag
This year’s Goody Bag, available for $55 ($45 for Virtual Ticket holders), includes:
  • A Heroes of the Storm® Raven Lord Crest Magnet
  • A Classic Diablo® Vinyl Figure
  • A StarCraft® 20th Anniversary Pin
  • A World of Warcraft® Faction Keychain
  • An Overwatch® Challenge Coin
  • A set of Hearthstone® Magnets
  • And the centerpiece: a hardcover copy of The BlizzCon Book: A Celebration of Our Community

How to Pre-Purchase a Goody Bag
Once you’re logged in to the Gear Store, visit the Goody Bag page to begin the pre-purchase process.

The Goody Bag is expected to ship out prior to BlizzCon in late October. If you’re in Europe or the Americas, your Goody Bag order will ship from the Europe and North America Gear Stores respectively. Not all countries may be eligible to participate, and international shipping rates and other fees may apply. For more information, including how to find out if the Gear Store ships to your region, see the Blizzard Gear Store Shipping article on our support site.

BlizzCon attendees will receive the Goody Bag with their ticket. If you want to pre-purchase an extra Goody Bag at a $10 discount, you can redeem the Virtual Ticket code that was emailed to ticket buyers and follow the process above.

Help Us Build a Panel for BlizzCon - Vote Now!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Are you ready to make your mark on BlizzCon 2018? Your chance to help us Build a Panel is here! For the first time ever, we’re inviting BlizzCon ticket and Virtual Ticket holders to help us put together one of our panel discussions through a series of online votes over the next several weeks.

We just kicked off our first round of Build-a-Panel voting with some help from our friends at Geek & Sundry. Watch the latest episode of Game Engine to learn more about how you can start shaping an aspect of this year’s BlizzCon festivities. The Build A Panel segment starts at the 21 minute it now!

When you’re ready to vote, head to the voting page to cast your ballot by September 11! You don’t need a BlizzCon ticket or Virtual Ticket to weigh in on this first topic—just a Blizzard account.


Then tune in to the next episode of Game Engine on September 11 at 4 p.m. PT to find out which aspect of the panel BlizzCon ticket holders and Virtual Ticket holders will be voting on next.

Download the 2018 BlizzCon Mobile App Now
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BlizzCon Season begins today, and you can keep track of all the epic events, esports, panels, original programming, and more with the FREE BlizzCon Mobile app, available now for Android and iOS devices.


The BlizzCon Mobile App will help you make the most of your BlizzCon experience. The party starts today with a variety of original BlizzCon video series, and tons more is coming to the app in the weeks—including a complete interactive events schedule, hall maps, live streams from the show, and results from all the exciting esports action.

Snag a BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket to take your experience to the next level with full access to all BlizzCon video content, live streams from every stage at the show, first dibs on BlizzCon loot, and more.

Watch the Action Unfold
Never miss a moment of BlizzCon with the Watch tab. Catch original BlizzCon video series starting today, and get access to even more with the Virtual Ticket. Then watch live streams of Opening Week in late October and the BlizzCon main event November 2 and 3. If you want to relive your favorite moments or catch up on content from another stage, you can peruse the archives during and after the show at your leisure from your device, or cast video from your compatible devices to watch on the big screen.

Decide Your Strategy – Coming Soon!
Read up on BlizzCon event details and save them to your personal calendar to make sure you stop by or tune in on time. You can sort your schedule by game or stage and select favorites. If you’re logged in, your events will sync with the BlizzCon website. You can also use the BlizzCon map to zoom in on the exhibit hall floor and quickly find events, meet up with friends, and chart your BlizzCon path.

Witness Electrifying Esports
Don’t miss out on any of the exciting action of this year’s BlizzCon tournaments, including Opening Week and at the main event! Use the BlizzCon Mobile App to keep up with your favorite esports matchups, view brackets, and check out a feed of live and archived events at BlizzCon.

Shop Smarter
Head to the Shop tab to pick up some swag or pre-order this year’s Goody Bag. With Blink Shopping (coming soon), anyone attending BlizzCon in person can place orders online before or during the show and pick up their purchases at the Blizzard Gear Store on-site Thursday through Saturday. Instant updates will let you know wait times for both Blink Shopping pickup and the regular line, plus notify you of any sold out items. If you’re a Virtual Ticket holder, you’ll receive early access to the store so you can get your orders before items sell out. Shop early, shop quickly, and get back to the show.

Stay Informed
With direct access to the official BlizzCon news feed, you’ll receive instant updates and the latest news about the show, Virtual Ticket, and more.

BlizzCon 2018 officially begins on Friday, November 2, but be sure to download the BlizzCon Mobile App in time for Opening Week, beginning October 25, so you can watch the first esports events and other exciting pre-show content.

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Sombra Legendary Skin
During the Blizzcon Virtual Stream today it was revealed that with purchase of the vritual ticket you unlock a legendary Sombra skin starting today! The skin is called demon hunter and is inspired by the demon hunter in Diablo.

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  1. Brewmaster Kolee's Avatar
    I bought the virtual ticket last year for the in-game mounts, but don't really care about a key chain. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who will react this way? I don't imagine they will sell as many virtual tickets to WoW players this year.
  1. Cavox's Avatar
    I'm not giving them a penny until I see they sorted out their shit and start making good games again.
  1. Xkiller9000's Avatar
    what, is blizzcon not making enough money? is BLIZZARD not making enough money? go fuck yourselves blizzard, greedy shills
  1. Archmage Alodi's Avatar
    Just fuck off blizzard. Now i have to pay 10 more bucks to see them advertise their product? No buying ticket this year , there will be illegal streams to watch panels anyway.
    Most panels were crap last year anyway , specially the one with the cringy feminist host and all the girl power talk. Even the voice actors were cringing to that crap.
  1. crystalstarrwow's Avatar
    Think this may be the first year of the 'goody bag' I won't be ordering it. Massively underwhelming this year. Still will pick up the virtual ticket, but they really need to sort the streaming issues as each year its even more glaring considering how much cash they're banking in record amounts year on year.
  1. Arvandor's Avatar
    set a signal for the shit bfa xpac!

    dont buy any blizzcon tickets!
  1. Sentynel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arvandor View Post
    set a signal for the shit bfa xpac!

    dont buy any blizzcon tickets!
    BFA is an amazing expansion so far.

    And I already bought the ticket. Sorry.
  1. Cavox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sentynel View Post
    BFA is an amazing expansion so far.

    And I already bought the ticket. Sorry.
    I agree, fellow Poster. Be sure to also pre-order other Blizzard™ games and merchandise!
  1. Odintdk's Avatar
    30 Euros was already too high a price for an online virtual fuckin pass to watch a "triple A" company advertise their games, adding up 10 to the price is just outright asking your your fans to turn into tools. How about instead, you just take Activision and fuck off, blizzard? You could then fuck off again from wherever you fucked off the first time, because people wouldn't like your bullshit anywhere.
  1. vashe9's Avatar
    I don't care about the event itself actually (you can read a tldr; of the panels on MMO-C the day it's released...) but I would have bought it if the reward was worth it... but 50€...
    I still have to buy DQ11 for pc and... it's cheaper ffs (38€) and will be more enjoyable that some videos you can find on youtube and some mount/pet :/
  1. Evilmoo's Avatar
    $50 for this shitshow? ARE YOU INSANE?
  1. Tinytalon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vashe9 View Post
    I don't care about the event itself actually (you can read a tldr; of the panels on MMO-C the day it's released...) but I would have bought it if the reward was worth it... but 50€...
    I still have to buy DQ11 for pc and... it's cheaper ffs (38€) and will be more enjoyable that some videos you can find on youtube and some mount/pet :/
    The euro price is 40, the USD is 50. But I think they'd better have something really nice in the virtual goodies to explain the +10 anyway. If not, don't think I'm getting it this year either.
  1. Fus Ro Yay's Avatar
    As i said in the other thread im fine With the price, its totaly Worth it for me since me and my friends make something of it. All of us gather With good food and drinks and enjoy the show together, cheering for our favorite players and laughing at the cosplay contest.

    If i were to guess the increase in price is to help pay of the shiny New overwatch arena they built.
  1. Kazlofski's Avatar
    I was kinda fine with 25-30 euro, somewhat, but 40 euros now? Why? What is being added for it to be so worth it? A Diablo announcement? Last year was 30 Euro and we got faction mounts + expansion announcement + Overwatch announcements + Classic WoW annnouncement.
    Paying 40 Euros is very close to the standard edition of BfA which is 45 Euro, I see Activision is really pressing on them to get them moneeyyzzz both from Beta for Azeroth and Blizzcon.
    Think I will refer to free twitch streams this year instead, I doubt they will top off last year with bombastic announcements that will turn out to be mostly meh on release.
  1. GhostlyBG's Avatar
    I bought the ticket only cause I play all of their games every now and then, so I felt there was enough value in it. However, I would really like to know the reason behind the price increase. I had to close my eyes before pressing "Buy" this time around.. :-)
  1. PlazaPlaza's Avatar
    40e is way too much for an online stream, I thought that 30e was already too much. No thank you.
  1. kamuimac's Avatar
    they have to put really outstanding wow mounts thi year to justify extra 10 euro .

    unless its really amazing wow loot i cba to buy it this year.
  1. Isoz's Avatar
    aw no wow pet / mount this year for blizzcon or have they yet to be announced. the overwater skin pretty lame
  1. ZeroWashu's Avatar
    not buying a blizzcon ticket unless it comes with mounts and pets in game. paying money to have a company advertise to me? no.
  1. Bloodfibrasion's Avatar
    No mount no thanks. Not supporting this company that has imposed horrible server lag and doing absolutely nothing with BETA bug reports.

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