Reddit Ask Me Anything With Ion Hazzikostas on Friday, September 14th
According to this reddit thread, tomorrow, Friday September the 14th at 2 PM PDT Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will be doing an "ask me anything" in the WoW reddit to answer questions about the live game. The thread will not be stickied per Blizzard's request, and there are a few guidelines to follow according to the post:

  • Please remain civil and respectful at all times. In the interest of being able to have other AMAs in the future, the Mod team independently warns that any bad behavior and violation of reddit rules will be punished with a permanent ban, and the removal of your comment.
  • Hopefully the community is able to discuss politely. Do not downvote, if you disagree with a comment, discuss or challenge it. The goal is to promote a respectful, useful discussion, as it is in everyone's best interests.
  • Try to ask succinct, clear questions. Walls of text with 30 questions shoved into a single comment are heavily discouraged. Questions should nevertheless strive to be constructive. A comment such as "fix the game" will likely not get answered.

Ythisens responded when asked why the thread won't be stickied.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
While /u/FlapSnapple covered this I just wanted to say it from the shiny blue text.

Essentially we'd prefer if an AMA live organically. We're guests on this platform and in this community. You run it, you decide what content you upvote or downvote. We think a force sticky doesn't abide by how Reddit itself functions and we shouldn't be an exception to that.

Also most typical users and guests browse over the stickied posts even though its at the top. Sorry admins :P I promise I read them though.
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  1. Clozer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by La View Post
    Can't wait to hear their answers to a bunch of questions no one wants an answer to, while avoiding what people want answered.
    If someone is asking the questions there must be at least one person who wants an answer to that question. Logic bro.
  1. Doomchicken's Avatar
    Yeah, not going to bother with this one. I have literally zero faith in this actually being interesting or going anywhere.
  1. Arvandor's Avatar
    i really hope that ion knows in which state the xpac is..

    for damage control he must give us something super special for the game..

    i expect things like account wide reputation..
  1. Rawrajishxc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chorkpop View Post
    The wow subreddit has become as toxic as the forums here in the past few weeks. It honestly seems like a waste of his time.
    It's not a waste of his time because he just ignores or deflects anything you ask him anyways.
  1. Psygon's Avatar
    Remember to ask, “why does blizz hate Alliance”?
  1. Musta's Avatar
    I hope the questions burn the house down.
  1. Grimalkin of Old's Avatar
    Won't even bother following that
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Archmage Alodi View Post
    "Why are you such an arrogant little twat?" that would be my only question.
    That's exactly why I think this AMA will end up being a massive shit show. Can't wait to see how much drama and memes will be spawned from this. Better grab me umbrella and raincoat before going out into the shit-hurricane tomorrow.

    If i were to ask a question, it would be something along the lines of why has Alliance been getting shafted compared to Horde this expansion more than usual?

    Also maybe asking if/how they plan to fix the Warfront schedule to feel less exclusive to one faction. Because gating content from a single faction for 2 or more weeks at a time isn't fun at all.
  1. mmocfd328e0b6e's Avatar
    Who cares... he wont answer the real questions. This is just another PR event and nothing more. But I wonder why is the 10$+ on the virtual tickets...
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    Any plans to vastly expand, enrich and improve the classes? In BfA they feel extremely neutered, empty, oversimplified, gutted, boring and lame compared to MOP-era.

    Frankly that would be my question.
    Wonderful question. Man I miss the variety in abilities we had during MoP for most classes. I loved the way Balance Druids worked back then.
  1. MalfLFT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Nightbringer View Post
    I'm willing to bet he won't pick a single challenging question to answer, he'll just pick the easy ones so he can seem like he's engaging with the playerbase, while not actually addressing their biggest concerns.
    Except the last 2 or 3 QandA's he actually started with the most burning questions and get them out of the way. Back in beta with GCD's and shit. I don't like what hes doing either right now but lets give the man some credit atleast.
  1. terkhal's Avatar
    A question i would lile to raise : as a M+ only player how are we supposed to farm azerite gear ? The weekly cache does grant a chance yet far less than doing raids. I am not an rbg player. I can only expect my weekly cache to drop a random azerite gear which may or may not grant an upgrade. Any plans to improve it ?
  1. Cows For Life's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chorkpop View Post
    The wow subreddit has become as toxic as the forums here in the past few weeks.
    Why? What's happened or changed in the past few weeks that would cause something like that?
  1. Twdft's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rustov View Post
    Do you expect Ion to go into exhaustive detail of each class and spec?
    What's wrong with class design at the moment is either of big picture philosophy, or of hundreds of spec-specific minutia, neither of which fit the scope of what the AMA asking for. I'm not expecting anything of value here.
    The other way around: Ion expects you to provide at least some detail to your question.

    I would ask something like "Can we get disarm abilities back? I always felt good disarming mobs in dungeons and feel that would be a good addition to mythic+ tactics because it makes me decide between spending a gcd on damage or lowering pressure on the tank".
  1. Haidaes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cows For Life View Post
    Why? What's happened or changed in the past few weeks that would cause something like that?
    To be fair, for half the people here not singing praises of their deities at blizzard is the defintion of being toxic. When things have issues is therefore automatically things being "toxic".

    Anyway, won't bother eiither. It won't be an AMA, because they will cherrypick the PR questions again.
  1. tangers58's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    I dont even know what a twitter is, so there is that. They do realize this game existed way before the twit generation?
    Its hardly more than a year older... apparently you too young to have been around for that
  1. R74NN's Avatar
    I don't quite understand the hate towards Ion Hazzikostas. Like he was the only person creating the game. It's the whole team working on it. Not that a single person is making all the decisions.

    So comments like "He should move on, so we can have great game again." are pretty pointless. Anyway, when in history were people happy with the game as a whole?

    Either way, based on this thread, this is gonna be nasty.
  1. Cavox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by R74NN View Post
    Not that a single person is making all the decisions.
    Do you blame the soldiers for a lost battle or the general that lead them?
  1. Squidmanse's Avatar
    Are you satisfied with warfronts? It seems like a lot of information about Them was missed by the community (e.g. length, swap etc.)
    Also it didn't seem fair for one faction to get a clear advantage by being able to gain that much easy AP, and having a 100p certain 370, where the other faction only had the chance of one.
    Also, waiting 3 Weeks longer than horde to try out warfronts feels bad.
  1. mmoc1e09114525's Avatar
    when are Zandalrie coming? At the end of Expo so we can all play catch-up and so on? They should be available in the next patch

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