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Method World First G'huun Kill
Uldir has been cleared on Mythic difficulty by Method! Congratulations to them! They are the first to earn Hall of Fame: G'huun (Horde).

The official Mythic Raid Leaderboard now has its first entry!

Method streamed progression this time, for the first time ever. Players watching kept WoW at the top or near the top of the Twitch game list for most of progression.

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  1. Biomega's Avatar
    That was fast! Gz
  1. Skorpionss's Avatar
    I was there when it happened!
  1. un_known's Avatar
    just saw the kill stream! god that was intense!!!

    every other attempt had at least 5 people dead before 8% left, and this kill they had all alive up until 3% and there was the kill ! =D well done Method!

    and to go along with everyone else!

    I WAS THERE!!!
  1. Vyil's Avatar
    Even streamed it. G G
  1. Syce's Avatar
    CRazy, Huge Grats to Method.
  1. Serafim1991's Avatar
    GG Method! Congratz
  1. MakeMeLaugh's Avatar
    Even streaming, nobody managed to beat them. Win/Win situation for them.
  1. kiramon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MakeMeLaugh View Post
    Even streaming, nobody managed to beat them. Win/Win situation for them.
    Happened to turn it on right at 2%
  1. plagueshard801's Avatar
    Was such a badass stream! Thank you Method for the entertainment!
  1. Shaktard's Avatar

  1. Huntaer's Avatar
    GG Method!
  1. Turaska's Avatar
    Limit about to change their name to Limited?
  1. Racthoh's Avatar
    I saw it LIVE!
  1. Hubbl3's Avatar
    GZ to method!
  1. Kmichaels's Avatar
    GG! Great to see it in stream. Thanks Sco!
  1. Easo's Avatar
    That was crazy, especially when they started the first tries, it looked impossible.
  1. Krashkam's Avatar
    I was there, to see it live. Well done Method.
  1. VanishO2's Avatar
    Congratz Limit for choosing wrong hahaha
  1. Bobby B's Avatar
    Fuck. I missed the stream.
  1. Drpizka's Avatar
    I was there !! GZ Method

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