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Upcoming Hotfixes - Azerite Trait Scaling in PvP
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Credit to u/Narabug on Reddit.

TL;DR: Damage-based Azerite Traits will deal more damage at higher Azerite Armor/Trait levels, and lowering your overall gear level will make them deal even more damage. For some classes, this may allow you to drop your gear level in order to do extremely high burst Azerite Trait damage.

Azerite Traits appear to not scale the same as ability damage. Traits that are specifically damage oriented will *always* do more damage with a higher item level, and the difference appears to be roughly the same as the listed difference, even with scaling. For example, if a 340 trait does 600 damage and a 385 trait does 1000 damage, then you may hit your opponent for 1200/2000 respectively with those items equipped.

We continued to test by dropping item level to see if trait damage was just immune to item level scaling, but it was not. As your item level decreases, the damage your opponents take from traits increases.

There are indeed some issues that you guys have pointed out, which are in the process of being hotfixed. These have to do with Azerite gear slots (and gems) not being weighted in the system as much as they should, and bugs with lower level trinkets being usable at max level. As much fun as it is to relive Taunka Time, we will be working on getting these fixed up.

I've raised the cap on this thread so any further specific examples you guys have that haven't already mentioned would be great, as getting this resolved is a high priority at the moment. Thanks for all the examples so far.

Method Mythic G'huun World First Video
Method has released their Mythic G'huun kill video.

Arcane Torrent Feedback
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Arcane Torrent is effectively a Mass Dispell/AoE Purge, as well as a free HP generation. I think it's pretty fair that one is on the GCD as its still very powerful.

Shadowmeld doesn't have near that much of an impact if you're comparing what the abilities actually do. I don't think the mentality should be "All Racials should be on or off GCD" but rather what they do individually that dictates that.

Of course the feedback is welcome but specific examples of why X or Y ability should be on or off is great as always.

You don't think a VANISH that lets you escape from death every 2 minutes doesn't have as much impact?
When you're comparing the two abilities to each other, no. I think Arcane Torrent is far more powerful in both a PvE and PvP standpoint.

The ability for classes like Paladins to purge a buff, and generate a HP, in a singular global is very strong. Imagine that off the GCD and it becomes even stronger.

Game worked fine for 11 years with a much better Arcane Torrent off the GCD isn't specific enough?
I think you need to look in the context of what Arcane Torrent did originally. Since it was a Silence/Interrupt, it would be a little strange on the GCD as interrupts shouldn't be on the GCD. That's at is core is what the ability was made to used for, to silence. So it should be off.

Now with the rework since its more in line with a Purge, it should be on the GCD. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the GCD changes personally but I think the new Arcane Torrent is an example of something that definitely should be on the GCD.

What HP generation? It generates a minuscule amount of resources that isn't even worth the 1.5s GCD it incurs. Unless there is something to dispel, it is worthess.
If you play Ret for example, it generates a Holy Power, which is a class resource for Ret. So if all your abilities are on CD waiting for the next ability, you can toss in Arcane Torrent if there is nothing to purge. Which equates to a free Holy Power every time it's up. This can save your Relentless Inquisitor, Inquisition, or Righteous Verdict, so that you can keep those buffs rolling. That's a lot of power for a racial ability.

There's a reason why its in the Ret opener, and mentioned in the overall rotation, for most if not all guides if you're a Blood Elf. It's small when compared to your regular class abilities but that's a pretty big for a racial.

Feel free to change it back whenever
I do find myself missing the AoE silence, but I actually prefer the newer version myself. I think it's a bit more of a niche being a purge and I think abilities like that can be pretty fun.
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    On Zul, the ability to purge the adds is super strong.

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