BlizzCon 2018 Schedule
This year's BlizzCon Schedule is now live!

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Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Calling all heroes: It’s time to draft your BlizzCon battle plan—the BlizzCon 2018 schedule is here! Check out all the exciting developer panels, esports matches, and other events taking place during BlizzCon Opening Week from October 25–29 and at the main event on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3 (note that times in the schedule are displayed in local time).

When you purchase a BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket, you’ll unlock access to live coverage of developer events and community content taking place on the Legendary, Mythic, and Epic stages. With this year’s BlizzCon All-Access Channel, you’ll also be able to keep up with all the big moments that take place during the show—and participate with live Q&A polls and voting for the Virtual Ticket cosplay award!

As always, you can catch Friday’s opening ceremony and all the tournament action on this year’s esports stages FREE here at

Attention Attendees!

If you’re joining us in person in Anaheim, this year’s opening ceremony will be spread across more than one stage throughout the show. The live presentation will be jumping between stages as our developers show you what we’ve been working—stay tuned for more information on where you’ll want to seek out a seat. And of course, everything will be broadcast on screens and stages throughout the convention halls.

There’s also still a chance to get tickets to attend the esports competitions of BlizzCon Opening Week in person at the Blizzard Arena—check out the announcement for all the details, and head to the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles ticketing site to pick up tickets.

Head to to begin drafting your plan!

BlizzCon 2018 Floor Map
Here is the BlizzCon 2018 floor map!

In Game Goodies for Virtual Ticket or Blizzcon Ticket Purchase

World of Warcraft - WoW Classic Demo, Cosmetic Capes and Banner Toys
Two faction themed cloaks and war banners are the WoW in game rewards as well as a WoW Classic Demo available during BlizzCon and for a few days after.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
The BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket is now available for purchase and if you’re a World of Warcraft fan you won’t want to miss a moment of the event—or the WoW extras that come with it, including epic in-game goodies and access to the Blizzcon WoW Classic demo at home!

World of Warcraft® Classic BlizzCon® Demo
Every BlizzCon, we look for opportunities to bring new aspects of the experience to our community around the world. This year, we’re excited to announce that for the first time ever, BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders will join BlizzCon attendees as the first people to play the World of Warcraft Classic demo we’re creating for BlizzCon at home.

Shortly after the BlizzCon opening ceremony on November 2 (on or around 1pm PDT), players will be able to download the same in-development BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo that will be playable on the show floor. Players will have a chance to explore and enjoy a limited questing experience through a pair of classic early-level zones—one Horde and one Alliance—and experience firsthand our recreation of the original Azeroth.

Once the demo is live, you’ll be able to play until 10am PST on November 8, giving BlizzCon attendees a chance to check it out again once they get back home.

Declare Your Allegiance With BlizzCon In-Game Loot
In addition to access to the BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo, starting today BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders will receive commemorative in-game items that will help them proudly display their Horde or Alliance pride as the Battle for Azeroth rages on:

  • War Mantle of the Alliance & War Mantle of the Horde: Show all of Azeroth where your allegiance lies with a pair of faction-themed cosmetic cloaks—one for Horde characters, and one for Alliance.
  • Stormwind Champion’s War Banner & Orgrimmar Hero’s War Banner: Strike fear into your enemies and stand your ground when you plant your faction’s banner on the battlefield.

In addition to this year’s WoW items and access to the BlizzCon WoW Classic demo, the Virtual Ticket provides plenty of great BlizzCon content for your viewing pleasure along with additional in-game goodies from Overwatch®, Diablo® III, Hearthstone®, Heroes of the Storm®, and StarCraft® II.

Learn more about the Virtual Ticket then order yours!

Diablo 3 - Azmodan In Game Pet
This year's in game item for Diablo 3 is a mini Azmodan pet.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Casual strolls through Sanctuary are always better with friends—and cute companions! In celebration of BlizzCon 2018, we have a special Diablo III gift for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, available in the Mac and PC versions of the game.

Bring the six-legged Lord of Sin himself along on your adventures next Season with Az-Lo, the adorably evil mini-Azmodan in-game pet—available in-game starting today!

Hearthstone - Card Back and 10 Card Packs
This year in Hearthstone you will receive a special card back and 2 free packs from each previous expansion!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)

The Tavern in bustling in excitement for BlizzCon 2018! Come inside, pull up a chair, and get ready to open up some packs—we’ve got some special Hearthstone gifts for all BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, available in-game today.

Kick off the celebration with a special new BlizzCon 2018 card back. Then fill out your Hearthstone collection with a bundle of card packs, containing two packs from the Classic, The Witchwood, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Journey to Un’Goro sets—a total of 10 card packs in all!

We’ll have more exciting in-game rewards to tell you about for other Blizzard games in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Starcraft - Console Skin and Brood War Skins
Here are the rewards for Starcraft II and Starcraft Remastered:

  • Starcraft Remastered players receive a special Console Skin inspired by a mission in Starcraft II.
  • Starcraft II players receive Brood War Skins for Terran, Protoss and Zerg workers.

Overwatch - Demon Hunter Sombra Skin
Overwatch players receive a new legendary Sombra skin. This skin is called demon hunter and is inspired by the demon hunter in Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm - Nexus Razorgrin Cosmetics and Mount
The rewards for HotS are as follows:

  • Nexus Razorgrin Mount
  • Nexus Razorgrin Banner
  • Nexus Razorgrin Portrait
  • Nexus Razorgrin Spray

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  1. Kikazz's Avatar
    Sunday has:

    Diablo: World Q&A

    does that mean a new Diablo game?

    is that an un-intentional leak?
  1. Metallourlante's Avatar
    Diablo: what's next right after the Opening ceremony, I'm trying not to be hyped but please let it be something huge

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Kikazz View Post
    Sunday has:

    Diablo: World Q&A

    does that mean a new Diablo game?

    is that an un-intentional leak?
    World AND Q&A

    but the hope for something new is still here nonetheless!
  1. Zelk's Avatar
    Is Diablo the big announcement this year then? Wow panel was straight after the opening last year and that was the bfa announcement.
  1. Pepe The Frog's Avatar
    there is fewer and fewer panels each year, they cut the amount of panels (game panels) by 50% from last tyear lol.
  1. MysticsDK's Avatar
    What next for WoW. Release date of BFA retail.

    Sorry,lol. Couldn't resist.
  1. Musta's Avatar
    only 45 minutes on whats next. I expected at least an hour.
  1. Shampro's Avatar
    Diablo might resurrect, thank god.
  1. davidcryix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Musta View Post
    only 45 minutes on whats next. I expected at least an hour.
    One interpretation of this is that they have left room on the schedule for one extra panel on the Mythic and Epic stages by cutting each to 45 minutes and spacing them out. Possibly to add a last minute diablo panel in?
  1. Musta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by davidcryix View Post
    One interpretation of this is that they have left room on the schedule for one extra panel on the Mythic and Epic stages by cutting each to 45 minutes and spacing them out. Possibly to add a last minute diablo panel in?
    I hope so. really.
  1. mmocba11aa64c0's Avatar
    Rumor has it they have been hiring *ALOT* of blizzard devs recently for an MMO, and namely Diablo game, which putting two-and-two-together means we are likely getting a second mmo from blizzard in the form of a diablo style mmo, which honestly is not too surpising as they are becomming a popular trend among the eastern asian market atm in the likes of lineage eternal and lost ark online being some of the hyped ones.
  1. TriHard's Avatar
    Diablo was obvious, whether or not it's Diablo 4 or something else on the other hand, now that is the question.

    There's also a Diablo netflix series coming out.
  1. Nyres's Avatar
    Sooo we're getting one less stage at 10$ more than last year The wow classic demo pushed me into the getting the ticket category but I'm glad i decided to wait till November to get the ticket because this schedule right here made me reconsider my decision and now I won't be getting it after all. I just can't justify the price when we're losing out on a big chunk of content compared to last year.
  1. Marrilaife's Avatar
    I can't find the mythic dungeon race, wasn't the whole point of last MDI that the top 4 teams are invited to Blizzcon for a live dungeon race? Where's that? All I see from WOW is arena tournament and random panels about cinematics, voice acting and classic WOW. Well if they didn't convince me before to not give them the 50$ for virtual ticket I'm defo convinced now. 45 min of "what's next" in each game and very skimpy amount of panels.
  1. tordenflesk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pepe The Frog View Post
    there is fewer and fewer panels each year, they cut the amount of panels (game panels) by 50% from last tyear lol.
    Looks incredibly weak. Let's hope there are some reveals.
  1. Akutare's Avatar
    Looks like a dry year for WoW news, but I guess we were expecting it. Did the panels get trimmed down overall? Well hopefully the Diablo news will be interesting if that is their headliner.
  1. mmoc8d6f890807's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Musta View Post
    only 45 minutes on whats next. I expected at least an hour.
    wow-wide theres not alot they can really talk about though. We know the main stuff in 8.1 and by November it'll be way to early to talk about 8.2 in solid terms. So it will be 8.1 in detail and maybe like hints towards 8.2.
  1. dipzz's Avatar
    i don't know if anyone has pointed it out yet but Diablo is Diablo, usually it's DIII or the diablo III symbol, this is a good sign, it means either they're move away from D3 with a new game installment like Diablo 4,
    or a HD remake. I'd play the shit out of a D1 or D2 remake.
    They did it with starcraft, this is a good possibility and one I welcome
  1. starkey's Avatar
    Im going with Diablo 2 Remastered.
  1. beanman12345's Avatar
    Hmm, Idk, it's only 2 panels, for a new diablo? That seems a little low? I'm not getting my hopes up. Though 2 is double what it's been in past years lol.
  1. sabent's Avatar
    Was hoping they would announce a new game but looking at the time schedules, they didn't leave any room for anything new like they did the year that announced overwatch.

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