Overwatch Magnetic Levitating Snowball
Blizzard announced pre-orders for the Overwatch Magnetic Levitating Snowball today!

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  1. Tupolew519's Avatar
    i wanna that stuff too.
  1. WurstKaeseSzenario's Avatar
    At first i thought it just is an expensive phone charger but then I realized it doubles as paperweight.
  1. Anufis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by korijenkins View Post
    Whats funny is that the numbers reflect this, and people will still pretend its not the case.

    This game is declining rapidly. The balance team doesn't play their own game, so they don't know whats "fun".

    If I worked at a company balancing a game, I would be fucking ashamed if a meta existed, let alone one that wasn't fun.
    You know that Team Fortress 2 is not dead yet and you are talking about Overwatch dying.
  1. Lolsteak's Avatar
    These floating baubles are always pretty useless, Getting them to actually float is such a pain in the ass
  1. Jessicka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Yeah, sorry about that. Our team is basically one person and I'm having trouble trying to find someone interested in helping out with Overwatch news.
    How so? There is so rarely any news that you're literally fluffing it out with free marketing for it. I guess the problem is keeping someone interested in that respect...
  1. Flarelaine's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arandomuser View Post
    overwatch is a slowly dying game and there just milking the very few casuals who still play in the form of out of game fluff purchases, how blizzard has gone downhill
    I don't give a flying fuck if it is dying.
  1. Gouca's Avatar
    What's heart breaking throughout Blizzard's products as of late is the lack of details in these game-related products. My 2007 $30 figure of a druid has more details and different colours used in one of its paws than these $55 nightmares do.

    Just look at the bottom part of that levitating snowball

    You're paying $175 for a plastic cast toy fitting a 3-year-old's toybox rather than the bookshelf collectors want these for.

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