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Blizzcon 2018 - Day 0
BlizzCon is less than a day away and in-game goodies are out! If you haven't already grabbed them, be sure to pick up a Virtual Ticket to see the whole event and get some in-game goodies. If you aren't planning on watching with the Virtual Ticket, we will be providing live updates throughout the day. Blizzcon 2018 Day 1 Schedule

MMO-Champion will be sitting down the World of Warcraft Developers to ask your questions about Patch 8.1 - Tides of Vengeance and beyond. Post your questions in the comments of this thread and we will try our best to get as many of them answered as possible!

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  1. Punks's Avatar
    Will Night Elf Demon Hunters get the chance to go Warrior mode with black eyes?
  1. Artunias's Avatar
    Can we expect more reversions of the GCD change soon? Personally I dislike all of the changes, but I think the changes to non-offensive cooldowns are by far the most interrupting and unfun for the game.
  1. EliteParagon's Avatar
    Will Hunter's Ever get Quivers. I'm don't like pulling Arrows out of thin Air.
  1. Artunias's Avatar
    Mythic+ trash in BfA really feels like a chore and tedious rather than being fun with many affixes. When you look at trash design and combine it with a vast majority of affixes it feels a lot less fun now than it did in Legion. On the other hand I think a lot of the bosses in BfA M+ are really well done. Any thoughts from the team on this?
  1. Hardwing's Avatar
    Will we see further changes in the capitals as the story progresses and faction membership expands?
  1. Jettisawn's Avatar
    Is there going to be any focus or plan to improve random battleground participation? Maybe a commendation system similar to Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.
  1. mmoca22346cc33's Avatar
    Does a loyalty system makes sense in WoW lore, could it be possible?
    for example: a newborn character should gain rep faster with his kin, however , this new loyalty system would now enable your relations with whoever you face in WoW. Now you ask: Can a player cross sides after a while ? Can a player join a factions and pledge loyalty to it?

    I ask you , why not?

    This is what languages were meant for, along with reputation. To be achievable!

  1. Nightstalker's Avatar
    Did they feel like they've overdone it with an early gear catchup system via the Arathi rare grind that completely devalued all of the BFA zone World Quest reward items?
    Why was the Honorbound/7th Legion War campaign quest chain so short? With Suramar players had months of weekly content tied into a great storyline.
    Why do Warfronts feel like a Stop&Go Dragrace? Constantly waiting for people to just turn in all the materials at once and then having to wait for the slow demolisher crawl towards the gate.
    Why does the battle end so abruptly once the gate in the opposing factions warfront base is breached? In the Outdoor Area you see a completely damaged base which should have been the result of your actions inside the warfront scenario. If this feature should feel like Warcraft 3 it should not just be building a base (the same every time) and then killing the leader of the other faction. It should also involve tearing down the enemies base which was done a lot better in Wintergrasp 10 years ago!
  1. YoFro's Avatar
    How do they plan on dealing with the power lose between raids? Losing reorigination array heading into another raid tier and becoming weaker seems terrible, but not losing it and adding other things to it seem unsustainable.

    P.s. just bring back tier sets please
  1. Skyforge1's Avatar
    When will the day/night cycle be fixed for Oceanic players?

    Its been broken for years and some of the new BFA zones are incredibly dark as is
  1. mmocaddd8b668b's Avatar
    On Blizzcon 2017 you said that major characters will have their stories developed llike Anduin, Sylvanas, Jaina, Vol'jin. You also said Thrall. Is he discarded from the story of Battle for Azeroth?
  1. Theoris's Avatar
    Are you still considering the idea of implementing cosmetics for classes such as librams, quivers, gun pouches, (oh my!) and vials and knives?
  1. mmoca4f16d9e34's Avatar
    When will you reveal the class options for Kul'Tirans and Zandalari Trolls?
  1. A Chozo's Avatar
    Regarding "raid tiers": Can we expect Battle for Azeroth to have at least the amount of instanced bosses and/or raids as Legion, or are you leaning towards something like Warlords of Draenor (it had a intro raid, then two big raids, while Legion had a intro raid, then three big raids plus Trial of Valor)?
  1. salate's Avatar
    Will you explain us how Island drops work? Atleast a formula or loot tables? Or was it intended to let the players understand how things work there.
    Because It would make islands easier, sometimes you wait for event spawn, sometimes you think its pure rng stylish stuff.

    Plus are there any unsolved secrets in the game?
  1. rocntotem's Avatar
    paladin healing is still weaker than all the other classes when it comes to trash mobs. light of dawn would work better if it wasnt a frontal cone.
  1. ceall's Avatar
    The Shadow Priest changes we've seen a few weeks ago, are those final or are they just the "first round" of changes?
  1. Naitsade's Avatar
    Where's Thrall?
  1. Nemo15's Avatar
    Have the devs thought about Auction House bundles? like selling a 'pack' of specific items such as a full transmog set, or packs of craft materials for popular crafts?
  1. Felthan's Avatar
    Will ogres ever be added as a playable race? They have been in the horde since WC3.

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