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Overwatch - What's Next Panel

  • Ashe is a Damage hero.
  • Ashe is a villain. She comes from a wealthy background. She met McCree at a young age and that is what pushed her into crime.
  • Bob is her omnic body guard.
  • Ashe learned to be a leader from her parents, and used it in leading the Deadlock gang.
  • Bob didn't change much from his initial design.
  • Jennifer Hale voices Ashe.
  • The team wanted a more weapon focused hero.
  • Her weapon is called the Viper.
    • She has a shot much like McCree's alternate fire.
    • She can knock enemies back while also knocking herself back.
    • Dynamite - Thrown ability that detonates after 2 seconds, but can be shot by her weapon to detonate early.
    • The Viper has 12 bullets that reload one by one in a loop. You can interrupt your own reload at any point.
  • Bob
    • Bob has an uppercut.
    • Bob runs forward and knocks the first player in his path up into the air.
    • He can capture a payload and contest points.
    • He acts as a turret when not in the forefront and can be healed/nano boosted, and slept.
    • He acts as a separate member of your team with limitations.
    • Bob leaps in immediately!
  • Skins
    • Legendary skin also changes Bob
    • Mobster
    • Safari

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