BlizzCon 2018 - Artist at Work: Bringing Heroes to Life

  • Malthael is being used as the subject for this panel to showcase the pipeline for creating a hero from scratch. Six artists are taking turns to show off the various disciplines employed while answering questions from the audience
  • The team starts building off of source material to determine what makes Malthael Malthael, in this case his Reaper of Souls cinematic model
  • That model is then recreated as a low-poly version that will eventually be put in the game
  • The team aims for 12k polygons for each hero usually, but they have an upper limit of 15k
  • The artists currently on stage use MODO, but it's "just a tool"
  • Designing heroes are usually limited in some way, possessing some attribute that has to be carried over when adapting a character to this game. Stitches and Butcher are two heroes that have some overlap in lore, so the team has to be aware of that. Some of that is solved by the color schemes of the heroes, with Stitches being very blue-ish and Butcher being red
  • Heroes that require transformation between two states, such as Alexstrasza going from humanoid form to dragon form often require collaboration between several departments
  • Fenix's unique movement pattern posed a challenge. This was the first time the animators had to solve a problem like this one
  • Malthael's very expressive wings pushed the limitations on joints on the hero. They solved this problem by making a separate set of wings that take over and supress the base model's wings when necessary, such as when his heroic is used
  • Early animation ignores clipping entirely. Clipping isn't looked at until late in development when the animations are more or less settled on
  • Every model needs two versions, one for when physics are turned on and one for when physics are turned off
  • Orphea went through a lot of iterations with the artists and animators to capture the correct feel of the character
  • The artists reiterate that people looking to get into animation and modeling should not tie themselves to one tool. The knowledge of how-to transcends the choice of program
  • Hitbox size is determined through thorough cooperation with the design team and iterated on as the hero goes through testing

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