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Hailstone Construct - Drustvar Battle for Azeroth World Boss
The Hailstone Construct is this week's BfA world boss!

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
355TrinketTrinketDrust-Runed Icicle
355TrinketTrinketPermafrost-Encrusted Heart
355ClothLegsFrostbreath Leggings
355ClothFeetIce-Rimed Slippers
355LeatherFeetIce Stalker Boots
355LeatherWristsChill's End Wristguards
355MailChestHailstone Hauberk
355MailWaistFreezing Tempest Waistguard
355PlateShouldersIce-Carved Shoulderplates
355PlateWaistGirdle of Biting Winds
355PlateHandsGlacial Spike Gauntlets

Weekly Event - Burning Crusade Timewalking
Burning Crusade Timewalking is back this week. Don't forget to check out Black Temple Timewalking during the event! Black Temple awards base item level 355 gear.

PvP Brawl - Temple of Hotmogu
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Enter the Temple of Kotmogu for this fast-paced match. For a whole new twist, players will be able throw the Orb of Power to friendly players in a game of hot potato. Beware, they’ll also gain the debuffs along with the orb so choose wisely. We’re turning things up (to 11) by changing resurrection time to a quick 5 seconds. Who will be able to hold on to the power to claim victory?

Island Expeditions for the Week of November 13, 2018
Old God invasions are added to the invasion possibilities this week! The Island Expeditions for the week are:

  • Rotting Mire with Jinyu
  • Ungol Ruins with Hozen
  • Whispering Reef with Murlocs

Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley
This week's Call to Arms is Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley or Call to Arms: Stormsong Valley. Head to Stormsong Valley with warmode enabled to kill 10 players of the opposing faction. This will reward you with conquest and 75 reputation for either 7th Legion or The Honorbound.

If you capped conquest last week, you can work towards the next reward - a 370 item level Azerite Chest Piece.
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  1. Juther's Avatar
    Hi, could you tell me please the PvP Piece for capping conquest of this week?
  1. Stoy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Juther View Post
    Hi, could you tell me please the PvP Piece for capping conquest of this week?
    I believe it's a 370 Azerite Armor chest piece, added to the news
  1. rogueMatthias's Avatar
    FFS. Are they not bothering with cloaks?
    I've had about 7 drop so far but never the one that matches the leather set
  1. arianapham's Avatar
    Your blog is really interesting and inspiration to many. I'll be looking forward for more of your posts.

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