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Battle for Dazar'alor is almost here, but you can pass the time until then by completing the Glory of the Uldir Raider achievement and earning the Bloodgorged Crawg.

Glory of the Uldir Raider is the meta achievement for the Uldir raid in Battle for Azeroth. This achievement rewards the Bloodgorged Crawg mount, one of the only two Crawg mounts released at launch.

This guide will assume that players attempting the achievements have extensive knowledge of the fights, if not then please check the Uldir Boss Guides.


It is highly recommended that you plan your raid setup ahead of time, since there are a few factors that will make the achievements slightly easier. A small raid size works best, with enough different classes to cover all buffs and debuffs, as well as some CC. There are also a few key classes which you should bring:
  • 1 Demon Hunter to collect the Orbs of Harmony during the Taloc achievement
  • 1 Priest to shield players during the Fetid Devourer achievement
  • 1 Death Knight to death grip players out of the orbs during the Mythrax fight

Elevator Music

To complete this achievement, you need to collect all 4 Orbs of Harmony during the Taloc boss fight. The orbs are found in the elevator shaft, and you can pick them up as the boss goes down during phase 2. The orbs are in random positions, and the ones you collect won’t reset if you wipe, unless you reset the instance.

An easier way to do it is to bring a Havoc Demon Hunter and get them to jump down while gliding and Fel Rushing to pick up all the orbs, and wait for you at the bottom. You can see an example of that in the following clip.

Parental Controls

To complete this achievement you have to enter the correct passcode during the MOTHER boss fight. The passcode is introduced by clicking a sequence of 3 buttons that you can find in either side of each of the 3 rooms (both buttons in each room are essentially the same one). The passcode is randomized every time, leaving 6 different possible combinations (123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321). To figure out the passcode, you need to do the following:
  • Click one of the buttons, and check if it becomes unclickable. Repeat for each room until one becomes unclickable, which means that you have found the correct start of the sequence.
  • Click one of the two remaining buttons, check if it becomes unclickable. If it doesn’t then you’ll have to click the other one.
  • Once you’ve found the correct first 2 buttons, click the remaining button and then check that all the buttons are unclickable.

The best way to do this is to send a few DPS and a healer to the second or the third room to check the buttons.
Do all the steps, defeat the boss and the achievement is yours.

Thrash Mouth - All Stars

To complete this achievement you need to make every player in the raid get hit by Terrible Thrash during the Fetid Devourer boss fight. Terrible Thrash is one of the tank mechanics of the boss. Every 4th melee attack, it hits the target closest to the main tank for 300% of the normal melee damage. You need to rotate every player to get hit at least once every time the boss casts Terrible Thrash.

The boss will enrage at 50% so it’s recommended that all players get hit before you DPS the boss below that threshold. Use any talent or ability that prevents you from dying such as Rogue’s Cheat Death, or Blood Death Knights’ Purgatory, as well as defensive cooldowns before you get hit.

Despite this being a group achievement and not a personal one, any party members that are dead when the boss is killed won’t receive the achievement.

What’s in the Box?

To complete this achievement, a player in your raid group will have to use the Nerubian Archaeology toy Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron during the Zek’voz boss fight.

The box will open when the Projection of Yogg-Saron is summoned, and then will pour Void Barrages every few seconds, dealing damage to all players who stand in the swirlies.

Now We Got Bad Blood

To complete this achievement you need to infect Warmother Rakkali with a Plague Bomb during the Vectis boss fight.

Warmother Rakkali is located right before the entrance to Vectis, on the stairs that would lead to Zul. Plague Bomb is an ability the boss casts during Phase 2 (after it liquefies). The boss will spawn circles on the floor that usually need to be soaked by players so an add doesn’t spawn. For the achievement, you just need to position Warmother Rakkali on top of one of those, wait for it to explode and infect her, and then kill her.


To complete this achievement you will need to kill Zul without any player stepping in the center part of the boss room (the whole square that’s colored differently). This means you will have to deal with the mechanics a little bit differently:
  • Melee DPS won’t be able to hit Zul on Phase 1, so all ranged DPS should focus solely on killing Zul and let the melee deal with the adds.
  • Dispelling the Minions of Zul is a priority since you won’t have as much space to kite. Priests are highly recommended.
  • At 40%, Zul will push back everyone, so you’ll have to face your back to a wall in order not to get knocked off the platform
  • On Phase 2, you have to be very careful not to step in the square since the Rupturing Blood will cover the floor visuals and it will be hard to see. You’ll also have to kite the boss around the edge.

Existential Crisis

Mythrax achievement is fairly straight forward, you must not pick up any Existence Fragments spawned by other players.

This means that once you get hit by a boss ability you'll spawn orbs around, and you'll just have to pick them up.

Spread out decently, avoid getting hit as much as possible, and this achievement is yours!

You can track this achievement and see the players who fail it with the Instance Achievement Tracker Addon.

Double Dribble

To complete this achievement players must not move while holding the Power Matrix during the G’huun boss fight. This means that two or more players will need to throw it to one another, moving only when they are not holding it.

Do this for the 6 Power Matrices you need throughout the fight, kill the boss and the achievement will be done!

Looking for Group

Looking for a group? Then join the Achievements Discord!

Here you can opt into roles to be notified of events that you might be interested in, such as Glory of the Wartorn Hero and Glory of the Uldir Raider achievement runs.
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  1. Isoz's Avatar
    my guild done all the achievements then decided to not finish double dribble so dificult finding a group for it even on the achievement discord
  1. Glurak's Avatar
    you guys a little late with this guide xD

    Did this 3 months ago.
  1. Dystemper's Avatar
    Its a shit raid and a ugly ass shit mount. Not worth the time or the effort
  1. Kavorka's Avatar
    Hardest part of getting the achievements done is still having enough people logging on to do them. My guild went from AotC and killing the first boss on mythic, to not enough to even do heroic within 2 weeks...sadface.
  1. Kangumosa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Its a shit raid and a ugly ass shit mount. Not worth the time or the effort
    Bloody hell, who pissed on your chips
  1. dranlord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kavorka View Post
    Hardest part of getting the achievements done is still having enough people logging on to do them. My guild went from AotC and killing the first boss on mythic, to not enough to even do heroic within 2 weeks...sadface.
    time to move to a new guild mate, i have done this a couple of time every couple of expansion, if a guild roster is broken by the first patch that guild is over.

    My guild been active as hell, but we been doing M+ non stop and Rbgs and WF. And working on M Uldir till last day, we only manage to kill till Zul T.T
  1. Lumidar's Avatar
    Might want to specify that you need to Dismiss all pets for Mythrax one. Pets can also spawn orbs and picking up your pet's orb will fail the achievement.

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